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Peerless Battle Spirit (Web Novel) - Chapter 1522 - The Shaken Heavens and Earth

Chapter 1522 - The Shaken Heavens and Earth

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A furious roar took place between the Heavens and Earth, as an indescribable, magnificent shadow emerged, it reached out its giant hand and grabbed at the Great Dao.

It felt like time had frozen.

It did not just happen in the second continent, even the half-God region of the Canglan Continent had frozen too.

The flowing bodies of water, the rolling clouds, every cultivator and living creature who were killing, moving, or chatting had come to a stop.

It was as if they were placed under a spell, freezing them completely.


Wisps of fire suddenly erupted in front of the future life of the copper mirror, before turning into an enormous fiery gate in no time.

Black water poured out from the fiery gate.

Among the drops of water, one emitted a mystical glow before projecting an image.

In it stood a magnificent immortal palace.

Deep inside it was a blood altar over ten thousand zhang tall. Several ancient formations scattered over it, emitting wisps of the Force of Three Lifetimes.

A naked, glamorous woman, with tender-white skin like a stunning jade was lying on the altar. Her eyes were closed. One could even see her long and thin eyelashes.

Why did you…"

The future life of the copper mirror was the only one that could still move. Her eyes were filled with great astonishment.

The person in the projected image was her actual self!

What power did Qin Nan use, to be able to lock onto her actual self regardless of time and distance?

Even those who had mastered the Dao could not have gone so far!


The indescribable, magnificent figure immediately merged with Qin Nan's body, granting his slash an aura similar to the essence of time.

"Why does the aura feel similar to the Force of Three Lifetimes…"

The future life of the copper mirror was astounded, yet before she could finish her sentence, the slash immediately shattered her into pieces.

On top of that, the glamorous woman in the image shuddered too.

The immortal formations scattered across the altar broke into pieces.


The fiery gate disappeared. Qin Nan's aura returned to the level as he first went mad.

The second continent, and everything in the half-God region returned to normal.

Every cultivator and living creature was unaware of what happened.

"Are they all dead?"

The Martial Serendipity Pavilion and the others were dumbfounded.

They never thought Qin Nan would possess such terrifying strength after losing himself.

"What happened just then?"

Empress Feiyue frowned.

She could sense something happened when the future life of the copper mirror died, yet they were completely unaware of it.


Meanwhile, the remaining figures of Tribulation that survived the attack of the South-Heaven Gate roared at Qin Nan as their auras rose tremendously.

However, their roars soon disappeared, as they were smashed into pieces by a terrifying, giant hand.

The Tribulation thoroughly dispersed.

The power of the God Horoscopes in Qin Nan's body turned restless, as if it was about to evolve.

However, its aura was extremely insignificant compared to the aura Qin Nan had unleashed.


Qin Nan's demonic eyes glanced deep into the second continent as if he could see through the ground.


A boundless, blood-colored saber glow shattered the rules as it slashed at the ground.

The deaths of the South-Heaven Gate and the others were not enough to calm his rage. He was going to destroy everything.

"He is planning to destroy the second continent, we must leave at once."

Empress Feiyue wore a stern look. Her hands quickly performed a hand seal. Illusionary flowers immediately blossomed on the Martial Serendipity Pavilion and the others.

However, before they could leave in time, they felt a great chill running down their spine.

A saber glow happened to land on the spacious battlefield.

They could not escape the terrifying saber glow. They were about to be crushed by it.


In the nick of time, a pitch-black crystal flew over from the altar and floated in the air.

The silhouette of a woman with white and short hair could be seen from the crystal.

She looked into the sky. Her lips seemed to be murmuring something.

The terrifying slash stopped in the air. The demonized Qin Nan finally stopped for the first time.

His red eyes glittered as they were staring at the crystal.

The Heaven-Shattering Saber in his hand would be enraged or calm down at times.

"Wake up!"

A thunderous voice exploded in the second continent. An ancient drawing made of beast hide summoned an ocean of talismans as it sprang toward Qin Nan.


An overwhelming murderous aura spread once again.

Blood rays blossomed as the force in Qin Nan's body turned restless. The magnificent figure emerged behind him once again.

"Crap! At this rate, he's going to trigger the ancient taboo of the Nine Heavens! We must think of a way to calm him down…"

The voice of the ancient drawing sounded serious.

The ancient taboo would detect the presence in Qin Nan's body. It would be the end for them.

"Mm? We can only give it a try!"

The drawing seemed to have noticed something. It unleashed a blinding ray into Princess Miao Miao's body while resisting the saber glow.

Princess Miao Miao's body began to emit wisps of sacred light.

Streams of illusionary force started sweeping like a strong gust, before slowly forming a glamorous figure.

The spirit of a cultivator would not disperse immediately after their death.

The ancient drawing had executed an incredible art to gather the force of Princess Miao Miao's spirit, allowing her to show up again, although it would only last for a few moments.

"Qin Nan."

A pleasant voice echoed above the continent that had turned into Hell.

Qin Nan's rising aura and the blood slash came to a stop as if they were struck by lightning.

The blood color lingering in the area slowly dissipated.

The murderous aura gradually disappeared too.

The blood glow emitting from Qin Nan's body turned dimmer as he forcibly turned around.

His red pupils finally showed a hint of focus as he saw the familiar figure.


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