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Physician’s Odyssey (Web Novel) - Chapter 248 - The Den of Happiness or the Den of Demons

Chapter 248 - The Den of Happiness or the Den of Demons

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Translator: Thyaeria

Butler Bao was holding onto a purple teapot while sitting on a cart to the entrance. Looking at Lu Shimiao and Su Tao, his eyes squinted and he asked, “What’s the matter?”

“I’m here to pick up Little Yuan, I’m her mother.” Lu Shimiao replied.

After a brief stun, Butler Bao laughed, “Little Yuan is an orphan, so how can she have a mother?”

“I’m going to adopt Little Yuan.” Lu Shimiao continued to add, “Even the orphanage knows about it!”

Knitting his brows, Butler Bao took a sip of tea and responded, “According to what I know, you’ve not finished the adoption procedures. Oh right, Chairman Bei is preparing to adopt Little Yuan, and he’s even going to treat her. The two of you should know who Chairman Bei is, and he’s a well-known entrepreneur in Baihe City. Little Yuan will have a good life in the future, so there’s no need for you guys to worry. If you want to adopt a child, pick another one. There are so many orphans in the orphanage that you can shower your love on.”

Hearing his words, Lu Shimiao was furious with a grim expression. “No matter what, I’m bringing Little Yuan with me today.”

Glancing at Lu Shimiao, Butler Bao sighed, “The reason why I’m speaking with you guys so nicely because I’m in a good mood. Don’t take it too far, and the Bei Manor isn’t a place that just anyone can come in, so get lost. Otherwise, don’t blame me!”

With a sigh, Su Tao came to Lu Shimiao’s side and said, “How about this, let Little Yuan come out and let us take a look at her. We’ll leave immediately if she’s safe and willing to stay here.”

Waving his hand, Butler Bao didn’t have any good impression of Su Tao due to Kang Zidong’s words, so he unhappily said, “I’m afraid that you guys are still not qualified to make any requests!”

Su Tao felt that this Butler Bao was arrogant, but that made sense, since the Bei Family was renowned in Baihe City.

Taking his phone out, Su Tao replied, “Then I can only call the police, since you won’t let us meet Little Yuan.”

His words had instantly left Butler Bao briefly stunned before he scoffed, “You’re coming here to cause trouble, and you want to call the police? Go ahead and see if they will take you away!”

Lu Shimiao was puzzled while looking at Su Tao. She could tell that Bei Xuqing was wealthy, since such a manor wasn’t something that just anyone could possess. In society, the interest between government and commerce were linked closely together. Thus, they would be at a disadvantageous position if the police were called instead.

However, Su Tao really dialed 110, “We’re here to report that someone is trafficking children!”

When Butler Bao heard those words, his lungs nearly exploded from anger at Su Tao’s nonsense.

Lu Shimiao was also startled upon hearing that. She felt that Su Tao was blowing up the matter. But after she thought about it carefully, how could she see Little Yuan if the issue wasn’t blown up?

The police swiftly responded and a vehicle arrived shortly after. Two officers came out of the vehicle, with one of them holding a camera to record the situation.

One of the policemen, who had a skinny frame and looked to be in his twenties, asked, “Who called for police?”

“Me!” Su Tao replied as he continued, “I’m suspecting that this family is trafficking a child called Little Yuan.”

That officer knitted his brows without any expression on his face. Is this brat joking with him? The owner of this manor was the Chairman of Qinbei Cooperation, a wealthy tycoon in Baihe City. Would he traffick children?

Giving a smile to Butler Bao, he knew that his attitude was crucial in this matter. Bei Xuqing was familiar with many prominent figures in the city, and he might even lose his career if he did not handle it well.

Staring at Su Tao, that officer sourly said, “You have to take responsibility for your words. Is there any proof?”

Nodding his head, Su Tao replied, “Of course! You can ask if Little Yuan is inside.”

Looking at Butler Bao, that officer showed a fawning smile as he asked, “May I ask if that little girl is here?”

Feeling that this brat was troublesome, Butler Bao patiently explained, “Little Yuan is a guest who we brought over from the orphanage, so how can it be kidnapping? The two of them are just causing a ruckus. I suggest that you take the two of them away.”

That officer sighed, since this was a problematic situation. Judging from the surface of it, it should be a dispute between members of the public, and they called the police after having some verbal arguments. Without any trace of fights occurring, he couldn’t take Su Tao away.

Thus, he helplessly said, “How about this, why don’t the two parties make a trip with me to the station to talk things over?”

If this matter wasn’t handled, he would have to come over again if Su Tao called, and this would never end. With the current strict police system, he had to arrive as soon as possible upon receiving a call. Otherwise, he would be severely punished.

Knitting his brows, Butler Bao informed a person beside him, “You make a trip with them to the station.”

Shaking his head, Su Tao refused to board the vehicle, “Not possible, we need to settle this matter with Bei Xuqing, others can’t make the decision.”

The officer’s face sunk upon hearing Su Tao’s words. This brat isn’t easy to sway. Looking at Butler Bao, he asked, “Since he claims that you guys are kidnapping children, why don’t you bring that little girl called Little Yuan out. If she’s fine, then wouldn’t it all be settled?”

Butler Bao gritted his teeth. He knew Su Tao’s motive for calling the police over; it was to meet Little Yuan. If he really did that, wouldn’t it make Bei Xuqing unhappy? He knew that his duty was to resolve the troubles for his employer as a butler, and he had to handle all the matters without his employer being affected.

Thus, he said in a solemn tone, “What do you think this place is? The owner is the Chairman of Qinbei Cooperation. His every single word and action affects the interest of the corporation. If we went according to your request every single time someone causes a ruckus, wouldn’t it become a market instead? You’re too inexperienced, so I will make a call to your superior.”

That officer’s face instantly turned ugly upon hearing Butler Bao’s words. Although he was just a police officer, he also had a temper. Thus, his mood turned bad upon being disrespected by Butler Bao. However, he knew that he couldn’t afford to offend the Bei Family, so he chose to shut his mouth and waited.

Butler Bao called someone who could make the decision. When that person heard Butler Bao’s intentions for calling, he sighed, since it wasn’t peaceful, even in the festive period. There’s someone who actually ran to the Bei Manor and caused trouble? When he hung up the phone, he immediately gave orders. Roughly ten-odd minutes later, that skinny officer received a call.

That officer knitted his brows and inwardly sighed before turning to Su Tao and Lu Shimiao. “The two of you can stop causing a ruckus. If you continue, then I will have to ask the two of you to make a trip to the station.”

Lu Shimiao anxiously looked at Su Tao before she whispered in the latter’s ears, “Why don’t we let it rest for now? We’ve already called the police, and they have a record. So Little Yuan should be fine for the time being.”

Su Tao’s intention was simple; Bei Xuqing was a prominent figure in Baihe City, and he would definitely be concerned about the consequences of his actions. Thus, he might give up on adopting Little Yuan after knowing that there might be problems.

This was the reason why Su Tao intentionally blew up the matter.

Seeing Su Tao boarding the car, Butler Bao furrowed his brows and sighed. This matter would be troublesome when there’s a record. Therefore, he had to report this matter to Bei Xuqing.

Currently, Bei Xuqing was in the drawing room with Little Yuan standing at a loss by his side. He had an inspiration today, which was the reason why he was finishing this incomplete work.

Suddenly, Butler Bao came in and whispered in Bei Xuqing’s ears.

Hearing his words, Bei Xuqing knitted his brows and looked at Little Yuan with a complicated gaze. Isn’t she an orphan? So why are there so many problems?

He’s a cautious person, and he chose to adopt Little Yuan since she was an orphan, not to mention that she couldn’t speak. Thus, she couldn’t express herself, even if she knew some secrets.

With a grim expression and not being as amicable as before, Bei Xuqing said, “Let the two of them suffer a bit, and ask Kang Zidong what this is all about. Get him to deal with the orphanage appropriately.”

Nodding his head, Butler Bao immediately left.

When Bei Xuqing looked at Little Yuan, his gaze turned gentle once again before he pointed at the empty spot on the painting with a smile. “Is it nice if grandpa uses green here?”

How could Little Yuan know anything about oil painting? Thus, she could only blankly nod her head.

Caressing Little Yuan’s head, Bei Xuqing smiled. “How obedient!”

After drawing a bit more on the painting, Bei Xuqing felt a little exhausted, so he stood up and held onto Little Yuan’s hand. “Let’s go, grandpa will bring you to other places.”

Little Yuan could only follow Bei Xuqing to another room. Due to the sheer size of this place, she was already disorientated and could only follow Bei Xuqing.

When they came to the next room, it was covered in fog, and they could feel a heat wave blowing in their direction. There was a massive pool in the center with petals on it. Bei Xuqing smiled. “Little Yuan, how about grandpa shower you?”

Shaking her head, Little Yuan subconsciously took a step back. Although she was young, she knew it was bashful for a stranger to shower her.

However, Bei Xuqing locked the door and sighed before smiling. “Don’t worry. Although grandpa is old, I can still shower you. I guarantee that it will feel great for you.”

Hearing his words, Little Yuan’s body trembled while she tried her best to shake her head. There were booing noises from her mouth, as if she was saying that she wasn’t willing.

Bei Xuqing appeared to be somewhat furious at her response, so he knitted his brows and showed a ferocious expression. “Little Yuan, you’re not lovable in this manner. Didn’t grandpa just tell you that you have to be obedient for me to adopt you and treat your condition? If you’re not obedient, grandpa won’t be happy. There was someone that wasn’t obedient as a guest and made me furious. In the end, Butler Bao beat her to death and threw her to feed the fishes. I believe you don’t want to feed the fishes, right?”

Little Yuan was stunned. She was just a little girl, so how could she bear the fright!?

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