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Perfect World (Web Novel) - Chapter 1648 - Subduing Anlan

Chapter 1648 - Subduing Anlan

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Anlan was injured, being chased down. The great desert immediately became completely quiet!

It was because this was just too shocking.

That was but Undying King Anlan, yet today, he tasted this type of defeat, blood flowing out from the corners of his mouth, chased down by others, taking on injuries that weren’t light.

“Where are you going?!”

The three great experts all possessed unmatched divine abilities. They displayed unmatched methods, cutting off the path ahead. Time fragments flew about, accompanied by a sword core that hacked over.


The golden war spear in Anlan’s right hand stopped the sword core, his eyes releasing great brilliance. He was naturally unwilling. Even though he was backing up, avoiding the three great experts’ attacks, it was still hard for him to accept this result.

He believed that the drop of blood wouldn’t be able to last much longer, only able to release an instant of brilliance, igniting its past glory.

He had been waiting all this time, hoping to wait until that drop of blood was exhausted, and then he would take action viciously, overwhelm the other party. However, he miscalculated, things not going as he wished at all.


The nine-layered pagoda descended, striking Anlan’s back, making him spit out a large mouthful of blood. This strike really was too heavy, attacking right at his back, powerful beyond compare.


In the air, all life source energy descended like a waterfall, pouring down onto Anlan’s body. It suppressed downwards while carrying the great dao. Anlan’s body staggered about, coughing out blood again.

Anlan’s eyes became cold. He suddenly released power, straightening his back, forcing back the all life source energy and cauldron. His aura became ferocious like that of an unmatched demon king.

“Let’s see just how much longer you can act crazily for!” His words were ice-cold, not like those of someone who was defeated at all, still just that calm.

“Then stop running and accept your fate!” Shi Hao shouted.

This battle left everyone dazzled, all clans’ creatures inwardly shaken, trembling in fear. This scene was too terrifying, the everlasting undying Anlan was actually at a disadvantage.


Three weapons appeared at the same time from three different directions, cauldron, sword core and nine-layered pagoda all smashed towards Anlan.

“Break free!” Anlan roared. He held a shield in his left hand, when it moved, it was as if a great mountain was pushed outwards, wishing to force back all of the incoming weapons. The golden war spear in his hand was also resisting.


That type of power was too great, scattering aside the great dao patterns that extended from the void, making the skies explode.

Moreover, Anlan’s hands were completely bloody, this blood flowing down his arms from his fingers. It was because he received a heavy blow. Three weapons descended at the same time, they were too powerful.

The most terrifying thing was that when the three great experts pressed forward, they also brandished their fists, smashing forward, fighting with their bodies.

Peng peng peng!

At this moment, Anlan struggled fiercely, fighting bloodily against the three individuals. His entire body released radiance, the space between his brows even more so flickering with its unique radiance, releasing great power.

Only, he was at a disadvantage, enduring too much. The three individuals and three weapons pressed down together, making his body shake intensely.


Anlan coughed out blood. His body no longer stood steadily. In that instant, he suffered the attacks of many powerful fists, the result of three great experts rushing over murderously at the same time.

If this continued, Anlan would die here, there would be huge problems.

Anlan had blood trickling out of his mouth, his expression serious. He felt like he had guessed wrong. Why was this drop of blood able to last for such a long amount of time, erupt with endless divine might?

“Great Ancestor Shutuo, please take action, suppress that vicious individual!” Someone said. It was because the other side’s cultivators were scared, fearing that Anlan might die here.

This was something that never happened before. In the other side, as long as an undying king took action, it meant that there was no chance of defeat, that the other side would definitely be defeated, no one able to stop them.

Yet today, they felt worry for Great Ancestor Anlan, fearing that he would die here.

One had to understand that in Immortal Ancient Great Era, Anlan had experienced too many great battles. What so-called dangerous or powerful opponents hadn’t he seen? Yet in the end, he was able to stand tall in the present age.

“Great Ancestor Anlan is invincible!” Someone shouted.

In the end, with perfect timing, Huang brandished the sword core, drawing out a streak of rainbow light, stabbing forward.

This time, things were definitely not normal. The bladeless sword core immediately released cold radiance, carrying biting cold killing intent, instantly arriving.


Anlan’s arm was dripping with blood. He avoided the vitals, but he was still injured. The sword core didn’t have an edge, yet it still cut into his body!

One had to understand that the previous few times, he relied on exceptional divine abilities, yet the results weren’t even this bad, making it through. He shouldn’t have had an injury opened by the sword core.

“Great ancestor!” A few people cried out.

Many people found this result hard to accept,  because Anlan was the highest level of existence in their hearts, while the other party was the youngster Huang. Not long ago, he was still their prisoner, yet now, he was suppressing Anlan.

“Great Ancestor Shutuo, please take action!” Someone shouted out once more.

Right now, Shutuo was supporting the original Emperor City in the air, as well as supporting the five decrees, seemingly trying to seal this city, open up Heaven Abyss.

“Undying beings, as long as we wish to cross the pass, we have to pay a price. This type of effect is permanent, something that will appear many years later.” This was Shutuo’s reply.

He told everyone that if one wished to break past Heaven Abyss, approach the area ahead, a great price had to be paid.

“Is not even working together okay?” Someone asked out of worry. Anlan was surrounded, and there was danger to his life, yet Shutuo couldn’t take action?

“Heaven Abyss isn’t something naturally formed, but rather the reflection of many unmatched laws, the gathering place of great dao traces. As long as Heaven Abyss is crossed, regardless of whether it is one or two undying kings, the result will be the same, needing to pay the price!”

Shutuo explained. Heaven Abyss’ highest symbols had extremely powerful targeted effects. It was like a curse, there precisely to stop undying existences.

After all these years, there was a good reason as to why the other side didn’t break through Heaven Abyss.

“This means that there was a reason why Anlan went to break through the pass alone? Is this the price my side has to pay?” Someone asked with a trembling voice.

“Correct!” Shutuo nodded.

Previously, only Anlan moved up, everyone else only supporting him through law decrees, not truly making contact with Heaven Abyss.

“I believe that Great Ancestor Anlan will be victorious in the end. That is just a single drop of blood! Once its brilliance burns out, that will be when everything ends!” An important figure said.


However, when his words just sounded, Anlan received another serious injury.

The sword core tore through his skin, leaving behind a bloody streak by his neck. His head was almost removed by Shi Hao, the sword dao patterns brushing past his neck.

“Anlan, hand over your life!” Shi Hao shouted.

“I refuse to believe it! Let’s see just how much longer you can act crazily for! It’s about time for this drop of blood to completely burn out, his extreme glory when he was alive should come to an end!” Anlan shouted.

Even if the Embodiment Transformation Great Method was in effect, Anlan still believed that there was a limit to his strength, that this type of power was going to disappear soon.


The great cauldron descended, striking him until he flew who knew how far away. Then, the nine-layered pagoda fell, crushing him beneath.


Many people were shocked at this scene. Was Anlan sealed? It was because after the nine-layered pagoda fell, it surrounded Anlan, about to collect him into the pagoda!

Anlan was in a sorry state, suffering greatly. He was beaten quite miserably before the cultivators of both sides, many parts of his body bleeding, almost sucked straight into that pagoda.

Dong! Anlan was struck again, this time by the great cauldron. He was struck to the point where his chest caved in a bit, the damage extremely severe.

He wiped away the blood from the corners of his lips, and then released a great roar, shaking the past, present, and future. It was as if he wanted to see into the limits of the world.

Unfortunately, the cauldron, nine-layered pagoda and sword core moved together, seriously injuring Anlan again, sending his entire body flying. This could be considered vomiting blood while retreating!


Immediately afterwards, everyone’s scalps went numb. The three great experts didn’t say a single word, just pressing forward, fighting against Anlan, beating him until he coughed out blood, his situation extremely bad.

“Beat him well! What great ancestor, didn’t you say you were going to cross the pass, overturn Emperor City? Where is all that bravery now? Where is that so-called invincible loftiness of yours now?!”

Imperial Pass, on the city walls, someone shouted. Many people even became excited, seeing the dawn of victory.

“Kill Anlan, kill the other side’s so-called great ancestors! Return to Imperial Pass our bright world, kill him!” There were even more extremists who shouted.


When he spoke the name Anlan, shocking irregular scenes appeared. An enormous creature emerged, opening its eyes in the skies above, looking like Anlan himself.

Undying kings had unmatched magical force. As long as one called their name, even if they were at the other end of the horizon, void figures would be produced, the power astonishing.


In the distance, Shi Hao released a loud cry. The sword core in his hand released the most resplendent rain of light. A sword hacked forward, with a chi sound, it cut through the void, moreover slicing through that void image, as if it truly destroyed an unmatched existence.

That void figure collapsed, disappearing.

With a peng noise, Anlan flew outwards, suffering another heavy blow. He was continuously beaten by the three great experts, blood flowing out from the corners of his lips. He quickly backed up.

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