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Perfect World (Web Novel) - Chapter 2006 - Defying Time

Chapter 2006 - Defying Time

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The great bell was majestic, releasing chaotic energy. Every single time it shook, there would always be time ripples that extended. It scattered down millions and millions of strands of immortal radiance, wrapping around a tall and sturdy figure. This individual quickly arrived.

Another figure struggled free from the great river of time.

He arrived from the lower reaches, his figure carrying endless fighting intent, as well as unmatched cultivation. This was without a doubt another half immortal emperor level expert.

“And who are you?!” Gray Emperor shouted.

“My name is Without Beginning!” The one who came shouted. He directly took action, because he saw Huang, that legendary figure. He quickly rushed forward to provide aid.

His objective was precisely the three who came from the future, wishing to stop them.


The great bell rang out in a long and drawn-out manner. Even though the great river of time was precisely in the distance, he remained fearless, not afraid of being corroded. He directly took action, activating the power of time to sweep through the three individuals at the same time.

Without Beginning, these two words shook all of Realm Sea, raging through Immortal Domain’s mountains and rivers.

Immortal Domain’s experts always paid attention to the great battle in Realm Sea. Just now, their hearts all went cold, Huang actually had to face seven half immortal emperors alone, truly lamentable. There was actually no one who could provide him with aid, not a single person who could fight shoulder to shoulder with him. He could only rely on himself.

Meanwhile now, another expert finally appeared. He arrived so powerfully, stirring on bell waves and declaring his own name.

Right now, Immortal Domain’s experts, even if they were men of steel, their noses still felt a bit sore. There was finally someone else who came that could help Huang.

Some young ladies immediately wept. They felt like Huang’s experiences really were too bitter, he paid too much in this battle. Even his brothers died, his own son choosing to carry out a blood sacrifice. He was left alone on the battlefield, what he had to take on alone just too great. Now, there was finally a helper who fought at Huang’s side, so how could they not feel shaken?

There were some people whose eyes were brimming with tears of excitement. This battle had already continued for a long time, many people’s hearts were pushed up to their throats. They were scared and worried, fearing that Heavenly Emperor Huang would perish, die in Realm Sea.

The people at Huang’s side all died. If he himself also died, then this clan would be too lamentable.


Without Beginning activated his weapon, facing that Heaven Measuring Ruler elder. The great bell rumbled, primal chaos erupting. The power of time was incomparable as it charged forward, wreaking chaos.

At the same time, he faced the silver-haired man who held that great halberd. He wanted to take on more opponents, lighten Shi Hao’s burden.

When he saw this age’s Heavenly Emperor Huang with his own eyes, Without Beginning’s heart was also shaken. When he saw how this person fought seven half immortal emperors alone, thinking about how he lived in this period of the darkest age, he was deeply moved, his heart stirring powerfully.

“Without Beginning, you won’t be able to stop us!” That Heaven Measuring Ruler holding elder shouted.

“You all do not belong to this place, don’t even belong to our time, but instead came from that sealed ancient passage. It’s best if you return!” Without Beginning shouted.

With this shout, some clues were revealed.

When he heard these words, Shi Hao’s eyes became resplendent, staring at them.

Even World Eradication Elder’s eyes erupted with brilliance. He was thinking to himself, making some associations.

Feather Emperor, Grand Emperor and Gray Emperor were all shaken, a bit shocked. Was the future this terrifying and complicated? It seemed like there were smoke and flames of war they didn’t understand.

“Dao friends, do not be distracted. We only need to kill Huang and then everything will be solved, everything will become nothing!” That woman from the future shouted. Her golden battle clothes fluttered about.

They felt great restraining fear. When facing Shi Hao, they couldn’t display their full strength.

They already set their resolutions to perish here, but this was on the premise that they could kill Shi Hao. However, they didn’t find that opportunity yet, so they were still waiting.

They needed Feather Emperor, Grand Emperor and others to fight a great battle against Heavenly Emperor Huang, and then they would deal the fatal blow at the most crucial moment, eliminate this terrifying human clan expert.


World Eradication Elder seemed to have realized something. He released a great roar, no longer as kind as he seemed before, no longer mentioning some similar type of people with Shi Hao.

His aura was world shocking and terrifying, releasing surging black clouds. This was the most basic darkness force, making even the ocean floor of Realm Sea burst.

At the same time, the dam became unstable. One could imagine how strong he was.

Shi Hao entered a dangerous situation. Seven great experts surrounded him, their main goal to end his life.


Without Beginning’s bell sounded. Heaven and earth split apart, the power of time spreading, surrounding all creatures.


However, he himself also coughed out a mouthful of blood, because what he was facing wasn’t a creature from his age, he was suffering backlash.

“You don’t need to take action against them. I will deal with them.” Shi Hao said to Without Beginning, telling him to not touch Feather Emperor, Gray Emperor, Grand Emperor or World Eradication Elder.

He was going to face these experts himself, because if he who didn’t belong to this world tried to forcefully interfere, Without Beginning would suffer serious damage.

“Kill him first!”

That woman in the golden battle clothes shouted, decisively teaming up with the other two to suppress and kill Without Beginning.

Even though they weren’t creatures of the same world, they came from the same age, so they met each other before, they also fought before. They could fight intensely against each other without being affected by the great river of time’s great karma.


The silver-haired man released a loud shout. He held the great halberd in hand, bringing it hacking down towards Without Beginning. He was powerful beyond comparison. A wave of imperial presence surged, his hair like silver waterfalls, cutting open Realm Sea.

“You all should cease your insolence!”

Right at this time, in the great river of time, multicolored light flickered about, Nine-colored Immortal Gold aura spread. A great cauldron appeared, at the same time releasing All Life Source Energy.

Above the cauldron was a man whose figure was tall and heroic. His brows were pointed upwards, his gaze sharp like cold lightning. He brandished his emperor fist, slaughtering his way over.


The great cauldron above his head shook, striking that great halberd, releasing dazzling radiance. Symbols swirled about.

Then, he bare-handedly tapped against that Heaven Measuring Ruler, sending it flying. One could see just how world shocking this divine force was!

However, after arriving here, his figure became a bit blurry, wrapped around by the power of time, becoming increasingly indistinct.

“En, you share tremendous karma with someone here, resulting in this type of scene. By appearing at the same time, your body was covered by the power of time.” The golden-clothed woman said.

Her dress fluttered about, mixed within the fluttering noises were metal clanking noises. Her battle clothes were actually woven out of Immortal Gold strands.


The male with the great cauldron floating above him shouted. He attacked fiercely, a fist smashing towards that woman’s body.

The woman’s expression suddenly changed. She was fully aware about this person’s fist imprint. In the past, she had suffered greatly because of it, so she didn’t dare face it head-on at this time, instead activating her own magical artifact.

A heavenly halberd appeared. She was a woman, yet she actually held this type of weapon. It rippled with endless killing power!

With a dang noise, the one who came struck down against the heavenly halberd, his fist imprint remaining undamaged.

Dang dang dang…

At this time, Without Beginning took action. He was no longer facing three people alone. After his hands were freed up a bit, he stirred on the great bell, suppressing forward.

The sound waves his great bell released made that Heaven Measuring Ruler elder stagger, almost fall.

“Regardless, we must kill Huang today. Do not give him a chance! We have long set the resolution to give up our lives, so we must obtain a result!” The woman dressed in golden battle clothes roared. Her appearance was rather fine, but now, she seemed a bit sinister, because she really was becoming nervous.

She struggled free from that battlefield, wishing to assist Feather Emperor, Grand Emperor, Gray Emperor and the others.

In her opinion, there was nothing more important than killing Huang. It was related to the most important events in the future!


The great river of time surged, great waves striking the heavens. A woman appeared, her white clothes purer than snow, black hair dancing about. Her appearance was exceptional, her style unmatched, as if walking on ripples.

Right now, she took action, attacking the golden-robed woman.

“No one can go against time, all those who stir up havoc will find their efforts futile. If you don’t belong to this time-space, you will never be able to change anything.”

The white-clothed woman’s style was exceptional. While she said these things, her white hand was raised upwards. Immortal radiance shone resplendently, striking down on that heavenly halberd, directly cutting off the golden battle clothed woman.

What she said was the truth. Those who dared go against the great river of time all died in the end.

If it involved some small cultivators and ordinary people, but didn’t affect the past and present, not getting involved in any important affairs, perhaps after one paid a sufficient price themselves, it would be fine.

“You all are still not enough to face Heavenly Emperor Huang! In the end, all of it will be for naught!” The white-clothed woman said decisively.

In the distance, Shi Hao’s expression was intimidating. He looked in this direction, seeing that familiar great cauldron, that white-clothed woman, his heart surging with emotions.

In the past, he had seen that white-clothed woman more than once. That was a person who belonged to a different age.

Things already developed like this. The most intense great battle erupted.

These half immortal emperors fought a bloody battle in Realm Sea.

This battle continued until the heavens and earths were shaken, until ghosts wept and deities howled.

For two whole days, Realm Sea surged. Their great battle continued, it was just too intense.


The first to decide victory and defeat were the white-clothed woman and the golden-clothed woman. While the two faced each other, with a raise of the white-clothed woman’s hand, immortal radiance surged, wondrous techniques endless. Her snow-white palm formed a magical imprint, blasting her opponent flying, blood flying out from her mouth.

She was always just this stunning and unrivaled, this white-clothed empress was always this domineering even in her rise to power. She swept through the golden-clothed woman, blasting her until she continuously coughed out blood.

The golden dressed woman’s cultivation was indeed extremely terrifying, but her combat sense was inferior to the white-clothed half immortal emperor.

“Kill! Even if we have to carry out a blood sacrifice here, we still have to kill Huang!” The hair of the woman dressed in golden long robes scattered about, about to risk her life out of desperation.

She wanted to use extreme methods and then surround and kill Shi Hao together with everyone else.

“Seeing how you all are in this much of a rush to kill Heavenly Emperor Huang, I no longer feel that the future is gray. It seems like it isn’t without hope.” The white-clothed empress said.

“Indeed!” The one with the great cauldron floating above his head also nodded. He was incredibly valiant, now slaughtering forward. He faced the great halberd wielding man, continuously dealing serious blows, blasting him until he was greatly shaken, the space between his fingers even splitting.


On the other side, Without Beginning’s bell shook, striking the Heaven Measuring Ruler wielding elder until his hair and beard fell off, his appearance became aged, suffering the corrosion of the great dao of time.

He almost lost his grip on the Heaven Measuring Ruler.

“The future presumably still has an opportunity of life, no longer leaving one in complete despair!” Without Beginning said.

These words left Shi Hao greatly shaken. Even half immortal emperors were almost in complete despair, just what exactly was going to happen in the future? Just how many terrifying enemies would appear?

He thought of Cao Yusheng who previously warned him, uncovered a corner of the future. It seemed to be extremely terrifying.

However, there were people who came to kill him right now, so it was a bit strange.

The most terrifying battle right now was obviously at Shi Hao’s side. He was facing four emperors alone, the pressure he suffered too great. His entire body was covered in blood, but he also became more and more ferocious.

“Even if we have to stir on great karma, offer ourselves in blood sacrifice, perish here, we have to kill Huang!”

At this time, the silver-haired man who held the great halberd, the elder who grasped the Heaven Measuring Ruler and the golden-clothed heavenly halberd wielding woman all began to go all out.

They struggled free from their opponent’s obstruction, rushing into the heavens. They stood together, not hesitating to burn their most precious heart essence blood, wishing to carry out a type of forbidden method to surround and kill Huang.


Without Beginning, white-clothed empress and the man with the great cauldron floating above him all rushed into the heavens, turning into three streaks of immortal rainbows, dazzling beyond comparison. They tangled about the three great experts, stopping them.

An even more intense great battle erupted.

Even the great river of time was stirring, not calm at all, as if it was going to change trajectories.

“You all are carried away by your wishful thinking. How can the river of time be altered? No one can alter the great events that take place in other areas of time-space!” The man with the great cauldron floating above his head shouted.

He took action powerfully, wishing to suppress the enemy.

Where Shi Hao was, four great experts surrounded and attacked him, making his expression become increasingly cold. He was about to attack powerfully, go all out against these half immortal emperors. It was time for them to fall.

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