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Perfect World (Web Novel) - Chapter 1642 - Surpassing Past and Present

Chapter 1642 - Surpassing Past and Present

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The final sparks were released, the single-armed elder and the others died.

The great desert was silent. On Imperial Pass’ walls, the group of children fell onto the ground, broken-hearted, tears flowing, howling in grief.

Only, this didn’t change their conviction and determination at all. The dead will always be dead, forever unable to return.


The tender voiced sobs made many people’s eyes on Imperial Pass begin to glisten. As they watched the tragic end of the weak and old, their hearts all throbbed.

A long and drawn-out bell sound rang out. The golden-backed old bull moved again, its hooves advancing, pulling the ancient war chariot forward, about to cross Heaven Abyss.

The war chariot was filled with primal chaos, impossible to see clearly. Only an arm reached out, still propping up the original Emperor City!

Anlan was incomparable, fighting strength shocking past and present. It supported that city just like that. His palms and fingers shone, wishing to cross Heaven Abyss.

On Imperial Pass, everyone felt a chill run down from head to toe. Who could stop him?

“Undying king!”

The great army of billions released a great roar, the world trembling, great desert shaking!

The great army separated, making way for the war chariot.

“They now have the advantage, about to break the balance, forcefully cross Heaven Abyss!” on the city wall, a great figure spoke. What were they supposed to do now?

Right now, everything seemed useless, the difference in strength was right there. Without true immortals, without the most powerful beings, there was no way they could fight back.

This left everyone in despair.

“It is time for us to take action. The original Imperial Pass’ people fought with no thoughts of personal safety, igniting their own lives to attack furiously, how can we be greedy for life and afraid of death?!” On the city wall, someone roared.

Only, they weren’t true immortals, not undying beings. Could they stop it?

They had the heart to stop the enemy, yet didn’t have the strength!

“I don’t want to be called a coward by later generations after death! Even if I am not a match, with my blood in the skies, I will show my conviction!” A few leaders shouted.

In the city, the originally dispirited atmosphere erupted. They were already used to fighting, walking the fine line between life and death, what was there to be scared of? At worst, they would just die!

“Slaughter our way over, we are going all out! Now is the time, now is the moment, let our blood dye the heavens!” The experts of various clans all roared out.

Their passion was ignited, everyone no longer in low spirits, battle spirits now surging.

Right at this time, an elder walked out. With a sigh, he stopped everyone, saying, “All of you withdraw. I will go.”

“Master!” Qi Hong cried out.

This was the original owner of the Five Spirits War Chariot, Qi Hong’s master. He was an old supreme being known as Elder Qing Mu.

Imperial Pass was guarded by several unmatched beings, after all these years, they always stood against the other side’s supreme beings, spending a large half of their lives in this city.

In his greatest years, he drove the Five Spirits War Chariot, shocking all under the sky, unstoppable, a powerful figure among supreme beings, rarely encountering his match.

Now, even though his blood energy was dried and withered, he was still a supreme being, still an unmatched figure of this city.

He wanted to leave the pass, fight alone.

Qi Hong and the others rushed out. How could they feel at ease? Even though his master was strong, how could he stop the footsteps of an undying king?

“We have no choice, have to use that monument ahead of time. The opportunity is fleeting, when he truly walks out of Heaven Abyss, everything will be too late then.” Elder Qing Mu said.

His white hair scattered about, a bit meager. He long set the resolution to leave the pass and fight.

It was because Anlan was currently using great magical force to prop up the original Emperor City, currently walking over step by step. This was perhaps the last opportunity to attack.

If they waited until he crossed over, then there was nothing they could do, no one able to match him!

Meng Tianzheng stood out. As soon as he was about to speak, Elder Qing Mu stopped him, saying, “Do not fight me over this, do not say too much. Let me go. You have to oversee this place!”

On the city wall, it became quiet. The other supreme beings all became silent as well.

In the end, they all disappeared together to move over that ancient monument, bring it to Elder Qing Mu to leave the pass.

In front of Imperial Pass, multicolored light flickered. Elder Qing Mu appeared, behind him a monument. He walked forward step by step.

That monument wasn’t that large at first, only the height of a person, yet carrying it on his back seemed to exhaust him quite a bit. As he walked forward, the monument became larger and larger, becoming more and more imposing.

Elder Qing Mu looked extremely tired, as if he was a mortal carrying a mountain on his back.

This place was still quite far from the center of Heaven Abyss, yet his backbone looked like it was about to be crushed. With a great roar, a honglong sound rang out. The entire monument left his body, becoming majestic like a mountain.

It became more and more powerful, towering into the clouds.

Elder Qing Mu’s back became perfectly straight. He turned around, giving Imperial Pass one last look, and then he suddenly turned back forward, not looking back anymore.

His entire body shone, symbols endless, almost as if bound by the monument on his back, bring it forward with him!

“Master!” Qi Hong screamed out, tears filling his eyes. He knew that this would be the last time he would see his master. After today, they would never be able to meet again.

On the city wall, many people were quiet, their minds heavy.

Winds already stirred, sand flying everywhere in the great desert. The elder’s back was straight, taking large steps forward, running forward. Everyone knew that he wouldn’t be able to come back after this!

“Immortal Subduing Monument, suppress and kill that undying being, kill that king!”

Elder Qing Mu said quietly, chanting an ancient incantation. Then, he roared, entire body erupting with endless power, blood energy surging, erupting as he charged at the ancient war chariot.

At the same time, that monument shone. It was bloody, on it all types of symbols, all of them immortal dao natural laws. While carrying a somber and desolate aura, it flew forward.

“Suppress and kill!” Elder Qing Mu roared.

It was rumored that this monument was extremely special. Once it was activated, it could kill true immortals, destroy undying creature. However, after using it, the magical force would be exhausted.

This was a forbidden ancient monument left behind from Immortal Ancient!

They had no choice, Imperial Pass had to use their trump card ahead of time!

“Stop him!”

Shouts sounded from the endless army. There were supreme beings who stood out, even a silver undying being who followed beside the war chariot, also about to take action!

“Just an ant, an old monument, how could it be enough?”

In the war chariot, no one said anything. Anlan was quiet, a hand supporting the city in the sky. It was the barbaric bull that pulled the chariot who spoke.

The golden-backed barbaric bull was massive, bringing primal chaos energy with it as it moved. Its voice was oppressive like thunder, ringing through the great desert.

Everyone from the other side stopped, not making any moves.

An ancient beast that could pull Anlan’s carriage, how could this be an ordinary species?

In the skies, that monument was enlarged. It was pitch-black like ink, carrying traces of blood. All of the symbols shone, crushing this world, releasing immortal dao law power.

This was the Immortal Subduing Monument, as long as it was activated, even immortals could be killed.

Now, Anlan was currently resisting the original Emperor City and Heaven Abyss. This was perhaps their only hope.

On Imperial Pass’ city walls, everyone held their breaths. Nervous, uneasy, as if suffocating, the experts of all clans were waiting, their hearts pounding viciously.

They were just waiting for that instant!

Everyone was hoping for a result, hoping for a chance for the battle situation to be reversed.


The Immortal Subduing Monument shone, suppressing downwards. There was also an elder there, following it as it descended. His entire body was covered in blood, treating himself as an offering in order to activate this monument!

“Master!” From the back, on the city wall, Qi Hong roared out, tears tumbling down.

Many people felt their hearts ache. Another venerable elder was going to pass away. Could they kill the undying king?

Inside the war chariot, Anlan was quiet, not moving at all, unaffected.

Only, this war chariot had experienced endless wars, too many traces carved on its surface. Right now, when it shone, there were blade marks, arrow holes… releasing undying radiance.

Even if it was just a war chariot used to ride in, it still shone on its own, patterns and other parts interweaving, hacking down towards that monument.


The Immortal Subduing Monument was blasted to several pieces, bursting, falling around the war chariot, unable to approach at all.


Elder Qing Mu’s body was also hacked into, exploding on the spot, turning into a blast of bloody mist, dying just like that.

When a supreme being died, the world would react, producing irregular scenes.

However, in the war chariot, those hatchet marks, arrow holes and other traces swirled with dao patterns, destroying everything, directly making heaven cry and other scenes that were about to appear directly collapse!

“Just a trifling ant, yet you dare point your sword before an undying king? Your death doesn’t deserve pity.” The golden-backed barbaric bull spoke, its words arrogant, shaking heaven and earth.

This penetrated deeply into the hearts of many in Imperial Pass. A supreme being fought with no thought of personal safety, using his life to stop the enemy, blood essence to activate the Immortal Subduing Monument, yet he died just like that.

However, even though the golden backed barbaric bull was arrogant, everyone was powerless to retort. They really couldn’t stop it.

Everyone felt despair. Imperial Pass’ trump card was used, yet it was useless. If Anlan crossed over smoothly, this world would even reverse, this great era destined to be erased.

A situation of utter despair!

“Ignorant creatures, weak races, you all are nothing more than mantises trying to stop a chariot, overestimating your abilities.” The golden-backed barbaric bull said while laughing coldly.

Being mocked by a bull, moreover a mount that pulled a chariot left them furious, but they were helpless. They really wanted to kill it, massacre all of the invaders.

However, this situation was greater than their own strength. An undying king was knocking on their door, no one able to match him!

“What is left? We only have one last card to play. Activate the First Killing Formation!” On the city wall, an elder appeared, his age just too great. His body was covered in dust that was several inches thick, as if he had been sealed in dust for a long time.

This was Imperial Pass’ oldest supreme being. He carried helplessness, as well as a trace of sadness, now about to activate the First Killing Formation.

“We don’t have all of the parts, the formation is incomplete.” Meng Tianzheng sighed.

At this point, without becoming a king, no one could stop Anlan’s war chariot!

It was rumored that there was a killing formation known to be number one among formations, but no one had ever seen it before. They all said that it perhaps didn’t exist in this world.

No one expected Imperial Pass to have a ruined diagram that had been arranged!


The elder whose body was covered in dust shouted, activating a damaged diagram. A sea of formation diagrams surged, and then a formation core appeared, rushing out from Imperial Pass.

En? The golden-backed barbaric bull felt all of the fur on its body stand on end, sensing danger.

In Imperial Pass, Cao Yusheng’s mouth was wide opened. He possessed the Third Killing Formation, but his master had said that compared to the First Killing Formation, it can’t even serve as a footstool.

It was because that killing formation had existed for many great eras, innately produced by the world.

A corner of this formation appeared, carrying endless magical banners, formation cores, and others, blasting towards Anlan.

Among them, there were several hundred banners with an elder standing behind each of them. They were all well-known figures in the city, using their own essence blood, using up their strength.

The old supreme being who was the oldest sat on top of the damaged formation diagram, entire body dripping with blood, carrying out a sacrifice.


Unmatched power descended, wishing to kill Anlan.

At this moment, in the war chariot, that person finally moved, no longer remaining silent. A finger reached out, prodding into the void with a bo sound.

Then, a great explosion took place here!


All of the formation cores, banners, and other things broke apart, bursting open. Those big names exploded into a bloody mist. As for Imperial Pass’ supreme being, he also released a long sigh, turning into a rain of light, directly passing away, body and spirit erased, not a single trace left behind.

“Ants, completely obliterated! This is how it should be!” The golden-backed golden bull roared with laughter.

Imperial Pass was in despair!

There was no hope, no path of life visible.

However, it was precisely because Anlan used his other hand this time that the ancient city above him seemed to have become unstable, shaking intensely.

At the same time, at the center of the original Emperor City, the last of the Seven kings seemed to have obtained a moment to breathe. He viciously exerted force, making the boundless sky dome shake intensely.

Heaven Abyss erupted with noise, the most profound immortal dao law power descending once more, bombarding Anlan.

Anlan’s hand shone, fighting back with extreme force, supporting the ancient city. At the same time, the five decrees moved again, erupting with everlasting undying force.

In a daze, there were five undying kings who roared, exerting power together, wishing to destroy Heaven Abyss.


Heaven Abyss trembled, ripped apart. A giant crack appeared.

A battle at this level went beyond one’s imagination. Even the highest level immortal dao laws had cracks ripped open in them, this was enough to shock past, present, and future!

With a chi sound, immortal light surged. Then, a great river surged, power too great, triggering the chaos of great dao laws, heaven and earth order becoming unstable.

“Time-space was ripped apart!” At this moment, even those of the other side and undying beings released cries of alarm.

That type of power was too terrifying, making heaven and earth order become unstable, interfering with life and death of the ancient world itself. Even the long river of time appeared.

“What is the point? All of you are nothing more than ants!” The golden-backed barbaric bull laughed.

The world trembled, the long river of time surging, making the golden-backed barbaric bull shut its mouth. It was because it felt like this place was too dangerous, as if they passed through the gate of time.

It had previously heard that this type of highest level battle might trigger some bad things, outside the expectations of the undying kings!


Immediately afterwards, a terrifying aura spread outwards, following along Heaven Abyss’ cracks. A cauldron suddenly appeared, massive beyond compare, immediately crushing Desolate Border!

This was too sudden, shocking everyone!

Where did it come from? Its aura was too terrifying, shocking the heavens above and earth below.

Who would have expected that in the midst of a great battle, a cauldron would appear, actually crossing the great river of time, flying out from the river of time and descend onto Desolate Border?!

Giant stars rose and fell along with that cauldron, moving in its surroundings. All life source energy surged within the cauldron, the cauldron walls refined from Immortal Gold dyed in blood!

As for the opening of the cauldron, the stars of the sky flickered about, everything about to be swallowed up inside.

“How could this be possible? A cauldron appeared from the great river of time?!” Even the undying existences were shocked.

The great cauldron crushed down, all life source energy swirled, shaking up the great desert. The golden-backed golden bull trembled, immediately releasing a miserable cry, its leg bone breaking, kneeling down in the great desert.

What kind of mighty force was this?

“There is another person on the cauldron!” At this moment, someone shouted out, seeing a scene above the cauldron.

That person’s figure was imposing, his back towards everyone, body covered in blood, as if he had just experienced another bloody battle in another time-space. He stood there like a heavenly emperor looking down on a world of mortals!

Who was this? He crossed the long river of time to arrive, directly crushing Anlan’s chariot pulling beast until it knelt on the ground?!

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