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Physician’s Odyssey (Web Novel) - Chapter 247 - Kill with a borrowed knife

Chapter 247 - Kill with a borrowed knife

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Translator: Thyaeria

“Who are you, and why are you allowed entry?” However, Xiong Lan wasn’t a pushover. Thus, her first response was to use her authority and have Su Tao leave. This was her territory, and she held the authority here.

The security guard was a middle-aged man in his fifties. When he saw the dispute from afar, he immediately ran over with an awkward smile. “This is Ms. Chen and Little Lu’s friend, so I allowed him in.”

“Send him off!” Xiong Lan furiously ordered while pointing at Su Tao and continued, “And Lu Shimiao, you’ve already grown up, and you’re capable of making a living. I’m grateful that you came back to the orphanage to visit us, but if you’re bringing someone to cause trouble, I’m sorry, but you’re not welcomed back anymore.”

Despite the rage written on Lu Shimiao’s face, she still left while pulling Su Tao. She wasn’t afraid of being kicked out, but she was worried that Su Tao might flare up and beat Xiong Lan up. This was the orphanage that she grew up in, so despite having no good feelings for this principal, she still wanted to preserve her own pride and not fall out with the management here.

She still had the intention of adopting Little Yuan, but Xiong Lan was the principal of this orphanage. So if the latter made trouble from within, all of her plans would go down the drain.

Watching Lu Shimiao leave the orphanage, Chen Juan sighed, “Principal Xiong, Shimiao has affection for our orphanage, so isn’t it a little too cruel to treat her this way?”

Raising her lips in disdain, Xiong Lan adjusted her gold-framed spectacles and replied, “In my view, the money that she sent back to the orphanage was what the orphanage deserved. If it wasn’t for the previous principal’s support, how could she have such achievements now? Not only did she finish her university, she even obtained a decent job. So is tens of thousands a lot?”

Although Chen Juan’s lips moved, she sighed and kept her silence. She wanted to remind Xiong Lan that the money Lu Shimiao sent back would increase along with her salary. Despite being only tens of thousands, it was a great sum for Lu Shimiao. On the contrary, Bei Xuqing’s wealth was over a hundred million, and yet, he only supported the orphanage with ¥200,000 every year.

The reason why Chen Juan kept her silence was because she worked here, so she had to depend on Xiong Lan’s whim for a living. As she sighed, she went out and chased after Lu Shimiao.

“I’m sorry, Little Miao.” At this moment, Chen Juan could only apologise for Xiong Lan’s sake.

“You’ve done nothing wrong.” Lu Shimiao smiled as she continued, “Xiong Lan is too selfish, and she’s not suitable to be the principal.”

Nodding her head, the brim of Chen Juan’s eyes turned red. “I miss the old principal.”

Patting Chen Juan’s shoulder to comfort her, Lu Shimiao also felt a tint of sour in her nose before she said, “We’re going to pick up Little Yuan. I’m worried that she might not be happy.”

With a sigh, Chen Juan replied, “Yeah, she didn’t seem too happy about being invited to Bei Xuqing’s house as a guest this morning. Although she’s only eight, she’s a sensible child. She did not make a fuss, and obediently entered the car.”

When Lu Shimiao heard Chen Juan’s words, her heart tightened up even more before she responded, “I want to see her as soon as possible.”

All of this was seen by Xiong Lan, who was walking in the hallway. Chen Juan, you actually dare to go against me? Do you not want your job?

When she returned to her office, she made a call to Kang Zidong through her office line and her tone instantly turned gentle, “There was a small incident. Lu Shimiao just brought a man over, while wanting to take Little Yuan out to play.”

At this moment, Kang Zidong was gambling with a few prominent figures of Baihe City with a cigarette hanging from his lips. As he casually threw out a card, he smiled in disdain. “Little Yuan is already in Chairman Bei’s home. Let them go if they want, but the prerequisite is if they’re able to make it in.”

Chairman Bei’s manor was massive, with a team of security guarding it. In fact, Kang Zidong actually wanted to see how Su Tao knocks on the door and gets thrown out.

Hearing Kang Zidong’s casual tone, Xiong Lan also wasn’t worried anymore, so she smiled. “Right, there’s something I’d like to confirm with you. Butler Bao just called over, wanting the get the process done for adopting Little Yuan, and if we’re willing, there would be additional support of ¥500,000 for the orphanage next year. Is that true?”

Kang Zidong was a little surprised after hearing that, since he never expected that Bei Xuqing would get it done so fast, but he could see that the latter had genuinely taken a liking to Little Yuan with the intention to adopt. Thus, he replied, “Rest assured, Aunt Xiong. The orphanage will have a better life next year.” He sighed. That would mean that Xiong Lan would be fattened as well.

Although the expenditure of the orphanage was roughly about ¥800,000 annually, there would be surplus if it was all spent on the kids. However, Xiong Lan was a selfish person, and she used all sorts of methods to embezzle. Thus, most of the money wasn’t spent on the kids, but went into her pocket instead.

However, there’s no need for Kang Zidong to expose this matter, since there were rumors that Xiong Lan had a special relationship with a high official in politics. This was also the reason why she could become the principal, despite not being popular after the previous one passed away. The orphanage in Baihe City was a government structure in Baihe City, and the government managed the management. Thus, there were many things that outsiders couldn’t interfere in.

After hanging up the phone, Kang Zidong casually threw out the card, causing everyone to sigh before they smiled. “Mr. Kang’s luck seems to be great today! None of us can stop you!”

With a self-ridiculing smile, Kang Zidong casually threw a few red bills to the spectator beside him. “I need to go make a call, but I’ll return shortly.”

“Don’t run after winning!” A friend of his that worked in the Commercial Bureau smiled.

“If I dare to flee before the great figures here, then I can only dream of staying in Baihe City.” Kang Zidong left after distributing cigarettes and called Butler Bao.

“Little Kang? Is there anything?” Butler Bao was currently instructing a housekeeper to clear out a room for Little Yuan tonight.

Kang Zidong tactfully replied, “There’s a matter that I would like to report to you. Someone will come and try to pick up Little Yuan, and I’m afraid that they won’t be coming with goodwill!”

Knitting his brows, Butler Bao unhappily said, “Who is it?”

With a sigh, Kang Zidong explained, “Although Little Yuan can’t speak, she’s cute and lovely. So there are quite a few people who want to adopt her, and one of the parties is coming over.”

With his brows still scrunched, Butler Bao snorted, “They’re pretty bold to dare to snatch from the Bei Family.”

“There’s a young man amongst them that has some martial ability. You guys have to be cautious!” Kang Zidong immediately warned.

Waving his hand in disdain, Butler Bao responded, “Rest assured. In Baihe City, no one can step into the Bei Manor as they wish!”

Hearing Butler Bao’s words, Kang Zidong finally felt satisfied. His action was equivalent to adding oil to the fire. Didn’t Su Tao beat him? Then there’s no need for Kang Zidong to make a move personally. Since they wanted to go to the Bei Manor to take Little Yuan away, all he had to do was fan the fire and kill with a borrowed knife.

It was a vicious and cunning scheme.

After the room was almost tidied, Butler Bao was handling several smaller details, such as placing a few toys on the small shelf beside the dressing table. Since his employer has taken a liking to Little Yuan, he couldn’t be sloppy.

While he was handling these small details, the walkie-talkie on his waist resounded. Taking out his phone, Butler Bao made some acknowledgment before arranging for a few maids to continue cleaning the room, then he left.

When Butler Bao passed by the piano room, he peeked through the hole and saw Bei Xuqing in a good mood. He was currently seated on the leather seat before a Steinway piano. One of his hands was on Little Yuan’s shoulder, while the other on her hands, teaching her the piano.

Teaching a mute girl how to play the piano? Butler Bao suddenly felt that his employer was getting more interesting.

However, Little Yuan felt somewhat uncomfortable. She could feel her body shivering whenever she touched the piano keys. However, Bei Xuqing had disregarded that and sat close to Little Yuan, enjoying the moment. “Little Yuan, did you know? Back then, Grandpa Bei worked hard to learn how to play the piano. My father was an herbal merchant, and he liked western classical music. Thus, he hoped that I could learn how to play the piano. Although I was extremely against it at the beginning, I slowly fell in love with it. So now, I will feel uncomfortable if I don’t play piano for a day!”

After a brief pause, he looked at the ceiling with excitement and smiled. “How about I teach you piano in the future? So that you can play for me every day once you’ve learned it?”

Seeing her blank expression, Bei Xuqing patted his own head and replied to himself, “Aiya, I’ve forgotten that Little Yuan can’t speak for the time being, so you can’t reply to me.”

Being in an unfamiliar environment, Little Yuan felt helpless. Despite the luxurious decorations here looking like a palace from the television, she felt terrified for some reason from the bottom of her heart. Especially after she understood the meaning behind Bei Xuqing’s words, that she might stay here for a long time and wouldn’t be returning to the orphanage. Didn’t that mean that she wouldn’t be able to see Mummy Lu again?

She grew a little anxious and tears welled up in the corner of her eyes while she quietly sobbed.

When Bei Xuqing saw her response, he was briefly stunned, but he didn’t think much into it. He speculated that she must be extremely touched, since no one has been so close to her before, and she had never experienced such a life.

He finally let go of Little Yuan’s hand and started to play the piano. It was Beethoven’s Sonata No.6 in F Major. While he was playing it, he was caught up in the moment of the music.

When he occasionally looked at how Little Yuan wiped her tears, he felt excited.

Holding onto Little Yuan’s hand without caring for her feelings, Bei Xuqing smiled. “Let’s go. We’ll go take a look at the room specially prepared for you.”

It wasn’t the room that she previously changed in, but a new one. The decorations here were stunning, with all sorts of ornaments hanging on the wall; it was decorated with stars and flowers.

Gently patting Little Yuan’s hand, Bei Xuqing smiled. “Do you like it? This will be your room. Are you feeling a little afraid? Don’t worry. Grandpa will accompany you.”

While he was feeling that Little Yuan’s hand was trembling, he revealed a friendly smile. “In the future, you can treat grandpa as your family.”

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