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Perfect World (Web Novel) - Chapter 1650 - Heaven Abyss Collapse

Chapter 1650 - Heaven Abyss Collapse

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“Undying? You were already sucked into a cauldron, about to be refined away!”

Imperial Pass, on the city walls, there were some who showed disdain, really wishing that they could immediately kill Anlan. However, many people also knew that killing an undying king was extremely difficult.

Even if Huang currently had the upper hand, things would still be troublesome.


The great cauldron shook, the all life source energy inside swirling about. The Nine-Colored Immortal Gold cauldron wall was sparkling and resplendent with brilliant colors, starting to refine Anlan.


Moreover, at the same time, the Everlasting Sword Core shone, warping and weaving about in the cauldron, streak after streak of immortal radiance descending, truly about to kill Anlan.

Under dang dang noises, Anlan protected himself with the ancient shield in his left hand.

A honglong sounded. The nine-layered pagoda descended, plugging the cauldron, refining Anlan together with the cauldron, about to end his life here.

“Great ancestor!”

On the other side, a group of creatures shouted. Anlan Clan’s people were especially shocked, at the same time furious. The glorious undying king of a generation, someone known to be an undefeated legend, how could this type of person be suppressed by another?

The great cauldron shook three times, and then Heaven Abyss shook three times. It was as if the ancient cosmos was going to collapse.

“Great Ancestor Shutuo!”

In the other side, there were people who were alarmed, calling out to Shutuo, wishing for him to help out. Otherwise, they really were scared that something unexpected would happen to Anlan, killed by Huang in Heaven Abyss.

Shutuo frowned, feeling like things were too strange. It was just a single drop of blood, it should have long burned away all of its potential, so how could it still display this type of divine might?

“The Embodiment Transformation Great Method is worthy of being an extreme art that shocks past and present. It is this powerful!” Shutuo said with a sigh. It could only be said that this type of ancient method was too heaven-defying.

While supporting the original Emperor City, he prepared to take action. Otherwise, something really might happen to Anlan!

They were both undying kings, the two understanding each others’ abilities, even more so aware of situations involving existences on their level. Even though it was difficult for him to die, before that drop of blood completely burned out, it was still worrying. He had to take action.


Heaven Abyss shook, the original Emperor City shone.

Shutuo’s body shook. He was still carrying the ancient city, a grave expression appearing on his face. It was because he felt a wave of danger.

In the sky, red divine chains of order interweaved, surrounding all directions, suppressing the powerful creatures in Heaven Abyss.

It really was like a curse. The effect this place had on undying level existences was too great, making them feel as if they were being crushed. Their moods were all heavy.

Shi Hao felt a wave of danger, this danger originating from Heaven Abyss’ suppression. His body trembled. At the same time, he felt like things weren’t right. Symbols appeared all around his body, that drop of blood’s power really was about to dissipate.

Heaven Abyss suppressed indiscriminately, releasing mysterious law power towards both him and Anlan.

At the same time, that drop of extremely mysterious blood burned, turning into multicolored light in his body, as if it was going to scatter, his power also weakening. These two matters happened at the same time.

This was really bad!


Shi Hao roared. The nine-layered pagoda shook, blocking the cauldron opening, resonating with the great cauldron, suppressing Anlan together.


Inside the cauldron, Anlan coughed out large mouthfuls of blood. It was because he suffered a serious blow, cracks appearing on his body. This was something that hadn’t happened for who knew how many tens of thousands of years.

He was actually seriously injured, almost blasted to pieces by the two weapons.

Of course, the most terrifying thing was that there was a sword core in the cauldron as well, hacking at him, clashing with the golden war spear and shield in his hands.

There was some sword radiance that hacked into Anlan’s body, making his so-called unbreaking golden body suffer a great test. He was losing blood, his situation extremely bad.


Immediately afterwards, a streak of sword light flickered about, flying past the cauldron, almost removing Anlan’s head, leaving behind a terrifying bloody gash by his neck.


A wave of blood energy surged from the cauldron. Anlan acted out. The color of the blood in his body changed, turning into five-colored blood, rushing into the heavens. It blasted aside the nine-layered pagoda. He wanted to rush out from within.


Shi Hao roared. It was because he didn’t have many chances left. If he couldn’t kill Anlan, then when the power of the drop of blood was exhausted, he might die here.

Anlan reached out with half of his body, but was blasted back down by the nine-layered pagoda. Natural laws surrounded him, crushing Anlan until cracks appeared all over his body.

The most terrifying thing was that the sword core struck out. With a pu sound, this time, it almost stabbed through the space between Anlan’s brows. It pressed against his frontal bone, that area dripping with blood.

Anlan’s body shone, doing everything he could to resist.

It had to be said that he was just too strong, his frontal bone incomparably sturdy. The sword core actually couldn’t immediately stab through.

The red divine chains of order descended from Heaven Abyss, blasting Anlan until he staggered about, almost falling into the cauldron. His expression was serious, feeling like the situation was critical.

He felt great restraining fear towards this type of order’s suppression. He was extremely fearful, treating it more carefully than Shi Hao’s attacks.

It was because he was an undying king, even if someone of the same level tried to kill him, they wouldn’t immediately succeed. Meanwhile, the laws and order from Heaven Abyss above weren’t so simple, like a curse. Once it contaminated one’s body, it might bring many years of harm before it would fade.


Anlan roared out. He spat out five-colored essence blood, igniting the unmatched power of undying kings, struggling with everything he had, resisting Heaven Abyss’ power, also wishing to break free from inside the cauldron.


The three great experts erupted with brilliance at the same time, doing everything they could to kill Anlan.

The three weapons resonated, suppressing the undying king together.


All life source energy surged. That cauldron shook intensely, about to refine away Anlan. His body was inside the cauldron, covered in cracks, looking like he was about to explode.

Even with the ancient shield and golden war spear protecting him, it still wasn’t enough. He was still heavily injured.

The nine-layered pagoda descended, blasting him until he staggered backwards, now unsteady inside the cauldron.

The most crucial thing was that the sword core was activated by all three great experts. The sword descended. Pu. This time, Anlan’s neck was cut open.

This was extremely bad, his head was removed!

With a gulu noise, his head tumbled on the ground. It wasn’t that it no longer wanted to hide, but rather that it was temporarily restricted by the cauldron and pagoda.

“Ah…” In the other side’s direction, everyone roared out, simply about to go crazy. What was going on? Great Ancestor Anlan’s head was actually falling to the ground?

This was too absurd! How could an unmatched existence be wounded, have his head removed?

At this moment, Shutuo finally made his move. Even if he ended up being corroded by the red divine chains of order, the pressure he faced increased, having to pay a huge price, he still had to rescue Anlan.

He couldn’t watch something truly happen to an undying king!

A honglong sounded, the heavens collapsing and earth splitting. Shutuo reached out a large hand, moreover bringing out a secret treasure. He attacked Heaven Abyss, wishing to rescue Anlan.

Shi Hao sighed. He knew that he was now in danger!

It was because his power was declining. His most powerful period was quickly ending.


Sure enough, the nine-layered pagoda was struck aside. Shutuo’s great hand shone, seizing Anlan from within.

Even though Anlan’s head was removed, he didn’t die. His head had long flown back to his neck, currently connecting, quickly closing the wound.

Shutuo quickly brought Anlan with him in retreat!

This was a surprise, outside of Shi Hao’s expectations. The other party didn’t notice that he was weakening.

Shi Hao sighed, feeling a bit helpless. However, he still wanted to stop them.

“Hurry and retreat!”

Right at this time, he heard a hidden voice by his ears. Someone was secretly transmitting sound to him.

He was alarmed. It came from that original Emperor City, the sole survivor of the seven kings that was talking to him, warning him.

Shi Hao didn’t waste any time, quickly rushing towards Imperial Pass’ side. Meanwhile, the other two creatures, as well as the nine-layered pagoda and cauldron were both retreating as well.

“Could it be… that the drop of blood had exhausted its power?” On the other side, someone suspected.

At the same time, Anlan and Shutuo’s pupils contracted, moreover taking action at the same time. They struck towards Shi Hao’s rear figure, wishing to deal a serious blow.


However, Heaven Abyss shook. Red radiance poured down from above, this being  light order and heavenly dao natural laws, suppressing the two undying kings.

“You dare?!”

Anlan and Shutuo both shouted, quickly taking action. They didn’t wish for that wave of power to appear.


Heaven Abyss collapsed, the heavens high above actually exploded. Red order power poured down, and then turned into a sea of blood, grand and majestic, pouring down.

At this moment, the red sea submerged the two great undying kings.

“En? This is bad!” Many foreign creatures shouted out.

Heaven Abyss was actually destroyed! However, they didn’t feel any joy, because at the final critical juncture, the two undying kings were actually drowned within.


Shutuo roared.

At the same time, Anlan was also shouting, about to struggle free.


In that instant, the world shook. Heaven Abyss was completely destroyed, the ruined world burning!

This scene was too shocking. The great stars were like firecrackers, exploding in the air, the energy fluctuations horrifying, even making the undying existences shiver in fear.

Even though it was damaged, it still used to be a universe of its own. The heavenly stars exploded, just how terrifying of a thing was this?


The most shocking thing was that the original Emperor City flew up. Even though it broke apart into pieces, it was still suppressing Anlan and Shutuo.

“We’re done! We can’t cross over for some time, the sea of natural laws have burst through the dam!” There were some from the other side who were shocked, muttering like this.

Right now, in the distance, there were creatures from Burial Earth who were looking in this direction as well. They watched this scene, feeling extremely shocked. They knew that things were now big.

Heaven Abyss’ natural law sea poured out, moreover, the original Emperor City actually crushed Anlan and Shutuo underneath.


The original Emperor City burned, blazing and shining. Then, it began to break down, about to no longer exist.

This was crude, as well as decisive, displaying the greatest power.

The original Emperor City’s final king wanted to destroy indiscriminately to begin with, wishing to end things with them. Now, Heaven Abyss collapsed, the city also breaking apart.


The red sea surged, blasting Anlan and Shutuo, greatly restricting their movements.

The original Emperor City broke apart. When it shone, the world shook, shocking all sides.

This was a great calamity. The destroyed Emperor City triggered the activation of all of Heaven Abyss. The heavens collapsed and earth split, giant rocks collapsing the clouds.


Anlan and Shutuo both coughed out blood, suffering serious injuries.

As for the original Emperor City, a long and drawn-out war song rang through the skies, carrying passion and sorrow. The creatures in the city chose to die with the city, to drag down the enemy with them.

“No!” Anlan roared. Now, this entire space was ignited, all types of origin power surging, completely supporting the sea of natural laws. This red sea posed a huge threat to undying kings.

They believed that this type of terrifying sea could continue for hundreds of years, and only then would it scatter on its own.

Meanwhile, during this period, they likely couldn’t break through.

As a result, the two undying kings all faced the life and death threat. They were suppressed by the original Emperor City, corroded by unmatched law force.

“I can’t accept this! We can’t let things end like this, that thing has to be seized back!” Anlan roared. He released a ferocious shout, and then a large hand reached forward.


As that hand moved forward, it became badly mangled, even the bones revealed. In the end, when it passed Heaven Abyss, cold white bones were exposed, truly terrifying.


The great hand didn’t stop. It enlarged, becoming terrifying beyond compare, immediately surrounding heaven and earth.


He struck Imperial Pass, making it shake greatly. Above Imperial Pass, the city gateway shook, struck through. A single strike from an undying king was enough to place Imperial Pass in danger.

What did he wish to bring away?

Everyone heard his roar, knowing that there was now a huge problem!

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