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Peerless Battle Spirit (Web Novel) - Chapter 1447 - The Secret of the Beast Tribe

Chapter 1447 - The Secret of the Beast Tribe

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"What just happened?"

Little Worm sharply noticed the change to Qin Nan's aura. His eyes flickered with astonishment.

Qin Nan did not hesitate further. He flicked his finger and inserted a wisp of blue-golden glow into Little Worm's body. His aura too disappeared between the Heavens and Earth, stopping him from being spied on.

"Damn, what kind of power is that?" Little Worm's eyes were filled with shock, "It's able to completely disappear from the rules of the Heavens and Earth."

No one could ever hide from the rules of the Heavens and Earth in this world regardless of how formidable their cultivation was.

It was the reason why the South-Heaven Gate and the others were troublesome to deal with.

But now, Qin Nan was able to conceal their presence?

"Even the copper mirror has no clue what the power is," Qin Nan shook his head before he asked as he remembered something, "How impressive is the bloodline of Sky-Dragon Lightning-Tiger in the beast tribe?"

"Sky-Dragon Lightning-Tiger?" Little Worm wore an astounded look, "The bloodline is ranked first among the ten mutated bloodlines, but it has already gone extinct ten thousand years ago. Did you discover some beast with that bloodline?"

"I was just asking."

Qin Nan wore a calm smile. He never thought the guy who kept emphasizing his bloodline had such a formidable background.

"Let's move out."

Qin Nan's figure disappeared deep into the sky with a kick.

Time gradually passed. Two days later, Qin Nan came to a stop.

"So this is the God Beast Forbidden Ground?"

Qin Nan's left eye was engulfed in a blue flame.

A few thousand li ahead was a vast, purple ocean encapsulated in a strong beastly presence.

Countless enormous figures were weaving inside the water. On top of that, there were a few tens of Beast Monarchs deep in the water.

Furthermore, a few thousand zhang high in the sky above the ocean stood more than a hundred thousand mountains with various shapes and sizes.

From afar, it felt like a natural barrier was constructed between the Heavens and Earth. Anyone looking at it could not help but feel minuscule.

"Who would have thought, in just eight thousand years, the God Beast Forbidden Ground would decline so much."

Little Worm's eyes flickered with a hint of remorse upon seeing the place.

Over the past few thousand years he spent in the Abstruse God Space, he had wanted to come back here every second. However, when he finally came back, he did not feel any joy, but a mix of complicated feelings.


Qin Nan was stunned.

Judging from the scale of the God Beast Forbidden Ground, it was considered one of the greatest faction in Canglan Continent.

"Without a doubt, before the Monarch Ranking and God Ranking showed up, our God Beast Forbidden Ground is worthy to be called the number one faction."

"Even though it had declined, it was still ranked first among the Six Great Forbidden Grounds."

Little Worm collected his thoughts with a proud look.


Little Worm uttered a sigh after a pause, "I've made the wrong decision in the battle eight thousand years ago."

"Eight thousand years ago? The one that involved the copper mirror?"

Qin Nan asked immediately.

He kept hearing about eight thousand years ago when he first met the Martial Serendipity Pavilion.

However, even after he achieved the Martial Monarch Realm, he still did not have the chance to learn what happened eight thousand years ago.

"That's right, the battle eight thousand years ago was initiated by Empress Feiyue.

Little Worm nodded and said in a deep voice, "In the past, our God Beast Forbidden Ground is unwilling to submit ourselves to the South-Heaven Gate. As a result, we chose to follow Empress Feiyue and a few other factions to attack the South-Heaven Gate."

"However, the formidable strength that the South-Heaven Gate displayed totally shook my confidence in Empress Feiyue. I could not afford to watch my people die, so I chose to retreat."

Qin Nan listened patiently without interrupting.

"After we withdrew from the battle, the other factions withdrew too. In the end, only Empress Feiyue and a few other experts were left."

"In the end, Empress Feiyue failed to shatter the South-Heaven Gate. She could only break open the Canglan Seal with brute force with some outstanding move and become the first person to ascend from this continent."

"Her title Empress Feiyue has come from the battle too."

{TL Note: Feiyue here means 'flying' and 'overcoming', referring to her ascension.}

Little Worm calmly said. Whenever he recalled the battle, his heart would be swarmed with remorse.

If he chose to stay, the outcome would be totally different.

"I see."

Qin Nan nodded.

Even though Little Worm did not mention it, Qin Nan could easily guess that the South-Heaven Gate would have attacked the God Beast Forbidden Ground and the rest of the factions to get its revenge.

"Forget it, it's all in the past now, it's meaningless to bring it up again. That being said, the God Beast Forbidden Ground, or the whole beast tribe to be exact actually hates the South-Heaven Gate. We're all determined to shatter the South-Heaven Gate."

Little Worm's eyes flickered coldly upon saying this, "However, the current Beast God has colluded with the South-Heaven Gate behind the scenes. He had suppressed by flesh and had been taking orders from the South-Heaven Gate behind us."


Qin Nan's eyes slightly squinted.

He was confused about the situation before, but everything made sense now after Little Worm explained it.

"Here, refine this Dragon God Qi and suppress your cultivation to the Martial Progenitor Realm. We'll sneak inside now."

Little Worm stopped talking and unleashed a stream of Dragon God Qi.


Qin Nan immediately refined the Dragon God Qi, which encapsulated him with wisps of beastly auras.

"Remember, once we entered the God Beast Forbidden Ground…"

Little Worm told Qin Nan the restrictions and secrets of the Beast Tribe.

A few hundred breaths later, the man and the worm went inside the mountains.

As soon as they went inside, Qin Nan immediately felt the mountains changing into a terrifying formation. It felt like he had just entered a different world of the Beast Tribe.

"There are so many beasts…"

Even though Qin Nan had mentally prepared himself, his heart shuddered when he saw the enormous beasts flying past.

The Beast Tribe was indeed massive, and each beast's cultivation was rather impressive too.


At that instant, a thunderous roar appeared from the end of the mountains together with a faint, god aura.

"Senior Forbidden Dragon!"

"That's Senior Forbidden Dragon's voice!"

The beasts close to Qin Nan became excited instantly. They all uttered roars and proceeded forward with all kinds of auras.

The rift suddenly turned colorful from the various glows that the beasts had unleashed.

"In the name of the God Beast Forbidden Ground's master, I now declare that the selection for the Dragon Necropolis' successor now begins. All rulers of the Beast Tribe can participate. You have the period it took an incense stick to burn. Those who are late will miss the opportunity. That is all!"

An imperious voice exploded in the air and echoed in all directions.

"Right on time, let's head over now."

Little Worm's eyes glittered.

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