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Physician’s Odyssey (Web Novel) - Chapter 245 - Fallen angel

Chapter 245 - Fallen angel

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Translator: Thyaeria

In the eyes of adults in the orphanage, Little Yuan was someone who matured early. She would always wash up the quickest in the morning. So despite being mute, she obtained the love of many people instead of discrimination.

She loved to smile the most, which would always reveal her lovely dimples akin to a fallen angel.

When Chen Juan came to the dorms, Little Yuan was already prepared. She was leaning against a tattered desk, reading books as the light of dawn shone on her face, making her seem lovely. Seeing this scene, Chen Juan sighed. How good would it be if she could speak?

In the past, Lu Shimiao had also brought Little Yuan to an otolaryngologist. However, the doctor was also helpless against her condition. Little Yuan’s issue wasn’t her throat, but her nervous system.

“Little Yuan, why did you wake up so early?” Chen Juan approached with a smile. She saw that the book on the desk was a gift from Lu Shimiao yesterday, and it looked like Little Yuan loved it a lot.

Hearing the commotion, Little Yuan turned her head and replied with hand signs, “Mummy Lu said that she would bring me out to play today!”

After understanding her words, Chen Juan was briefly stunned before she shook her head with a smile. “Little Yuan, I’m afraid that you will be disappointed. Do you remember that grandpa who came yesterday? The Grandpa Bei who ate together with you last night? He’s especially fond of you, and we will send you to his home later.”

Disappointment flashed in Little Yuan’s eyes. She knew that Bei Xuqing was an influential figure. However, she still hoped that she could be with Lu Shimiao even more. Thus, she replied with a hand sign, “Can I not go…?”

With a bitter smile, Chen Juan shook her head, “This is something that the principal has arranged, so you have to go. Remember to make Grandpa Bei happy, and he will give us more funds next year. This way, everyone will be able to have gifts.”

As a sensible child, Little Yuan lowered her head after hearing Chen Juan’s words, which made the latter sigh.

After their breakfast, Chen Juan held onto Little Yuan’s hand as they came to the gate of the orphanage, where a vehicle was already waiting. Walking over to the car, Chen Juan smiled. “Butler Bao, I’ll hand Little Yuan to you now. She’s an obedient child, and she won’t cause any trouble for you guys.”

Butler Bao smiled as he looked at Little Yuan and found the reason why his master would be fond of this mute girl. Her looks were so lustrous and fresh that others would take a liking to her at first glance.

When Butler Bao opened the door to the backseat for Little Yuan, he sat in the front passenger seat. Watching the vehicle leave, Chen Juan felt a bad omen for some reason.

Seeing Little Yuan calmly looking up ahead, Butler Bao smiled. “Can you understand what I’m saying?”

Turning her head over, Little Yuan smiled and nodded her head.

Seeing that she was an obedient child, Butler Bao continued, “When you meet Grandpa Bei later, you must remember to listen to him and do everything he asks of you. Grandpa Bei is especially fond of obedient kids, and if your luck is good, you won’t have to stay in the orphanage in the future. Grandpa Bei will provide you with a better environment and delicious food for you.”

His thoughts were simple; a kid like Little Yuan wouldn’t be able to resist the temptation of snacks.

Shaking her head, Little Yuan replied with a hand sign. But seeing that Butler Bao couldn’t understand hand signs, she started to helplessly knead the corner of her shirt. She wasn’t willing to leave the orphanage. Despite living in the orphanage being simple and it’s unlike other kids that receive the affection of their parents, she had treated it as her home, and she didn’t want to leave.

When the vehicle drove into a luxurious manor, Little Yuan was surprised. She was, after all, an orphan of the orphanage. Thus, she had never seen such luxury, and it was unimaginable for her that there would be such a massive house in the world that even exceeded the size of the orphanage.

Despite being in the winter season, the courtyard wasn’t monotonous. There were dozens of wintersweet blossomed in the flowerbed, and aside from that, there were also other flowers.

When Little Yuan followed Butler Bao down the vehicle, the latter was surprised, since Little Yuan wasn’t like other kids that would look around curiously.

Entering the hall, Little Yuan was shocked by the European-styled, luxurious decorations, since she has never seen such luxury before. Although it was still daytime, the chandelier hung on the ceiling was turned on with a blooming dazzle. There wasn’t a speck of dust on the marble flooring, and due to the waxing, the floor was shining like a mirror and could show one’s reflection. There was also a porcelain vase at the height of a man in the corner of the room that permeated with elegance, along with impressionism oil paintings decorating the wall.

Bei Xuqing studied abroad when he was young, and he was one of the few who returned to the country in the early phase.

Bei Xuqing was seated on the couch in the living room, enjoying his black tea. When he saw Butler Bao bringing Little Yuan over, he immediately stood up and waved his hand with a smile. “Welcome, our little guest. Come, have a seat here!”

Little Yuan obediently went over. There were a few exquisite plates on the coffee table with all sorts of snacks, like English chocolates, colorful sweats, lovely animal-shaped biscuits among the various varieties.

Removing a chocolate packaging for Little Yuan, Bei Xuqing smiled. “When grandpa ate with you yesterday, I took a liking to you, and this is also the reason why I invited you to my home.”

Little Yuan received the chocolate in a reserved manner, but did not put it in her mouth. She lowered her head to look at her sandals.

Although her sandals were clean, they were tattered due to stains that cannot be removed from the frequent wear, which made her feel somewhat ashamed.

“Try it! It’s delicious!” Bei Xuqing urged.

Finally, she tried the chocolate; it was sweet and fragrant. However, she was feeling a little nervous from being in an unfamiliar environment.

Glancing at Butler Bao, Bei Xuqing smiled. “Bring our little princess to the room and let her see what we’ve prepared for her.”

With a polite smile, Butler Bao brought Little Yuan to the second floor.

Looking at her silhouette, Bei Xuqing seemed satisfied. In his eyes, Little Yuan was an embryo, which he could get a peculiar excitement from after some sculpturing.

The room on the second floor was massive and decorated in a princess theme. The entire tone in the room was pink with a princess bed and all sorts of plush toys.

At the sight of this, Little Yuan suddenly felt nervous. She felt out of tune with this place.

“Knock the door after you’ve changed, I’ll be waiting outside.” Butler Bao explained with a smile. There were clothes for an 8-year-old girl on the bed, which was evidently prepared for her.

After a dozen minutes later, Butler Bao came in after seeing that there wasn’t any response. Upon his entry, he noticed that Little Yuan was seated on the bed and had not changed into the clothes as he had instructed. Scrunching his brows, he asked with disappointment, “Why are you not changed yet?”

Little Yuan shook her head. She wasn’t fond of wearing clothes that belonged to others.

With a sigh, Butler Bao walked over and explained, “You have to remember that you must make Grandpa Bei happy. This way, you will be able to obtain many things. Otherwise, you won’t be able to get anything.”

Finishing his words, Butler Bao left again. This time, Little Yuan changed into the clothes with reluctance. She did not overthink about it. There was only an impression left in her mind after Butler Bao’s constant lecturing; to make Grandpa Bei happy.

Although it was a long wait, Bei Xuqing’s eyes instantly lit up when he saw Little Yuan, who had changed into the princess dress. He looked extremely pleased and practically ran over in tiny steps, then carried Little Yuan with praises, “You’re my princess and an angel sent by the heavens.”

Seeing his employer so delighted, Butler Bao’s mood also instantly turned better, before he reminded, “The dining hall has already been prepared.”

When Bei Xuqing placed Little Yuan down, he could see a sluggish expression on her face. She was frightened by him. Thus, he lowered his voice and amicably said, “Let’s go and have lunch together.”

Although Little Yuan wanted to tell Bei Xuqing that she wasn’t hungry, she still followed him to the dining room. But she felt uncomfortable when the latter was caressing her hand, making her feel ticklish.

There wasn’t much food on the dining table, and Little Yuan was served with an aromatic steak, spaghetti, pumpkin soup, and a crispy golden chicken wing. Before Bei Xuqing were plates of salad, charcoal-roasted oysters, and drunken shrimps. The drunken shrimps were stuffed in a transparent goblet and they seemed to be struggling. Looking at it, Little Yuan felt an ineffable pressure.

She wasn’t aware that these foods were healthy, since Bei Xuqing wasn’t fond of nourishing tinctures but organic food instead.

Because Little Yuan has never tried a western meal, the spaghetti was soft when she tried it, feeling a lack of texture, and she didn’t like it. As for the steak covered in a peppery smell, it was tough for her to swallow it down.

On the contrary, Bei Xuqing deliciously ate his food, and he was extremely meticulous when he peeled the shrimps. Not only did he remove the shells, he even removed the intestines.

After half an hour, Bei Xuqing cleared up his food. At this moment, Butler Bao came with a warm towel and a golden basin filled with water for Bei Xuqing to clean up before the latter smiled. “Bring our princess to take a look at the next room.”

Bei Xuqing excitedly came to the honorary room with frames up on the wall that contained the honor of him and Qinbei Cooperation. They were all well categorised, and there’s also another similar room in the headquarters of Qinbei Cooperation. Aside from trophies, there were also certifications, along with Bei Xuqing’s photos together with many celebrities.

Looking at a young child star, Bei Xuqing smiled. “Do you know her? She’s the little host of the province’s child program, and I was the one who brought her to participate in the audition. In the end, she is now a little celebrity. Grandpa heard that you can’t speak, and it wasn’t innate. I can help you get treated, and send you to a big hospital, what do you think?”

Little Yuan also wished to be like others, and she would be happy if she could speak again.

Holding Little Yuan’s hand, Bei Xuqing patted on the back of her hand and smiled. “But the prerequisite is that you have to be obedient and listen to grandpa!”

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