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Perfect World (Web Novel) - Chapter 1644 - Unmatched Expert

Chapter 1644 - Unmatched Expert

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A world-shocking great battle happened, but everyone still found it hard to calm down. Who was this? Where did these two come from, what age was he from?

It was just too shocking!

In the skies, there was still a rain of blood that scattered down, able to even burn the great stars in the sky, able to sever starry streams, power terrifying to the extreme.

However, those stars also came together with the two of them, not belonging to this world.

The majestic great cauldron took in and sent out divine splendor, all life source energy appearing, absorbing the scattered blood essence, entering the cauldron together with some stars.

There was only some leftover blood. After it was refined, the scarlet traces that were left behind didn’t have any more magical force, dyeing the sky dome red.

That person moved with the cauldron, slowly descending.

At this moment, that scene was grand, truly incomparable!

A cauldron rushed through the skies, someone standing on it, overlooking everything below the sky, exceptional and unmatched. That person’s body was tall and straight, head of black hair scattering down, pupils deep, heroic energy matchless, as if he ruled the world.

The great cauldron was simple and ancient, forged from many types of Immortal Gold with all life source energy. As it took in and sent out energy, great stars moved about in the surroundings. Meanwhile, above the cauldron opening, there was even more so an expanse of stellar streams, incomparably resplendent, rising and falling with the cauldron itself.

That person arrived while standing on the cauldron, body sticky with blood, some from the enemy, some his own.

An existence this powerful was also injured, one could see just how terrifying the battle was. It was clear that this injury wasn’t caused by a single person.

At the very least, there were other traces on the cauldron, having blade marks, sword arrows, sword energy pervading the air, imprints left behind by all types of supreme weapons. It had previously been through many world-shocking battles.

Moreover, this should have happened not too long ago.

It was because that cauldron was extremely astonishing, able to self heal. There were some traces that were becoming more faint, gradually disappearing.

The other side’s great army was now facing a great enemy!

For them, this existence was a variable. It suddenly arrived out of nowhere, making them feel restraining fear.

Originally, they were all about to cut open Heaven Abyss, yet such a powerful creature now appeared. Was this a good thing or a bad thing?

At the very least, if he didn’t appear, it would be better!

Imperial Pass, on the city wall, everyone watched, many people shaking inwardly, hoping for something, wishing for some things to happen.

Only, an important figure released a light sigh, saying, “Our fate cannot be entrusted onto the shoulders of another. If he has the will to take action, then there’s no harm. However, we do not belong in the same time-space, so if we really do clash, the consequences are hard to predict!”

This was what was recorded on the bone books. The cultivators in Imperial Pass definitely didn’t touch upon that level of cultivation yet.

“You ought to leave now.”

In the great desert, calm words sounded from within an ancient chariot. He was extremely young, not old, as if a youngster who was in the golden years of his life was speaking.

That was Anlan, this was the first time he spoke in front of everyone!

While arriving here, facing all types of retaliation, he disregarded everything, only becoming serious when facing this mysterious expert.

The one on the cauldron didn’t say anything, still descending.

No one could see his true appearance clearly, that area covered in mist. However, they could sense that the outside of his body was in his golden years, because there was surging life force power.

His eyes were just that deep, as if they could peer through all ages, see through heaven fate.


The golden-backed barbaric bull released a muffled sound. It was also suffering, extremely alarmed inwardly. As that person descended while standing on the cauldron, all of the bones in its body sounded continuously, as if they were about to explode.


Finally, its four leg bones all broke. Previously, it knelt down, but now, it was laying on the ground, body trembling.

This scene was extremely shocking. This was but the ancient beast who pulled the chariot of an undying king, who dared touch it?

However, this mysterious expert was just this intimidating. He slowly descended, his presence carrying an unmatched aura, making that barbaric bull shiver all over, bones continuously cracking.

Pi pa noises sounded. It laid on the ground.

One had to understand that before this, this golden-backed bull was extremely arrogant, looking down on everyone, showing disdain towards the Nine Heavens, having contempt for Imperial Pass’ people, incredibly brash.

Yet now, it was actually shaking, continuously releasing moo sounds.

They were all shocked. This mysterious expert was too terrifying, divine might tremendous. Was this a type of provocation directed at Undying King Anlan?

In front of him, his mount was oppressed, just how powerful was this?!

Who dared to provoke an undying king? This person dared, moreover doing it right now!

Imperial Pass, on its city walls, a few people clenched their fists, hearts surging. They really wished they could charge over, be in that person’s place, kick that war chariot flying!

“You should know that we cannot fight. If we really do that, this time-space, the world behind you, both will undergo tremendous changes.” Anlan said, still completely calm.

Behind him, the group of foreign experts clenched their fists. They were unwilling to accept this result. Why didn’t Great Ancestor Anlan take action, directly kill this person?!

Even those who weren’t from the other side found it hard to calm themselves down, all of them holding their breaths. That was but an undying king! He was being provoked, pressured!

The mount’s legs broke, why didn’t Great Ancestor Anlan take action?

“Heaven Abyss was torn, and it just happened that you and I were fighting great battles in different time-space, confrontations at the very peak, opening the gate of time. Injuring my mount can’t be considered a disturbance or abrupt change, but if you go further, the entire world will be turned on its head!”


At this moment, that war chariot shone, chaotic energy surged.

In that instant, the entire world was illuminated.

Anlan emerged in the world!

Many people couldn’t open their eyes. That place was too brilliant. A human figure walked out of the war chariot, still supporting the original Emperor City in one hand, other hand holding a golden ancient spear!

That spear was too dazzling, the golden brilliance shining through the past, present, and future, as if all ages returned to one, eternally here.

This spear had impaled the Heavenly Horned Ant, pierced through immortal kings. It previously showed unmatched divine might, shocking then and now.

Anlan made his appearance in the world. His body carried brilliance, surrounded by radiance, impossible to look directly at, too dazzling and bright just like the golden ancient spear in his hand.

“I really want to kill you first, and then return.” A light sigh was released. The one on the cauldron spoke, carrying regret, as well as a bit of helplessness.

These words shocked everyone!

Imperial Pass, on the city walls, a group of people were moved, excited. Just how tyrannical was this, how brash? He was definitely an unmatched expert.

The golden-backed barbaric bull was arrogant, but that was because of Anlan’s reputation behind it, which made everyone furious. However, this creature’s easygoing words originated from an unmatched lofty quality, making one feel great respect.

The so-called earth-shattering was precisely this! This person had the will to kill Anlan!

The people from the other side were stunned, the great army shaken, not daring to believe what they were hearing. That person was too arrogant, actually daring to speak like this.

“Feel free to give it a try. Even while holding Heaven Abyss on my back, needing to support the original Emperor City in one hand, I, Anlan, am still unmatched in this world!”

Anlan revealed a faint smile, extremely confident!

On the ground, the golden barbaric bull backed up. Even though its bones were broken in dozens of areas, it still quickly backed up. It really was too frightened. Existences of this level made it shiver in fear.

Fortunately, that cauldron and that person didn’t care about it, moreover, right now, all life source energy no longer poured down!

“This really is quite the dilemma. To kill or not to kill?” That person said to himself, as if he was contemplating something.

This immediately made everyone’s minds go taut. He was serious?

“If you really want to fight, you wouldn’t hesitate. You don’t have much time left here. Just go back, I have a feeling that we will meet again in the future, that there will be a battle!” Anlan said.

“Why?” In the back, the foreign creatures didn’t understand. They really wanted Anlan to take action now.

A light appeared. Shutuo appeared!

He said quietly, “If we do not belong in the same time-space, should there really be a battle, the heavens will collapse and the earth will cave in, time become chaotic. Perhaps everything would no longer exist!”

Shutuo spoke, telling everyone these things. He knew that there was no way a battle could be allowed to happen, both sides showing restraint.

“It seems like you have quite the enemies in the other time-space as well.” Anlan spoke up again. He looked at the other party, because that person’s body was covered in blood. Some was from the enemy, some from himself.

Indeed, on this unmatched expert’s body, there were injuries. He was this powerful, yet he was still wounded. One could imagine just how bitter the battles were in his time-space.

“This is the only way to grind out an unmatched body, to remain unstoppable throughout the long river of time.” That mysterious expert sneered, extremely easygoing.

Right at this time, on Imperial Pass, on the city walls, someone shed tears, moved and full of sorrow, carrying an expression of worry.

It was Ye Qingxian. She was extremely mysterious. Everyone knew that she was in Imperial Pass, yet normally, she rarely appeared, unknown just what she was doing.

There were some who said that she was always cultivating in seclusion.

Even when Shi Hao was handed over to the other side, she didn’t appear.

Yet today, she appeared, looking towards the male standing on the cauldron, feeling greatly moved, eyes continuously shedding tears.

Her body was a bit unstable, even a bit indistinct. However, an immortal bell imprint gently swayed, and then she finally calmed down.

“The two of us are in different time-space, there is indeed no way to change anything, nor can I do anything.” The mysterious male released a light sigh. Time couldn’t be gone against!

He turned around. While standing on the cauldron, he said, “This isn’t the first time I crossed the long river of time, as luck would have it, there was another experience. Only, unfortunately, it was just like this time, not the age I wished to witness. However, I also discovered a drop of blood that is similar to mine, belonging to this great era. It previously followed me, but mysteriously returned, coming to this world.”

A drop of blood?

Why did he speak about these things? Was this a type of warning?

Imperial Pass, on the city wall, the witch trembled. She remembered that in the struggle between the three thousand provinces’ geniuses, Shi Hao had previously discovered a drop of blood from Immortal Ancient Remains’ All Life Earth, moreover obtaining it.

At that time, the witch had personally seen a cauldron, identical to the one the mysterious expert was standing on in front of Imperial Pass.

That drop of blood fell off from the cauldron.

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