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Perfect World (Web Novel) - Chapter 1643 - Great Battle Through Time Space

Chapter 1643 - Great Battle Through Time Space

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The gate of time-space was opened, a cauldron came out from within, floating above the golden great desert. It was vast and boundless, covering heaven and earth.

Who was that person? Everyone was shocked!

Even the undying existences’ faces had long changed. How could an outsider suddenly have broken into this battlefield, moreover in such a grand manner?


Blood scattered out, falling from the cracks in Heaven Abyss, destroying the vast sky.

There was that person’s blood, as well as the blood essence of those he fought with that fell from outer space, from the long river of time, gradually scattering down.

This scene was incredibly shocking. That cauldron’s aura swallowed the sun and moon, the opening of the cauldron having many great stars spinning about it. However, regardless of whether it was the cauldron wall or the great stars, they were all dyed red by blood.

Just what kind of incomparable great battle was this? Everyone was shocked. Even though the situation in Desolate Border was dangerous, the sudden change in situation that appeared from Heaven Abyss’ cracks was similarly shocking.


A great roar sounded. There was someone who risked it all, blood energy crushing the sun and moon, stars in the sky shining, resonating with everything. A great claw reached out from that crack, covering the sun and moon.

A hong sounded. It grabbed towards that person above the cauldron.

Everyone became stupefied. Not only did a cauldron and a person appear, there was another unmatched creature who arrived, fighting against him intensely.

That person had his back towards everyone, facing the enemy alone. He was extremely calm, as if he had experienced the most miserable great battle, slaughtered his way through the most miserable great battle. Now, he encountered a powerful enemy again.


His body shone, becoming dazzling and brilliant. In that instant, even that head of black hair was about to be dyed in a faint golden color, his entire body erupting with a great aura.


Below, on Imperial Pass’ battlefield, the golden-backed barbaric bull released a long roar, voice carrying alarm. That cauldron didn’t descend, supporting that person and letting him fight above, releasing endless light. However, this type of power still left it horrified.

A dong sounded. That person brandished his fist, divine might unmatched, unrivaled throughout eternity, that fist smashing into the sky dome above, directly facing the sky-covering great claw.


Primal chaos surged. That large claw distorted somewhat, becoming seriously injured. It contorted slightly, falling backwards.

Suddenly, that claw shrunk, and then it smashed down viciously again. A massive vicious beast whose scales were like gold appeared, even more massive than the stars in the heavens, only, before they could see it clearly, it shrunk, turning into a humanoid creature.


The sound of Immortal Gold armor clashing sounded. That giant beast turned into a person, body covered in green-gold battle armor, even his face covered. Only a pair of green eyes could be seen, staring at the person on the cauldron.

These two great experts didn’t give the world below a single look, both of them completely concentrated on each other, eyes filled with endless killing intent.


Time power danced about. Their speed was too fast, taking action quickly, releasing a peng noise. That cauldron shrunk slightly in size, smashing outwards like a streak of lightning.


The green-gold armor shone. That humanoid creature who transformed from a vicious beast blocked it, displaying great divine abilities, magical force boundless. Natural law symbols split the heavens, forcefully facing the cauldron formed from Immortal Gold and all life source energy.

This type of attack was unimaginable, shaking the long river of time until it was even about to collapse, about to divert it again!

This sudden change made the expressions of the undying creatures below all change, filling them with worry.

Everyone was stunned. No one expected a pair of powerful opponents to suddenly appear at this crucial juncture, fight so intensely, carrying out a bloody struggle.

Who were they? Where did they come from? Which era did they belong to exactly?

At this moment, everyone knew that they didn’t belong to this time-space, because they came out from the gate of time.

This was just too shocking. The bone books had recordings, something similar happening before, but who had ever really seen this before? This was a miraculous scene rarely seen since ancient times!

Now, they all witnessed this scene. The foreign side’s army of billions, Imperial Pass’ people, from small cultivators to undying existences, they saw everything with their own eyes.

This was especially the case when these two were carrying out a confrontation at the peak!

There were some people who understood what was going on. The reason why this type of thing happened was because the highest level battle was currently happening in Desolate Border, the undying kings were about to break apart Heaven Abyss. Meanwhile, a great battle was happening in another time-space, definitely a vast and boundless battlefield, fighting bloodily, reaching the climax.

Individuals at the very peak clashed, fighting in two different time-space zones, coincidentally striking through some type of time realm wall. The long river of time surged, bringing those two over here.

This was a legend among legends!

Everyone witnessed this miraculous scene that rarely happened!

“Flowing light time!”

Someone released a low cry, a foreign undying existence. Even they were shocked, one could imagine just how powerful these two were.

Every movement those two made caused flowing light to surge, the years rage, powerful to the extreme. With a wave of their hands, all things were destroyed. However, right now, they tangled about each other, as if they had merged into a single being, fighting viciously.


In the end, that heavenly emperor like existence activated the great cauldron, smashing it at the man protected under the green-gold battle armor, releasing intense rumbling sounds.

That figure coughed out blood, his entire body flying out, directly flying towards the Heaven Abyss crack. This cauldron’s power left him with quite the serious injuries, even his chest caving in, not even the unmatched battle armor’s protection enough.

On the ground, many people sucked in a breath of cold air. Regardless of whether it was the other side’s overlords or Imperial Pass’ heroic figures, all of their scalms went numb.

Everyone could see that cauldron. The cauldron’s opening took in and sent out all life source energy, the stars appearing over there. Just how grand and incomparably majestic was this?

If it was someone else who was struck, would anything be left? Not even scattered ashes would remain!

However, the one dressed in green-gold armor actually received this attack. Even though he was injured, he was still outstanding and exceptional!


In the sky, the one standing on the cauldron moved, quickly chasing, transcending time, everything seemingly reversing, terrifying to the extreme!

At this moment, he really looked like a heavenly emperor in a world of mortals. His long hair scattered behind him, divine might peerless!

The great cauldron covered the sun and moon, rising up, chasing after that green-gold armored humanoid creature. Soon afterwards, he reached out a hand, grabbing forward.

“King, are you going to take action?”

At this moment, in the foreign side, there were undying creatures who transmitted sound, secretly asking Anlan for instructions. This was an excellent opportunity, if they were able to deliver a fatal blow, then the one on the cauldron would most likely be hit, perhaps even dying here.

It was because the undying beings also sensed a threat, feeling like they had to strike first to gain the upper hand, eliminate that person.

Right now, even though they couldn’t fully grasp the situation, if there was danger, taking action first would always be better than passively receiving the other side’s attacks. This was the other side’s style of doing things!

At this moment, Anlan’s reply finally sounded from the silent war chariot, fluctuations spreading.

One had to understand that regardless of whether it was supporting the original Emperor City while moving, enduring Heaven Abyss’ attacks, or being attacked by Imperial Pass’ Immortal Subduing Monument and First Killing Formation, he never expressed anything, completely disregarding it all.

Yet now, Anlan showed a response!

“The two of us don’t belong to the same time, these two appearing because of the mysteries only known to heaven. Let them come, and let them leave as well, I will not clash with him. When the long river of time erupts, the consequences that are produced will be unimaginable.”

This was what Anlan said, speaking only for that undying existence to hear. It was extremely soft, and also extremely calm, as if he was speaking about a completely negligible thing.

The one on the cauldron covered the sky with a single hand, grabbing that creature’s back with a single grip.

“I’ve already put up with you for too long! Kill, kill, kill, kill, kill!”

The one dressed in the green gold-armor, precisely the one whose face was even covered in green gold, the humanoid creature who only exposed his eyes, right now suddenly turned around. He released a great roar, shouting out the word kill five times.

A honglong sounded, heaven collapsing and earth falling, ghosts cryings and gods howling. The river of time seemed like it was going to change its route!


That cauldron flew out, floating above Heaven Abyss, blocking the great crack, suppressing the long river, not letting it change paths, wishing to continue fighting here

This made the eyes of Anlan in the ancient chariot below burn for the first time. It was because those two were originally about to leave, continue their great battle elsewhere.

However, the one on the cauldron chose to remain here, wishing to end the battle here.

The green-gold armor shone, countless times more brilliant than even when heavenly stars gathered together. The aura erupted, powerful to the extreme, killing energy shocking past and present.

This made many people tremble in response!

Even if they didn’t belong in this time-space, separated by a mysterious power, it still made the people on the ground couldn’t help but tremble, their bodies shaking all over. That type of power was too great.

Right at this moment, the one who stood on the cauldron spoke up for the first time. His language couldn’t be understood, not belonging to this time-space.

However, everyone could sense the meaning of his words through the unmatched dao laws, knowing what he shouted out.

At this moment, the voice rang through the heavens above and earth below, as if a heavenly monarch descended onto this world, passing down a decree with incomparable seriousness, voice extremely majestic.

“When. Facing. The. Enemy. One. Needs. To. March. Forward!”

When these nine words were spoken, nine spheres of light were produced, and then endless power erupted. The nine characters merged together, displaying the greatest secret technique, instantly blasting through all obstacles.


That existence in the green-gold armor spurted out blood, staggering backwards.

The one on the cauldron rushed after him, every move powerful. He grabbed the other party, and then viciously tore at his body. With a pu sound, he was ripped into two, even his primordial spirit like this!


The cauldron shone, taking in and sending out starry streams, collecting the corpse and the blood.

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