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Perfect World (Web Novel) - Chapter 1651 - Imperial Pass Breached

Chapter 1651 - Imperial Pass Breached

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What was Anlan trying to bring away? This was what everyone wanted to know!

In the past, when the other side’s cultivators invaded, they had previous shouted out that they were looking for something as well, yet no one learned what exactly it was they were searching for.

This time, was what Anlan wanted to bring away precisely this?

This was a huge matter!

It was worth thinking over, being on guard about. What exactly was it, for even an undying king to muster such large forces, to the extent where he was even going to risk it all at such a critical moment!

An incomparable aura spread over, heaven and earth about to explode, void melting. When an undying king took action, who could face him?!

Anlan’s hand was too large, covering the sky, surrounding the sky dome. However, it was corroded by the red sea, exposing white bones, extremely terrifying.


A great crashing noise sounded, shocking everyone. All of the cultivators, from the highest level figures to children, all trembled, their souls shaking. Even their bodies and spirits were going to explode to pieces.

The white bone hand was too massive, even stars looking too small in comparison, not much at all before him. It reached over to the city gateway with a single motion!

One had to understand that this Emperor City existed for an extremely long amount of time, created from the ruins of stars, forging an imperishable city. Yet now, it couldn’t stop Anlan’s attack.

The city gateway was removed. There was a group of experts guarding that area, including some leaders with extremely powerful strength, but everyone of them released miserable cries, exploding to pieces one after another.

This was a tragedy. There were tens of thousands of cultivators on the city gateway, because that place was too large, a magnificent structure built from great stars. However now, all of the guards lost their lives.

In the rubble, as the stars burned, bloody mist scattered. This was the blood energy over ten thousand experts released after dying miserably, nothing left behind, not even bones!


In the distance, on the city wall, many people roared, their eyes all becoming red. Their brothers, fathers, and other loved ones and war comrades all ended up dying so miserably.


Imperial Pass shone, erupting with symbols, protecting the inside of the city and the other parts of the city wall.

In reality, in that instant just now, if not for these symbols activating, the immortal dao formation reviving, all of the creatures in the city would have suffered greatly, all dying!

It was because just the released aura of an undying king was enough to eradicate all life!

Just now, that short moment was enough to make tens of thousands of cultivators lose their lives. It wasn’t caused by that great hand crushing down, but rather when it descended from the sky, ripped open the city gate, caused by the unmatched aura that poured in.

It was just this powerful. Anlan’s palm, even if it the flesh decayed and fell off, only white bones left, it still possessed power of the most terrifying level.

In Imperial Pass, a group of important individuals’ eyes almost split apart, yet there was nothing they could do. The area of the city wall they stood on even began to crack, almost rupturing.

Imperial Pass shone, raging flames surging; the final layer of protection was activated. Only when the city was destroyed, lives were lost, would this great power revive.

Meanwhile, this meant that Imperial Pass had arrived at its final moments. If they couldn’t defend it, then that meant that it was going to be erased in this world.

The end of a great era!

Everyone shivered in fear. Just how powerful were undying kings? Just one strike was enough to destroy Imperial Pass!

Everyone felt a chill run down to their bones. This level of difference couldn’t be made up for, the gap was too great. As long as an undying king descended, no one under the heavens could stop him!

Shi Hao naturally didn’t cower back, long taking action, moreover going all out!

However, his body was weakening. Despite this being the case, he still didn’t cower, instead immediately taking action, stopping Anlan, slaughtering his way over.

Unfortunately, it was extremely regretful, he still couldn’t stop the tragedy from happening.

It was because at this time, several waves of powerful auras rushed over from the other side. The undying kings moved out, not just a single individual, all of them taking action ruthlessly!

Shutuo’s large hand reached over, stopping Huang’s footsteps.

Without a doubt, Shutuo’s arm was also corroded by the red sea, flesh badly mangled, bones a deep white. However, he didn’t hesitate to pay the price, stopping Huang, buying time for Anlan.

Apart from this, there were several law decrees that struggled free from the blood sea, forcefully breaking through. They leapt out from the sea of laws, suppressing towards Shi Hao.

These were the law decrees of undying kings, containing their unmatched power. They suppressed towards Huang together!

No matter how great Huang’s divine abilities were, he was still surrounded and stopped. Several waves of power arrived. He had no way of immediately attacking Anlan.

Shi Hao released a great roar. At his side, the great figure with the nine-layered pagoda floating above his head also erupted with power, rushing at Shutuo, resisting the law decrees.

At the same time, on the other side, the creature with the giant ancient cauldron floating above his head took a large step forward, rushing murderously towards Anlan’s large white bone hand, wishing to directly break it.


However, several decrees shone brilliantly, scattering down endless radiance that poured down like rain, sparkling and brilliant, blocking their path forward.

These were the highest ancestral methods, all of them released at the same time. They crossed time-space, cutting off the great cauldron and that person, buying crucial time for Anlan.

Heaven and earth shook. Shi Hao was going all out.

However, the strength that drop of blood granted him was declining, becoming weaker. He had the will, but lacked the strength, only able to watch as Anlan broke through the pass. Even Shi Hao’s eyes were about to crack apart as he watched, blood dripping out.


Imperial Pass, the city walls collapsed.

It was still by the city gateway, smoke and dust overflowing into the heavens, rubble collapsing the clouds. That giant white bone palm smashed that place apart, and then rushed over!

Imperial Pass began to burn, the symbols shaking the heavens above and earth below, burning fiercely. These were the effects of the highest level immortal dao power, protecting the ancient city.

The immortal formations in the city all revived, exhausting the last of its protective strength.

At the very least, the formation protected the other creature. Apart from the cultivators by the city gateway who exploded to pieces, bodies and souls erased, the other cultivators in Imperial Pass didn’t lose their lives.

However, as long as this great formation cracked open in the slightest, the slightest bit of undying king aura would definitely be enough to end everyone’s lives!

A single strand of aura was enough to shatter all life!

However, that white bone great hand didn’t continue to smash forward, because time was pressing. The blood-colored sea in the back and the unmatched chaotic stream of order were eating away at the undying kings.

Anlan didn’t have much more time. His large hand reached over, crushed the city gateway, rushed past Imperial Pass’ skies.

This scene would forever be ingrained within the minds of every single cultivator here. Even when endless time passed, those who survived would never forget it. This was a wound that was difficult to heal from, a shadow that shrouded their hearts.

Before that white bone great hand, stars would become dust!

Dong! It passed through, crushing the city gateway’s other city wall, raising endless boulders, making the universe collapse.

One had to understand that Imperial Pass was as tall as the heavens, the walls and other parts were all refined from fallen stars and other things, massive without limit.

Yet now, before the great hand, it was like a clump of blood, pierced through.

The only thing to be glad about was that the large hand rushed past the skies, not dealing with the activated immortal dao formation below. Otherwise, who knew just how many people would die.

Perhaps if they really had to fight a decisive battle, Imperial Pass would immediately be turned into ruins, all life exploding to death on the spot!


In Imperial Pass, many cultivators roared out, their eye sockets feeling like they were going to slit.

It was because after the city gateway exploded, another ten thousand cultivators died, directly exploding under the bone hand’s powerful aura, becoming a bloody paste, turning into a bloody mist.

Undying kings were incomparable, no one able to keep them in check at all!

At this moment, everyone felt despair, feeling deep fear. Everything seemed dark. How were they even supposed to fight back?

It was precisely at this moment that everyone deeply sensed how heaven-defying Huang was. Even someone as powerful as Anlan was being chased down by Huang not long ago!

Unfortunately, Huang was stopped by Shutuo and the others.

The undying kings were unmatched and beyond compare. Now, a single hand reached through the pass, what was he trying to do? Was he going to destroy all life, slaughter all in this realm?

The white bone hand passed over Imperial Pass, reaching across the sky, giant beyond compare. It was still extending forward.

Soon afterwards, it reached past the vast uninhabited region, crossing countless giant mountains and great rivers, directly entering the three thousand provinces from Desolate Border!

Just how shocking of a thing was this?!

One had to understand that this type of land easily surpassed millions and millions of li, yet in the end, that large hand directly rushed past, shaking the heavens above and earth below.

That day, everyone in the three thousand provinces were alarmed, feeling like judgment day was descended. All creatures were trembling, filled with fear, intimidated by the powerful aura.

While everyone felt this type of feeling, that white bone hand was still millions and millions of li out. One could see just how powerful,how terrifying, and how great his power was!

The three thousand provinces, every single province was a territory extending tens of millions of li, even reaching hundreds of millions, large beyond compare.

The Nine Heavens Ten Earths weren’t stars, but rather vast continents that floated in space, produced after the past great world was broken to pieces.

Right now, the three thousand provinces were shaken, trembling intensely.

At this time, a white-colored bone hand reached over. It was high up above, looking like it was descending from outer space, heading for a certain province.


This was undoubtedly catastrophic!

The white bone large hand hurriedly arrived, not feeling any restraining fear, incomparably berserk. The aura of an undying king wasn’t restrained in the slightest.

When it passed by Desolate Border, and then through the uninhabited region, when the large hand appeared above a great province with creatures residing within it for the first time, exceptional aura fluctuations descended.


This province covered millions and millions of li of area. It immediately caved in, collapsed, rubble rushing into the skies, magma roiling. The great earth was immediately obliterated under that aura.


Countless creatures howled in misery. The creatures of this province all screamed miserably, panicking, fleeing for their lives.

Only, how could they escape. This was the large hand of an undying king! When it passed through this place, just the naturally exuded aura was already like this, crushing the entire province.


In the end, this province’s territory of millions and millions of li caved in, blood mist spreading. Endless creatures lost their lives, dying miserably on the spot.

The howls of grief, cries, and others instantly came to a stop. The entire great province sunk into silence, becoming deathly still, all creatures eradicated!

It was just this tragic, filling everyone with despair!

Wherever the white bone hand passed, all life would wither away. It covered the sky and sun, millions and millions of li in size, covering everything. When it crossed over the skies like this, the creatures over the great earth faded away.

Under its suppression, even without doing anything special, everything would be destroyed.

This was precisely the incomparable undying king!

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