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Perfect World (Web Novel) - Chapter 1649 - Exorcising Demons

Chapter 1649 - Exorcising Demons

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Anlan was being chased down, this was a shocking scene. Moreover, his muscles and bones were injured, mouth coughing out blood, making others feel as if they were dreaming. It was as if they returned to the cruelest phase of Immortal Ancient Great Era!

The other side’s creatures were trembling, horrified, feeling like this really was too unusual.

Shutuo had a serious expression on his face, not saying a word, just staring there. Why was that drop of blood not completely burned through? It was actually this terrifying!

Imperial Pass, on the city wall, the cultivators were excited, great emotions surging within their minds. Many people couldn’t help but roar out, their moods surging, unable to hold back their roars. It was hard for them to express their stirred up emotions!

“Kill him!”

“Is he really going to kill Anlan?”

Even those elders who were already quite old were shaking, their lips trembling, feeling hot blood rush to their heads, wishing to roar out.

Who was Anlan? This was an undying king, someone who was unstoppable in this world. He had slaughtered this world until it lacked light, heaven and earth losing color. This was one of the rulers who eradicated the Nine Heavens Ten Earths!

In the past, he had fought against immortal kings. His hands were bloody, one of the unmatched terrifying existences the Nine Heavens Ten Earths’ side hated the most.

Now, the decisive battle that was playing out before them was like a dream, they simply didn’t dare believe what they were seeing.

Anlan’s expression was indifferent, no emotions visible. Even though he was injured, body carrying blood, he was still that collected, his calmness making others feel fear.

However, now, he really entered a dangerous situation!

It was to the extent where there was even danger to his life!

In the end, he jumped out, actually entering Heaven Abyss, avoiding the city, arriving above.

Surprisingly, the original Emperor City didn’t suppress him.

However, everyone saw an irregular scene. Heaven Abyss trembled, streak after streak of blood-colored divine chains of order extended like a spiderweb, covering all of Heaven Abyss.

“So this is Heaven Abyss’ curse-like power?” In the foreign side’s direction, someone cried out in alarm.

It was because they already heard Shutuo say that Heaven Abyss was terrifying, that it was a gathering place of natural laws, the region where great dao patterns interweaved. Even unmatched experts were suppressed here.

This was something the creatures of Immortal Domain built in the past.

“Does Great Ancestor Anlan want to borrow Heaven Abyss’ power to suppress his opponent?” A King Clan’s old clan leader sighed.

This was risky, as he himself would be infected by that wave of power, from this then drag the other side into an unfavorable situation.

Shutuo’s expression became grave, but he didn’t say anything.

It was because right now, he wasn’t sure if Heaven Abyss would suppress the glorious power of that drop of blood!

If it really could ‘destroy indiscriminately’, then Anlan would undoubtedly have made an excellent play, dragging down the three great experts with him to be suppressed together!

In that place, the undying kings, regardless of how many there were, they would all activate a curse-like sea of terrifying laws, be corroded and killed.


Red-colored divine chains of order interweaved, forming a spider web, displaying the highest great dao power, attacking the undying king!

This was Heaven Abyss, even more so a piece of the severed ancient cosmos. It covered this place, looking like an ocean eye. The area below was vast and boundless, but the area above became more and more narrow.

There were naturally great stars here, celestial bodies filling the heavens. They appeared one after another, grand without limit.

In reality, this used to be a piece of ancient cosmos, only, it was beaten into ruins, destroyed by the great magical force of many powerful individuals, suppressed here, separating Imperial Pass and the other side.

If one wished to enter the Nine Heavens Ten Earths, they had to break through the realm wall, had to cross this place!


Anlan erupted with power. Now that he was forced to this step, even though he looked calm, when he took action, he was ferocious. When had he ever been pressured this far before?

The power of time overflowed, the long river of time seemingly about to divert, surging powerfully. When Anlan raised his hand, he grabbed a giant star, directly sending it smashing forward.

Dong! That star burned, releasing endless potential, smashing towards the three great experts.


At this moment, the nine-layered pagoda shone. Following a light tremble, the great star exploded, bursting like fireworks there. However, this only lasted for a moment. What followed extreme brilliance was darkness!


Anlan shouted out. He decisively retaliated. He had been waiting all this time, waiting for that drop of blood to exhaust the last of its power, yet in the end, there was no sign of this happening at all, instead causing him to be continuously injured.

As a result, he no longer waited, deciding to attack with everything he had.

At this moment, he used many methods, ancestral methods rushing out one after the other, unmatched divine abilities displayed in succession.

The golden war spear in Anlan’s hand shot out, several dozen stars moving with the spear, spinning in the damaged cosmos, and then they arrived at the tip of the golden spear.

After he stabbed out fiercely, great stars shone, all of them having symbols carved onto them. One star became one formation core; he fought while arranging a formation.

Only, the three great creatures were too powerful. Right now, all life source energy flowed, falling down from the cauldron. Under rumbling noises, a celestial body was crushed.


Anlan shouted out, the ancient shield in his left hand rising up, directly guiding over an expanse of darkness. This was a black hole, on it engraved endless symbols, suppressing the three great experts.

However, Shi Hao was extremely fierce. The sword core in his hand rose up, piercing forward fiercely. The darkness turned into an expanse of brilliance, immediately stabbed through, radiance burning the heavens.

A great decisive battle unfolded. In the end, Anlan was seriously injured once more.

The three great creatures’ magical force was unmatched, divine bravery without equal, impossible to resist.

Dong! The great cauldron descended, smashing down on Anlan’s back, making him cough out large mouthfuls of blood, his body staggering backwards.

Moreover, at this time, the Everlasting Sword Core shone, dazzling and resplendent. It pressed over from the front, impossible to dodge, sword radiance everlasting, cutting through the dao laws under the heavens!


At this moment, blood splashed outwards. Anlan’s chest was pierced through, blood gushing out, drowning out the starry sky. Even if it was a single drop of blood, it was still enough to burn large amounts of stars into ashes.

This scene was extremely shocking. Anlan released a long roar. Inside Heaven Abyss, large amounts of stellar domains exploded, going completely dark, shocking the world.

Below, if not for Imperial Pass’ protection, if not for Shutuo’s interception, who knew just how many creatures would die, how many clans would be eradicated.

That type of scene was too terrifying, one roar and the universe would collapse!

At the very least, in this damaged world, countless great stars exploded, starry space collapsing. There were all types of giant stars that exploded, turning into dust!


Anlan released a long roar. All of the blood that fell flowed in reverse. This was the blood of an undying king, extremely precious, everlasting and undying, eternally inextinguishable.


A shout sounded from the nine-layered pagoda’s direction. The tall figure stirred on the ancient pagoda, about to collect Anlan inside.

“Out of the way!”

Anlan roared. His head of long hair danced about chaotically, eyes like the most penetrating lightning. His gaze tore through the ancient cosmos, the golden war spear in his hand fiercely striking the pagoda. Dang! The noise was extremely loud, shaking this damaged space.


Moreover, in this instant, his left arm shone, blood energy surging. He activated the ancient shield, stopping the bottom of the nine-layered pagoda.

All life source energy descended. The great cauldron struck over, smashing into Anlan’s body, making him cough out blood, wishing to force him into the pagoda to be refined.

It was to the extent where the great cauldron even began to shine in the end. The inside of the cauldron surged with endless primal chaos, also directly trying to suck in Anlan.

The cauldron and pagoda both exerted force, wishing to refine away an undying king here!

“How could it be like this?” The cultivators of the other side’s clans were all shocked. Anlan lost, there was danger to his life. Was the undefeated undying king legend from the distant past until now going to be shattered?

Some clans felt as if they fell into the abyss, feeling their bodies going cold.

The Nine Heavens’ side that had been defeated by them should now be extremely weak, so how did such a monster appear now? Was Great Ancestor Anlan going to be suppressed?

Whose blood was that? It actually granted Huang this type of strength! It left every single creature deeply shaken!

“What a pity, my time is up, cannot stay here for long, unable to see the period of time I was waiting for, unable to see the you of that era, as well as those…”

Right at this time, above Heaven Abyss, before the great crack, the mysterious expert who stood on the cauldron said to himself. He was going to leave.

It was because he didn’t belong to this time-space, unable to stay here long term. Otherwise, there would be huge problems!

Only an unmatched expert of his level was able to accomplish this, appear in this era. Otherwise, it was completely impossible. Saying that there was only a single example like him throughout the ages was more like it.


The great cauldron shook, bringing him out of that crack. Time swirled about, the long river of time’s great waves striking against the heavens, supporting the great cauldron. He entered the world at another time.

Vaguely, one could make out the beautiful mountains and rivers of that place. Immortal energy pervaded the air. That was a grand world!

“I won’t die, I want to become even stronger!”

That person’s voice was extremely quiet, but he was also extremely arrogant and intimidating, shaking up Heaven Abyss. He was about to vanish.

The crack closed, the long river of time receding.

Imperial Pass, on the city walls, Ye Qingxian silently reached out her hand. It was shaking, tears still falling from her face. It was as if she wanted to grab something, but she felt extremely powerless, unable to grab anything. Her quick-witted and lively face was full of tears, full of sorrow.

As that person disappeared, her body became unsteady, almost falling onto the ground.


Anlan roared out, now truly angered. He was almost collected into the pagoda, about to be refined away.

Even though he was doing everything he could, struggling free again, he was stabbed through by a sword, an arm hacked off. Just how terrifying of a thing was this?

One had to understand that his flesh was imperishable, golden body everlasting, the weapons of this world shouldn’t be able to injure him easily at all. However, today, he suffered so greatly.

“Collect for me!”

A roar sounded again. All life source energy swirled about, finally seizing Anlan, swallowing him into the cauldron, trapping him within.


The nine-layered pagoda descended, smashing down on Anlan’s head. He was forcibly sent into the cauldron, suppressed within!


Shi Hao loosened his hand, letting the sword core fly out. It produced a streak of immortal light, entering the cauldron to cut down Anlan!

“I am imperishable, undying throughout the ages, everlasting and eternal, no one in this world able to kill me!” Anlan said coldly, still not flustered. His voice was cold like an unmatched demon king from the depths of hell.

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