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Perfect World (Web Novel) - Chapter 1646 - Who Dares Claim They Are Invincible?

Chapter 1646 - Who Dares Claim They Are Invincible?

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Who claims to be unmatched, who dares to call themselves invincible? This has never been seen even in the Age of Emperor Collapse!

These words left everyone greatly moved, especially the ‘never been seen even in the Age of Emperor Collapse’ part, which deeply shook the undying beings. Why was that era mentioned?!

That youngster directly said that he would suppress Anlan. He was right in front of Imperial pass, above the great desert. The endless great army was first quiet, completely silent, and then they erupted with noise!

The cultivators of the other side were all furious. This was just a youngster, yet he dared claim to suppress Anlan? That was their great ancestor, the highest level existence, even more so a figure they worshipped!

Who dared to belittle him, who dared to show contempt? This was blasphemy, all offenders must be killed!

“Kill him!”

“Those who offend our king must die!”

The cultivators of different clans shouted, all of them rising into the air, about to take action. It was because many of them had seen Huang before, knowing who he was!

He was previously a prisoner, just a brat, yet he dared offend an undying king, this really was absurd! He should have his skin flayed and his bones extracted, cast his soul into the center of the sea of bitterness.

Of course, they also saw how Shi Hao was different. If they didn’t see him before, it would be difficult to recognize the current him. Right now, his aura was too extraordinary!

Even though he is young, he had a type of world devouring aura, as if he was the only paramount existence in the heavens above and earth below, that none else could surpass him!

His head of black hair fluttered about, divine eyes like lightning, so penetrating that it was difficult for others to look at him. It even more so gave a few people a type of frightened feeling!


Immediately afterwards, Shi Hao turned his head, looking towards the foreign side. It was as if the world fissured, the skies cracking, great desert sinking; his gaze was more terrifying than the great void crack itself.


Many people screamed, some pierced by light, immediately turning into a blast of bloody mist, others cleaved into two, the scene extremely terrifying.


Anlan took action, the golden ancient spear lightly striking out, severing the sky, blocking everything.

“A drop of blood, just a leftover trace. Regardless of who you are, it will be hard for you to escape your fate!” Anlan said, his tone calm. Even now, his composure didn’t waver.


Shi Hao took action. There was no need to say too much. A single hand was raised, divine radiance rushing into the heavens like magma gushing out of a volcano, illuminating the sky dome. The power shook everything in the skies above and earth below.


Then, he suddenly swept out, the universe moving in response! That resplendent light turned into a blade, a dao severing blade!

Right now, that blade cut through the natural laws of the heavens, splitting great dao patterns, hacking through everything in its path!


Suddenly, it was as if a vicious roar sounded from the void.

That was Anlan’s aura. He didn’t speak, but he erupted with endless killing intent, causing an explosion sound. It was as if an unmatched monarch was roaring!

The world exploded to pieces, the void releasing terrifying noise, as if it was the scream of malicious spirits.

The spear in his hand stabbed towards the long blade!

Everyone released an expression of shock, especially the foreign side’s creatures. This was their king, the one they worshiped, yet he was forced to attack seriously by a young man.

After all these years, Anlan had never even been so serious!

Before, even when the Immortal Subduing Stele, First Killing Formation damaged diagram appeared, they didn’t even shake him. However now, the divine spear was directly raised, truly facing off in a great confrontation!

How many times had Anlan been this serious? When he faced the Immortal Kings in Immortal Ancient back then, fighting life and death great battles, it still wasn’t more than this.


Sparks flew in all directions. The golden ancient spear erupted with fluctuations like a sea, divine radiance even more so immediately submerging the sky. It was terrifying to the extreme, making one’s soul tremble!

In this great desert, the endless creatures, countless army all fell weak onto the ground with putong putong sounds. They were shivering in fear, crushed under the unmatched might, their bodies simply about to explode.

This was still the result after Anlan protected them. Otherwise, under the blow of the two great experts, just the blast waves would be enough to wipe out these soldiers.

In the skies, the five decrees shone at the same time. Not only did they have to resist Heaven Abyss, they also scattered down an endless rain of light, protecting the foreign great army!

Otherwise, Anlan himself wouldn’t be able to continue on!

It was because destruction was far easier than creation. The two sides were clashing, the destructive force created too great, difficult for one person to completely defend against everything!

When the light scattered, everyone was roused awake from their great fear, discovering that two powers were confronting each other, an aura at the very peak covering heaven and earth.

Fortunately, Shutuo appeared, body releasing endless light, personally blocking those terrifying dao laws and patterns, protecting the foreign cultivators.

“That is…”

Everyone was shocked. Anlan’s golden ancient spear actually had a knick on one side of the blade! Just how terrifying of a thing was this?

That was the weapon of an undying king, yet it was actually damaged from that single strike!

The other side’s creatures were greatly shaken!

They widened their eyes. Even though the dao severing blade in that youngster’s hand had already disappeared, turning into a rain of light, that wasn’t something tangible, could be brought out again.

“How could Great Ancestor Anlan’s weapon be damaged?” Everyone was stunned. It was hard for them to accept this reality.

That weapon existed throughout time, how could they tolerate any damage?

On the great desert, Anlan remained indifferent, not getting upset at all, instead becoming even more calm. His eyes were as deep as a sea, staring at Shi Hao as if he wanted to see through his soul!

Wasn’t that Huang? He only obtained a drop of blood, how did he have this type of strength now? This was what all of the foreign experts were wondering.

“This drop of blood isn’t simple!” Shutuo said. He was surrounded by primal chaos, extremely hazy, his present intimidating all life!

For an undying king to come to this type of conclusion, it proved just how terrifying that drop of blood was. That familiar yet unfamiliar youngster was so powerful, was that still even Huang?!

Anlan suddenly spoke, saying, “Nothing more than a drop of blood, barely able to exert a bit of strength at the peak. How long can you keep this up, how many strikes can you release? You are courting death!”

Moreover, at this time, his golden spear was instantly restored, golden color flowing through heaven and earth, through the void, absorbing essence golden energy!


This was unmatched power. Its blade was reforged, becoming even more brilliant, golden light covering the skies, dazzling to the extreme. He was powerful even among the undying kings.

Shi Hao’s aura was fierce like an unsheathed unrivaled immortal blade, his presence extremely intimidating. His eyes erupted with radiance, the light as if all creatures were ascending. The rain of light was too great, drowning out the sky dome.

Meanwhile, this was only just his gaze, yet it was already horrifying to the extreme!

“Asking for a beating!”

This was Shi Hao’s forceful words, intimidating one down to their primordial spirit. He was confident and arrogant, as if he was facing an ordinary creature and casually berating him.

“Heh, haha…”

In the back, there were undying creatures who really couldn’t hold themselves back anymore, laughing out of rage. This youngster dared to speak like this to their idol of worship, treat an undying king this way?

Did he truly believe himself to be unstoppable thoughout time?

However, Anlan didn’t berate outwards, his face becoming more and more cold, eyes deep like the cosmos, within them scenes of the heavens being destroyed, as well as the grand scene of all things reviving. He struck out with the golden long spear ferociously, stabbing forward.


Meanwhile, at this time, Shi Hao became different as well. He erupted with an astonishing aura, illuminating the sky dome. There was a wave of great power that possessed unrivaled might!

He stood in place, not moving an inch. However, a dao platform appeared above his head. A drop of blood flickered about, and then a figure appeared on that dao platform, standing up from a seated posture.


That person walked down, pressing towards Anlan.

This was? Many people were stupefied.

That person not only had generation suppressing talent, unrivaled strength, he also seemed extremely familiar, making everyone’s souls tremble.

Even Anlan was momentarily stunned, revealing this type of expression for the first time. It was because things were now completely outside of his expectations.

A weapon appeared from that person’s head, cast from nine types of immortal gold, moreover releasing source energy. It was too familiar. There was a confrontation not long ago!

“This… don’t tell me it’s that person?” The foreign experts were stupefied. The mysterious expert who arrived on the cauldron from another time-space was similar to this person.

Only, this person had a cauldron above his head. He displayed incomparable might, brandishing a fist straight at Anlan.


A fist descended, collapsing heaven and earth.

Anlan’s expression changed, raising the golden spear and stabbing towards that person’s fist.


All life source energy swirled about, blocking that spearpoint. The fist then continued to smash forward, domineering beyond compare.


Anlan raised his head. His entire body was covered in symbols, erupting with power that filled the heavens above and earth below, completely unleashing the unrivaled power of an undying king to face this individual.

“Just a drop of blood, yet you wish to defy the heavens?” Anlan roared.


The great cauldron swayed moved, directly flying towards him to suppress him.

“Looking for a beating!” This was Anlan’s reply.

At the same time, a honglong sounded. Above Shi Hao’s head, primal chaos mist surged again, a dao platform appearing. Once again, there was a person who sat there. The drop of blood flickering with brilliance, reincarnation imprints flowing about.

Then, this person also rushed out, walking down from the dao platform. His figure was heroic, aura swallowing everything under the sky, looking down on the long river of history. Who could contend against him?!

This person’s appearance was blurry. Above his head was a pagoda, furthermore separated into nine layers. It released an aura that was like the universe’s great emptiness!

“That pagoda?” Imperial Pass, on the city wall, Yue Chan, witch, and Qing Yi were all shocked. It was because they had seen it before, previously following at Shi Hao’s side. It was that little pagoda, but this was the complete version, not damaged.

The little pagoda who followed Shi Hao back then!

This person had a nine layered pagoda above his head. It moved forward, sending the same words back at Anlan: Looking for a beating!

It was just as if the one who spoke was an unrivaled being who looked down on those after him.

An endless aura spread. He seemed to have come from the ancient great river of time, figure indomitable, unstoppable under the heavens.


He pressed forward, wishing to strike down Anlan.


Anlan’s expression changed, pupils contracting. The situation really was too strange!

His hand couldn’t support the original Emperor City anymore, directly letting go. It was because the pressure he faced was too great.

Dong! It was as if a realm was obliterated, the nine layered pagoda as if able to subdue the great emptiness. It moved together with that person, destroying all things.

In the back, the five decrees shone. Shutuo released a light shout, resisting Heaven Abyss, supporting the original Emperor City.

Anlan was continuously forced back.


After Anlan clashed with one individual, he flew backwards at great speed. It was because those two people were too terrifying.

How could this be?

How did two creatures like this appear? Where did they come from?

“I, Anlan, an unrivaled in this world! Who can subdue me?!” Anlan roared, making heaven and earth collapse.

However, a dong sounded. That cauldron flew over, smashing into his golden spear. Then, that pagoda appeared, crushing downwards, making Anlan’s body tremble, stagger backwards.

“You are looking for a beating!”

Shi Hao shouted out again. Above his head, this time, there was no dao platform that appeared, but there was also a hazy void image that appeared. A drop of blood flickered as it flowed about, then, reincarnation imprints surged.


This void figure merged with Shi Hao’s true body, returning, merging as one. There was a type of feeling, as if he was unstoppable in this world, a great aura as if he was the sole sovereign!


In his hand appeared a sword core. It was dazzling and resplendent, becoming his weapon. He hacked outwards, moreover shouting, “You are looking for a beating!”

With a peng sound, Anlan was sent flying.

The other side’s army of billions was about to go crazy. What was happening? Why was that young man able to produce such a terrifying scene?

How did he become three people, moreover all of them that sinister, unrivaled figures?

The scene was extremely terrifying. It was as if they existed in the past, present, and future, three bodies interweaving, unsurpassed under the heavens!

It was just a simple ‘looking for a beating’, yet Undying King Anlan really was going to be subdued?!

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