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Perfect World (Web Novel) - Chapter 1647 - Embodiment Transformation Method

Chapter 1647 - Embodiment Transformation Method

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Everyone was stupefied. What was going on? Why did Huang become three people? They couldn’t figure out why this was the case. Who were the other two people?!

These people appeared out of thin air, their statuses and origins terrifying, strength unmatched and astonishing, all of them able to fight against undying kings!

In the sky dome above, in front of Heaven Abyss’ cracks, that mysterious expert was also stunned, eyes revealing a strange expression. If others saw his face, they would also feel that it was quite odd.

This person had a bizarre feeling, extremely shocked. He never thought that Huang would actually produce one figure who was similar to him, the creature with an immortal cauldron floating above his head!

Imperial Pass, on the city walls, everyone was stupefied, in disbelief. Was that still Huang? He could actually fight against Anlan! Moreover, why did he turn into three creatures? What was going on with the other two?

That mysterious person with the nine-colored Immortal Gold cauldron swirling with all life source energy, wasn’t he standing not that far away? Why did Huang create another one?

As for the other person, he was even more so accompanied by the long river of time’s radiance, the nine-layered ancient pagoda rising and falling, even more mysterious. Which divine being then was he?

Everyone was stunned!

“This is… Great Ancestor Anlan lost?!” In the other side’s direction, the various clans’ experts were all shaken, great waves surging within their minds. All of them felt their backs turn cold.

What was the reason for this? The invincible undying king, aloof and remote highest level expert, the idol of worship in their hearts, how could he be at a disadvantage?!

That great cauldron rested there, forged from a mixture of nine types of Immortal Gold and all life source energy. It was a unique supreme treasure, only a single one of it in existence.

Inside of that cauldron, great stars swirled about, carrying powerful pressure. The great cauldron descended, suppressing Anlan.


Anlan’s expression was serious. He held the golden war spear with a single hand, piercing towards the great cauldron. The most dazzling radiance erupted between the two, sparks flying in all directions.

He was extremely strong, indeed someone at the very peak, able to overlook all ages, look down on the world under the heavens. However, right now, he still encountered trouble!

As soon as he clashed with the great cauldron, the nine-layered pagoda descended, power incomparable, crushing his body until it became sluggish. Then, another creature holding a sword core hacked over.


The three great experts rushed forward. Anlan was in a critical situation. With a final honglong noise, he was sent flying again, moreover, his sleeves exploded!

This was just the beginning, yet this was already a world shocking confrontation. Perhaps blood radiance might even splash out soon. Shi Hao and two other great experts pressed their attack, chasing after Anlan.

This was an extreme battle at the very peak. When had Anlan ever been in such a dangerous situation? A single mistake and he might be suppressed by another!

“Great ancestor!”

“How could things be like this?”

In the other side, many people cried out in alarm, feeling worry inside. The unmatched Great Ancestor Anlan encountered such great trouble today, was his undefeated legend going to end here?


Heaven and earth shook!

A powerful figure appeared, a nine-layered pagode floating above him, the aura of time flowing about its body. It was as if the long river of history rushed past, covering heaven and earth.

This creature seemed to have come from the past to the present, his body as if one with the pagoda, smashing towards Anlan, domineering to the extreme.

Every move he made was powerful, as if a heavenly emperor was moving through the sky, passing judgment as he wished on his subjects. Who dared to show disrespect, who dared to go against him?!

It was too shocking, too terrifying. He himself seemed to have become a pagoda. When he raised his hand, great energy surged, sealing Anlan in place, binding him.


The great cauldron flew over, seizing this opportunity. It knocked the golden war spear to the side, and then struck Anlan’s shoulder, making him stagger backwards. The soles of his feet crushed the void, body flying out.

Moreover, a strand of blood appeared at the corners of his lips. This was a battle at the same level, so when the great cauldron smashed into the body, who could endure it?

Anland only lost a strand of blood. This type of tyrannical display, a strike of this power could easily shatter the starry sky, destroy the universe.

It could be said that this was immeasurable divine might!

He actually endured it!

With three great experts attacking him, there was no way he could avoid them all. This was a world shocking clash.

Everyone was shocked. The undefeated Anlan was actually injured! This was a huge deal, comparable to the heavens collapsing and earth sinking.

In the back, many foreign creatures howled in grief. Their undying, their undefeated god was actually injured here! This was hard for them to accept.

All life source energy swirled about, as if it came from the future, merging with that person. He slaughtered his way over.

Then, Shi Hao who held the sword core also arrived with extreme speed, slaughtering his way over, unmatched in the present world. With a peng noise, the sword core slashed down, stopping Anlan.

“How could it be like this?”

Some people of the other side became scared, feeling shock and worry for him. At the same time, they had endless questions.

“What exactly is going on? Why can he summon two people? Don’t tell me reincarnation really exists?”

“Are those Huang’s past and future bodies?” There were some people who were extremely sensitive, roughly guessing at the issue. They felt as if their hearts were even going to pop out.

This triggered an uproar. Shi Hao’s three reincarnations?

Everyone was stupefied. They stared at this scene, feeling more and more like this might be true. Some of them felt as if their souls were going to explode, just too shocking.


Shi Hao’s three bodies all moved, slaughtering their way forward together, as if it really was as they predicted. Three world murderous auras erupted, the power unstoppable!

The pressure Anlan felt was too great. No matter how strong he was, when faced with this type of situation, he was still left in an extremely passive state.

“Is he a reincarnated being?” Someone asked with a trembling voice.


At this time, Anlan erupted. On his left hand appeared a shield, sturdy and unbreaking, blocking the Everlasting Sword Core. The golden spear in his right hand pierced out, golden light immeasurable.

He unleashed a vicious counter attack, shield in left hand spear in right, power world shocking!

“Reincarnation? I’ve overlooked endless time, witnessed too much life and death! Who can reincarnate? Even when immortal kings die, they become nothing more than dirty soil, who dares reincarnate before me? Reincarnation is merely a beautiful joke. The truly strong never believed in reincarnation!”

Anlan roared out, his voice shaking heaven and earth.

In the distance, Shutuo’s expression was indifferent, saying, “There is no such thing as reincarnated beings, only reincarnated events.”

The two great experts both refuted the existence of reincarnation, not believing that those two were Shi Hao’s reincarnated bodies at all.

“Are these all the oddities produced by that drop of blood?” In the other side’s direction, someone asked.

“That drop of blood is too strong then, right?” Someone said quietly, because even Great Ancestor Anlan was even about to be subdued!

“Extremely strong. That drop of blood, its glory before death, its dao fruit has reappeared. It represents power at the peak. However, it can’t sustain this power for a long time, just the condensation of some of its imprints when its owner was still alive, erupting with its former brilliance!” Shutuo said.

Everyone understood. Even though it was just a drop of blood, it could be considered to be redisplaying a past glory. It couldn’t be continued forever.

“Is it really not reincarnation?”

Some of them were still unconvinced. If it wasn’t reincarnation, then how did this result appear?

“I believe it might be… a transformation of his great method!” Shutuo’s expression was grave. After saying these things, even he himself shivered inwardly.

“During the Age of Emperor Collapse, Embodiment Transformation Great Method!” In the distance, Anlan finally spoke this as well, actually coming to the same conclusion as Shutuo.

“What kind of method is that?” In the back, an undying being asked Shutuo.

“One that can change the body of another, borrow the dao fruit of another, create a present embodiment! It is heaven-defying, a great method in the Age of Emperor Collapse!” Shutuo’s expression was serious, his mind surging chaotically.

He was now sure that this was that type of unmatched strange great method. He never expected to still be able to see it in this world!

“Just a drop of blood, it won’t last. It’ll scatter apart soon. Anlan, as long as you can hold on, we will definitely achieve a great victory!” Shutuo said.


However, right now, the drop of blood was extremely glorious, not scattering yet. The three great experts all erupted with unmatched power.


The great cauldron descended, smashing apart Anlan’s spear, moreover smashing into his chest.

In addition, the nine-layered pagoda descended, striking aside his shield, moreover continuing to strike down at him.

Then, the sword core swept over, smashing into Anlan’s body, striking him until he spurted out a mouthful of blood.

The drop of blood’s brilliance, it instantly ignited the glory of the past!


Three great experts chased after Anlan, fiercely taking action.

At this moment, Anlan entered a dangerous situation, now facing a crisis.

He displayed a powerful secret method, slaughtering out a path, breaking free from the three individuals’ enclosure. However, the nine-layered pagoda then displayed endless spatial force, restricting him.


The great cauldron descended, wishing to suck him inside.

A ding sounded. The war spear in Anlan’s hand stabbed forward, stopping the cauldron wall.

Sword cries shook the heavens. The sword core Shi Hao brandished descended. It was called a sword core because it didn’t have an edge. It smashed into Anlan’s back, sending him flying.

Everyone was stupefied. Anlan was injured, repeatedly chased by the other side, now in an extremely sorry state!

“Embodiment Transformation Great Method?!”

Imperial Pass, on the city walls, everyone finally understood why those two creatures appeared. It was actually because of an ancient method.

However, even though this was the case, they were still greatly shaken.

In the skies, the mysterious person stood in front of Heaven Abyss’ great crack. He released a light sigh, saying, “Embodiment Transformation Great Method, it was actually this!”

It was clear that this method had tremendous origins, or else he wouldn’t have given this type of evaluation.


Anlan was chased after once again, his body smashed into by the great cauldon, sending his entire body flying. He coughed out large mouthfuls of blood, taking on serious injuries.

Everyone was stupefied. Embodiment Transformation Great Method displayed its might, three great beings chased after Anlan. This left everyone shocked!

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