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Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet (Web Novel) - Chapter 1659 - A gathering of experts

Chapter 1659: A gathering of experts

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Zhang Zuonian never imagined this woman was actually Elder Gong’s disciple.

If he knew Ye Wanwan was Elder Gong’s disciple, he absolutely wouldn’t have provoked her easily.

“Elder Gong, this student really is your disciple?”

The lead enforcer looked at Ye Wanwan with surprise evident in his face.

“Do I need to repeat myself?” Elder Gong aloofly asked while looking at him.

“Elder Gong, that’s not what I meant…”

The lead enforcer shook his head and wanted to say something else but refrained.

Even if Ye Wanwan was Elder Gong’s disciple, it would probably be difficult to protect her completely since she defected.

“Even if she’s an elder’s disciple, she can’t escape from the academy’s punishment after committing an offense like this.”

At that moment, the previously silent Meng Ke expressionlessly interjected.

Elder Gong’s icy gaze landed on Meng Ke. “Young one, are you speaking to me?”

Meng Ke’s brows knitted. She felt like a giant mountain was pressing on her; even breathing was a bit difficult.


Suddenly, an elderly man in gold robes slowly walked toward them and stopped next to Meng Ke.

When Meng Ke saw the gold-robed elderly man, her expression shifted, and she hastily bowed and cupped her fists. “Master.”

“Greetings, Elder Lei He!”

The enforcers, Zhang Da, and the others all hastily saluted when they saw the gold-robed elderly man.

Zhang Da especially sighed in relief internally.

Elder Lei He was also one of Scarlet Flames Academy’s four great elders. Moreover, he was Elder Gong’s archenemy.

After Worriless Nie disappeared and Nie Linglong enrolled in Scarlet Flames Academy, Nie Linglong became Elder Lei He’s disciple and personally broke every single one of Worriless Nie’s records at Scarlet Flames Academy under Elder Lei He’s guidance, causing Elder Gong to spit out blood from anger.

Especially in the past few years, nearly all of Elder Lei He’s disciples effortlessly suppressed Elder Gong’s disciples.

A cold glint surfaced in Elder Gong’s eyes upon seeing Lei He.

He and Lei He enrolled in Scarlet Flames Academy at the same time when they were young.

Lei He was handsome with a tall build in his youth, and he took advantage of Elder Gong’s absence from the academy one time and defiled his beloved wife.

Elder Gong’s beloved wife felt like she had wronged him and committed suicide not long after.

Yet, Lei He vehemently claimed that it was Elder Gong’s beloved wife who seduced him herself.

The academy and Elder Gong didn’t have any evidence, and Lei He had already become Scarlet Flames Academy’s pillar by that time, so they dropped the matter.

More than 20 years ago, Elder Gong sought Lei He out for revenge after getting drunk and evoked the first of many internal disputes at Scarlet Flames Academy. In the end, Elder Gong couldn’t use his full strength due to his intoxication, and the matter concluded with Elder Gong injured.

“Elder Gong, you’re at least one of Scarlet Flames Academy’s four great elders. Just because your disciple is useless doesn’t mean you can show up yourself and bully my disciple.”

Lei He glanced at Elder Gong and snorted.

“Elder Lei He… Elder Gong’s disciple defected from the academy…” Zhang Da quietly explained.

Lei He smirked when he heard that. “Disciple… Elder Gong, this D-rank mercenary disciple of yours is rather capable… She even dared to do something like defect…”

Defecting was taboo at the academy. Even the headmaster himself couldn’t protect his disciple if his disciple defected from the academy, let alone the mere disciple of an elder.

Following Elder Gong and Elder Lei He’s appearance, the matter was exacerbated and alarmed many of the academy’s higher-ups, including the enforcement council’s president and many elders.

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