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Physician’s Odyssey (Web Novel) - Chapter 246 - Kang Zidong’s vengeance

Chapter 246 - Kang Zidong’s vengeance

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Translator: Thyaeria

When Butler Bao received Kang Zidong’s call, he answered and smiled in satisfaction. “Mr. Kang, we’ve already picked up Little Yuan, and she’s having a good time with the Chairman. Although she can’t speak, she’s extremely obedient, and the Chairman likes obedient kids.”

Despite the bitter smile hanging on the corner of his lips, Kang Zidong still respectfully replied, “Then I’m reassured. After all, that little girl grew up in the orphanage, and I’m afraid that some of her habits might anger the Chairman.”

Shaking his head, Butler Bao smiled. “I’ve followed the Chairman for a long time, and I’ve never seen him so happy. You’ve done well this time, and this can also be considered the fortune of that little girl. If she manages to please the Chairman, he might even adopt her.”

“Then, her life in the future will undergo an earth-shattering change.” Kang Zidong pandered to Butler Bao, as if he was trying to comfort his guilty conscience.

“You’ve always done your task well, and the Chairman often praises you for your wit.” Butler Bao encouraged. Butler Bao knew that this person was just like him when he was young, someone intelligent who would take action after determining his target.

After hanging the call, Kang Zidong sighed and entered the bathroom, then looked at his reflection in the mirror.

The reflection of him in the mirror was handsome. He was no longer that underripe youth of the past. Right now, he was an eligible bachelor in the eyes of many women.

He knew that he was a person that wouldn’t take things lying down, regardless of relationships or his career. He knew that he had to continue walking, even if he would have to occasionally go against his conscience. His parents abandoned him at a young age, and he had only himself to rely on. If he’s not selfish, then the world would be unfair against him; this was the cold-bloodedness hidden in his character, and also the reason why he could reach such a high position in Qinbei Corporation.

Kang Zidong could understand Bei Xuqing’s thoughts. When you’ve reached the pinnacle, you would start to pursue peculiar tastes. Although it’s abnormal in the eyes of others and it might be even perverted, it couldn’t affect Bei Xuqing’s impression in the mind of others, that he was an entrepreneur and philanthropist.

Little Yuan wasn’t the first he sent to Bei Xuqing’s luxurious villa. Over the past years, Kang Zidong had spent a great deal of effort to send obedient little girls to Bei Xuqing from all over the country.

But this time, he couldn’t do it without feeling guilty. Perhaps it was because Little Yuan came from the same orphanage as him, and at the same time, she was also the adopted daughter of Lu Shimiao. Furthermore, he could even see the shadows of Lu Shimiao in Little Yuan.

With a cold expression, Kang Zidong was no longer in a dilemma. Since you’ve betrayed me, then I can be a bit more cruel to you.

When Su Tao and Lu Shimiao woke up, it was already 10 a.m. in the morning. Looking at Lu Shimiao, who was feigning sleep, he pinched her nose. His hand was instantly slapped away by Lu Shimiao as she grumbled, “You’re annoying!”

Thus, Su Tao buried his face in Lu Shimiao’s neck, rubbing it, then asked, “It’s not annoying now, right?”

“Disgusting!” Lu Shimiao suddenly felt ticklish in her body. If she allowed this to carry on, then it might result in another ferocious battle. Thus, she swiftly supported herself up from the bed and said, “It’s getting late now, and I’ve promised Little Yuan that I would accompany her for an entire day.”

Nodding his head, Su Tao smiled. “Your adopted daughter is also my daughter.”

Sourly looking at him, Lu Shimiao dismissed, “Don’t shower affection on someone uninterested.”

Showing a surprised expression, Su Tao replied, “Why? We can’t bare our hearts in our relationship?”

Lu Shimiao sighed, “Our relationship will stop at this point. In my eyes, you’re always a younger brother of mine.”

“Judging from your words, you’re not going to take the responsibility?” Su Tao bounced up from the bed and unhappily grumbled.

“You’re still young, and you have your own life. I have already undergone a failed marriage once, so I’ve decided to spend the rest of my life alone.” Showing a sweet smile, Lu Shimiao replied, “This time, I also intend to bring Little Yuan back to Hanzhou City. In the future, I will spend my life with her.”

Hearing her words, Su Tao felt his heart aching. This woman would always try to put up a strong front, even when she’s facing a predicament. Despite being a gorgeous flower, her vitality was as strong as weeds. He smiled. “Don’t abandon me. I will continue to annoy the two of you.”

Rolling her eyes, Lu Shimiao teased, “You just care for those sisters.” Although Lu Shimiao was open-minded, she knew that Su Tao was close with other women at the same time who weren’t at all inferior to her in terms of ability or appearance.

Seeing that Su Tao was speechless, Lu Shimiao suddenly felt that her words were a little too much, so her heart softened and she changed the topic. “Can you treat Little Yuan’s condition?”

Finally, Lu Shimiao asked this question. The reason why she wasn’t willing to ask was out of fear that she might hear an unfavorable answer. If even Su Tao was helpless, then there wasn’t much hope that Little Yuan could speak again.

“For her condition, it would take time to treat.” Su Tao did not give any guarantee.

When Lu Shimiao heard Su Tao’s words, she finally felt relieved. She understood him, and she knew that he must have a way to treat her. Thus, she was a little emotional when she replied, “Alright, but you must treat Little Yuan!”

When Lu Shimiao saw Su Tao’s grin and thinking of his words from before, she suddenly understood the latter’s meaning.

Didn’t you say that the two of you would spend your lives together? Let me tell you; it’s impossible without me!

Rolling her eyes at him, Lu Shimiao had already changed and spun around, then pointed at Su Tao with an order, “Get up, we will leave in half an hour!”

On the first day of Chinese New Year, a person must look fresh. Thus Su Tao was washing up while replying to messages on his phone.

Cai Yan suddenly sent a selfie over while wearing a red coat with her hair draping down her shoulders. There was also a white scarf around her neck that made her look charming. She was probably feeling hurt that he had refused her offer to spend the festivities together, but she had forgiven him when she took the initiative to send a photo with her wishes.

On the contrary, Yan Jing sent four simple words over, “Happy Chinese New Year!” However, it was something unimaginable to many people that this cold and strong woman would take the initiative to send him a message.

Over in Russia, Vera sent a photo over with an old man. That old man appeared to be amiable with neat features; it should be her maternal grandfather.

Although Su Tao didn’t have the habit of having a reunion during the Chinese New Year, he still felt his emotions being affected. It was blissful that one could have someone they care about no matter where they go.

Su Tao and Lu Shimiao took a cab to the orphanage, and when Chen Juan saw the two of them, she bitterly said to Lu Shimiao, “Chairman Bei has sent someone to pick up Little Yuan early in the morning. I tried calling you, but you didn’t answer.”

Scrunching her brows, Lu Shimiao asked in puzzlement, “Why did Bei Xuqing pick Little Yuan up?”

Chen Juan helplessly replied, “It was something that the principal arranged, and said that Chairman Bei has taken a liking to Little Yuan during the reunion meal yesterday. So he got someone to pick Little Yuan up since he was alone at home.”

“Isn’t it a little too implausible?” Su Tao, who was standing on the side, continued to analyse, “Since he’s afraid of loneliness, why did he pick someone that couldn’t speak?”

Chen Juan was also at a loss of words, before she sighed, “I’m not too sure about this, but Chairman Bei is a reputable figure in Baihe City with a celebrated status, So there shouldn’t be anything happening to Little Yuan, since I was the one who saw her off.”

Lu Shimiao’s gaze was complicated, but she couldn’t make a decision. Subconsciously, she looked at Su Tao to have the latter make the decision.

Su Tao sighed, “Little Yuan is an orphan. Just because she can’t speak doesn’t mean that she has no feelings. Isn’t it too unfair for the principal to send her to an unfamiliar location against her wishes?”

Hearing his words, Chen Juan was stunned before she sighed, “It’s mainly because Chairman Bei is the biggest support of the orphanage, and he promised to increase the support for us. Next year, the conditions in the orphanage will be much better.”

Seeing the complicated feelings in Lu Shimiao, Su Tao knew that she was worried and hesitated. After all, their relationship wasn’t established in law, and it was just a verbal promise within the orphanage.

“Let’s go pick up Little Yuan.” Although Su Tao was asking, he had actually helped her to make a decision.

“That’s right! I have to fulfill my promise to her.” Lu Shimiao sighed before she turned to Chen Juan. “Do you know where Bei Xuqing’s home is located?”

Nodding her head, Chen Juan replied, “There’s no one here that doesn’t know where the Bei Villa is located. After all, it’s a massive manor.”

“Then, we’ll head over now!” Lu Shimiao was a little anxious. Her sixth sense told her that Little Yuan was in danger.

Just when the two of them were about to leave, Xiong Lan came out. She was a vice-principal in the past, and after the principal passed away, she took over and became the principal. However, she wasn’t as popular as the previous principal.

Knitting her brows, Xiong Lan knitted her brows before she gave a half-hearted smile. “Little Miao, happy Chinese New Year. Today’s the first day of the festivities, why don’t you stay behind for a meal together?”

Seeing Xiong Lan, Lu Shimiao straightforwardly questioned, “You’re the one who agreed to let Little Yuan go to Bei Xuqing’s home?”

Seeing that Lu Shimiao’s tone wasn’t nice, Xiong Lan knitted her brows and unhappily said, “Firstly, I’m the principal of this orphanage, and it’s still within my authority. On what basis are you questioning me? Secondly, Bei Xuqing is a famous philanthropist in Baihe City, and he’s the biggest support behind the orphanage. It’s an opportunity for Little Yuan to be invited to his home. If she really manages to win his favor, her life will be completely changed. Thirdly, I know that you’re fighting to adopt Little Yuan, but the butler of Chairman Bei just called me, saying he’s going to adopt Little Yuan, so I feel that you shouldn’t worry about this.”

Her words had instantly caused Lu Shimiao to be speechless and her face had turned red from the anger.

The face of Xiong Lan was something that Su Tao hated the most, and thus, he said, “An orphanage is a place with love, so I’ve never expected to encounter someone as foul as you. Although Little Yuan is an orphan, she’s still young. Thus, her life shouldn’t be casually arranged by the likes of you.”

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