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Perfect World (Web Novel) - Chapter 1645 - Blood Drop Reincarnation

Chapter 1645 - Blood Drop Reincarnation

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The witch’s face was sparkling white, beautiful hair hanging around her swan neck, oval face slightly raised, large eyes flickering as she looked in Shi Hao’s direction.

She had a serious look on her face, because what she suspected was too shocking!

That drop of blood was carried on Shi Hao’s body? Her heart rate sped up greatly.

On the city wall, Shi Hao’s current state was quite different as well. He was also looking into the great desert, watching the battlefield. However, his eyes were a bit vacant, as if he was absent-minded.

However, if one looked carefully, his vacant eyes seemed extremely deep, as if they could suck one’s soul right out of their bodies.

Was he having an out-of-body experience? The witch was shocked. Just how daring did one have to be to be so absent-minded in this type of situation, not moving at all?

Dream back to Immortal Ancient, a mental journey into the great emptiness!

Even Shi Hao himself didn’t know why this was happening. His soul seemed to have left his body, as if flying through different time-space one after another, wandering the endless heavens.

Above his head, immortal energy surged, turning into a flower. The left one remained unchanged, a small creature seated on it, as if it sat in the past.

Meanwhile, the great dao flower on the right, when it blossomed, there was actually a faint figure who appeared, not distinct at all, flickering continuously!

This was something that had never happened before!

His dao skills didn’t advance, cultivation realm didn’t make a great leap, yet for some reason, an indistinct figure suddenly appeared.

It wasn’t like a small figure formed after his great dao matured, instead as if it only temporarily took form!

That little figure was extremely blurry. It sat on the great dao flower, as if it came from the future! When it turned around, it saw Shi Hao’s true body!

On the city wall, the ones with strange expressions, acting a bit off, apart from the witch and Shi Hao, it was naturally Ye Qingxian. Tears continuously flowed from her fine and perfect face.

In the surroundings, the crowd were all confused. Not being stupefied like Shi Hao made sense, but why was she crying?

Normally, Ye Qingxian was like a pure spirit, never revealing this type of appearance. She opened her mouth, as if she wanted to shout out something, but then closed it again.

She stared at that mysterious expert in the sky.

That male stood on the cauldron. He clearly saw Ye Qingxian!

“A drop of blood, ten drops, even a hundred drops, what difference does it make?” Anlan said calmly. One hand supported the original Emperor City, the other hand holding a golden ancient spear, divine might unmatched.

He calmly stood there. Brilliant colors swirled, divine radiance shining in all directions, shocking the heavens above and earth below!

“Just leave, remaining in this time-space long term won’t bring your body any benefits. Even if I said I wouldn’t let you leave, your body will perish on its own!” Anlan said coldly.


Moreover, at this time, his palm pushed upwards. That city trembled greatly, almost being raised!

In the skies above, that mysterious expert suddenly turned around, no longer looking at Imperial Pass, but rather towards Anlan. The great cauldron shook, moving through the sky.

By the cauldron entrance, all life source energy pervaded the air, stars slowly revolved. The cauldron wall carried blood, illustrating the bitterness of great battles, as well as representing its glory.

The mysterious expert arrived on the cauldron, pressing towards Anlan.

However, Anlan didn’t move in the slightest, remaining completely still.


The great cauldron flew over, almost smashing into Anlan’s body, making even his hair fly about.

“Heh, haha!” The mysterious expert laughed loudly.

In the back, in the great desert, the great foreign army was shocked. What was this person doing? They were provoking their greatest faith, the highest existence in their hearts!


Someone couldn’t help but shout out.


Anlan’s spear rushed out, the long golden weapon stabbing forward. When it was just a hair away from making contact with the cauldron, it passed it, directly piercing towards that mysterious expert’s chest.

“You can try whatever you want!”

The atmosphere immediately became tense. A great battle that might involve the long river of time was about to erupt.

“You truly leave others with no choice.” The mysterious expert’s body shone, exuberant blood energy appearing above him. It illuminated the heavens, making even the long river of time above him tremble.

Anlan’s pupils contracted. He was moved, was this person really going to make a move?

“Back up!”

He shouted, commanding the great army below. His expression was serious, once the two of them clashed, it would lead to catastrophic results, perhaps nothing would exist any longer.

When people from different time-space clashed, it would destroy the original trajectory of the world!


All life source energy moved. The cauldron opening was like a cosmos, primal chaos surging, immortal energy roiling, releasing the most terrifying power.

The mysterious expert stood on top, right arm moving. His fist shone, becoming more and more brilliant as it slowly descended.


Below, the golden backed barbaric bull who had long fled far away was so scared his soul was quivering, shuddering all over, running away with even greater speed.

Apart from this, the great foreign army was in panic, everyone retreating.

It was because Anlan gave the order!

Right now, Anlan also released the aura of an undying king, protecting the clans below, fearing that the mysterious individual would suddenly act out.

The fist crushed downwards, while the spear faced it from below, both extremely slow, but both of them produced heaven and earth irregular scenes, truly shocking every single creature!

Many cracks appeared between heaven and earth. Everyone on the great desert became blurry, even on Imperial Pass’ walls, many individuals became indistinct!


In the distance, Shutuo released a short shout.

It was because even though the two didn’t truly face each other, this type of confrontation was also extremely terrifying. If this continued, once a world shocking battle erupted, it might change this segment of history.


The great cauldron trembled, many bloody traces appearing on its surface, among them some that were sparkling and translucent, shining like five-colored diamonds, exceptionally dazzling.

At the same time, on the great desert and Imperial Pass’ city walls, those creatures’ figures became increasingly faint, as if they were about to disappear.

The two experts from different time-space still didn’t truly fight, yet it already affected all life between heaven and earth.


Suddenly, on Imperial Pass’ city walls, dazzling light rose. Shi Hao couldn’t hold back a low roar.

It was because a drop of blood appeared from his body, a blood bead, dazzling and resplendent, emerging from his body.

At this moment, the blood began to spread, as it turned into a sea, releasing unmatched might, shaking Imperial Pass and the great desert.

Something strange was happening to Shi Hao!

Anyone could see that everything was caused by that drop of blood. After expanding, it then quickly contracted, falling on the great dao flowers on his head, separately passing through each flower.

The first flower, the little figure who seemed to live in the past suddenly opened his eyes, becoming increasingly mysterious. 

The second flower, the little figure who was bound by the origin energy suddenly struggled about, obtaining freedom. The origin energy instead served as its protection, now feeling comfortable!

The third flower, when the blood droplet passed by, the blurry figure seated on it actually became clear, shaking the heavens above and earth below.


Shi Hao roared out, his head of black hair fluttering about. He suddenly looked up, his eyes immediately becoming vacant, as if he became someone else.


Apart from this, several reincarnation imprints appeared on his body, all of them shifting to the area above his head, displaying reincarnation profound meanings.


The reincarnation imprints suddenly rotated, wrapping around the three little figures, and then they fused together.


In the end, that drop of blood entered that single figure’s body, entering Shi Hao’s body through it.

Heaven overflowing holy radiance erupted. Shi Hao’s body burned fiercely like a war god reborn through flames, one who revived from the endless past!

Then, divine light shone once more, as if it was connected to the future, borrowing unmatched divine might, pouring it downwards.

What was going on? Everyone was stupefied!

“This drop of blood is extremely strange and sinister!” Anlan spoke, actually commenting like this.

This made his expression become serious, eyes reveal divine brilliance. This was definitely a huge matter.

The mysterious male who stood on the cauldron flew into the heavens, standing before the crack before the long river of time, calmly watching, no longer speaking.


Shi Hao changed. That drop of blood merged into the three little figures, absorbed the reincarnation imprint, entering his true body, making him completely different.

Now, no one could could recognize that this was Shi Hao!

That aura was too vicious, his eyes piercing, no longer vacant. The light that was released were like immortal swords, impossible to look directly at. Symbols rotated around the surface of his body, wishing to crush this world.

With a single leap, he didn’t even use the transport formation, directly appearing outside Imperial Pass, leaving everyone stupefied.

Imperial Pass’ extreme city protection formation actually couldn’t stop him.

“This is already no longer Huang, it is that drop of blood!” Someone spoke, making this precise judgment.

“Who claims to be unmatched, who dares to call themselves invincible? This has never been seen even in the Age of Emperor Collapse!”

Shi Hao’s words carried forcefulness, as well as a feeling of great changes, as if a monarch walked over from the ancient past, witnessing the vicissitudes of time, questioned the heavens itself.

“That drop of blood was obtained by you!” Anlan looked coldly at the youngster across from him.


Shi Hao replied. When he was speaking, he spoke on initiative, extremely clear.

“Even a drop of blood wishes to act out?” Anlan’s eyes became cold and deep.

“If you insist on acting out, then you will be suppressed!” On the other side, that youngster shouted!

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