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Physician’s Odyssey (Web Novel) - Chapter 249 - The ingenius use of Posts

Chapter 249 - The ingenius use of Posts

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Translator: Thyaeria

When they arrived at the station, the officers sent the two of them to the interview room for them to wait without any intention of attending to them.

However, Lu Shimiao was still uneasy, worrying about Little Yuan, so she sighed, “I feel that there’s something abnormal about this matter. If Bei Xuqing really wanted to adopt Little Yuan, why would he forbid us to see her?”

Nodding his head, Su Tao agreed as well. “Indeed, there’s something fishy about it.”

Recalling the reunion meal, Su Tao noticed that although Bei Xuqing was in his seventies, his face was rosy; he must be someone that liked to consume nourishment food that boosted sex drive. Would Little Yuan be in trouble encountering such an old man?

“What should we do now?” Lu Shimiao felt helpless.

Taking out his phone, Su Tao smiled. “Nothing!”

Lu Shimiao rolled her eyes. After a brief consideration, she gave Kang Zidong a call, since he was the only one she could think of right now.

If she was in Hanzhou City, she might be able to find someone to help with her status as the Paediatrics Department Head on the favor that she treated many kids. But this wasn’t Hanzhou, but Baihe. She left this place ever since she entered university. Hence, there weren’t any resources and connections that she could use.

“Little Miao, is there anything?” Kang Zidong had already guessed that Lu Shimiao would call him.

“Is it true that Bei Xuqing wants to adopt Little Yuan?” Lu Shimiao solemnly asked. She knew that this matter must be related to Kang Zidong.

“Little Miao, how is it not good for her to be adopted by the Chairman of Qinbei Corporation? Although Chairman Bei has a few kids, none of them are by his side. So if Little Yuan was adopted by him, she would certainly be showered with love.” After a brief pause, Kang Zidong continued, “I know that you have feelings for Little Yuan, but your economic situation is ordinary. Putting it another way, Little Yuan’s life will be tougher with you.”

“Then, I should thank you?” Lu Shimiao scoffed.

Casually throwing two cards on the table, Kang Zidong replied, “Little Miao, I’m doing this for you.” But when he finished speaking, he realised that Lu Shimiao had already hung up the phone, so he sneered. Are you getting anxious now?

Hearing the commotion from the other side, Lu Shimiao knew that Kang Zidong was gambling. Seeing Su Tao staring at her, she sighed and explained out of worry that he might misunderstand, “Kang Zidong is the only one I know that can help us see Little Yuan. But it’s a pity that he disappointed me.”

The reason why Su Tao did not want to stop her, was that he wanted her to see through Kang Zidong as a person; despite those flowery words, Kang Zidong wouldn’t stand out for her if it went against his interests. He had already seen through Kang Zidong’s character; that fellow was a selfish and self-centered person.

With a smile, Su Tao replied, “There’s a phrase, handle it yourself instead of asking someone for help.”

Looking at Su Tao in puzzlement, Lu Shimiao asked, “You have an idea?”

With a cheap smile, Su Tao responded, “The seed has already been planted. We’ll just wait for heroes to come to our rescue.”

Lu Shimiao was puzzled while glancing at Su Tao and saw him playing with his phone. Just when she was wondering how Su Tao still had the mood to play with his phone, a thought suddenly came across her mind and she opened up her own social networking app. She saw a new post on her social networking application. It was a selfie from Su Tao with a peace sign while his brows were knitted with his mouth dropped that looks exactly like “囧."

So it turned out that Su Tao had updated his social networking with a post while he was making a post that said, “The first day of Chinese New Year and was invited to the police station in Baihe City. Can any heroes help me?”

So the ‘seed’ that Su Tao spoke of was referring to this post?

Lu Shimiao asked with a bitter smile. “So you’ve sent a help message, is it even useful?”

Waving his phone, Su Tao smiled. “Yep, isn’t this a call now?”

The first call was from Di Shiyuan. Although he was getting on his age, he wasn’t a stranger to social networks, and he had practically registered an account in all of the social networks that usually liked the posts of others.

“Little Su, you’re not joking, right?” Di Shiyuan asked with sincere concern. Naturally, it was the friendship that they had formed due to their numerous co-operations.

“I might be humorous, but even if it’s April Fools’ today, I won't joke around on the first day of Chinese New Year, right?” Su Tao helplessly sighed and explained the whole story behind the matter.

After Di Shiyuan issued a sigh, he said in a solemn tone, “Don’t worry, I’ll make a call right now and have you released.”

Nodding his head, Su Tao replied, “That’s not the main issue here. The main issue here is that I want to find that little girl as soon as possible.”

Knitting his brows, Di Shiyuan responded, “How about this. No matter how they beg you, don’t leave the station until you see that little girl.”

His words left Su Tao briefly stunned before he understood the meaning behind Di Shiyuan’s words and smiled. “I know what to do now.”

As soon as he finished talking with Di Shiyuan, Yan Jing called over as well.

“Where did you run to this time? Why do you like to cause trouble so much?” Yan Jing sourly reprimanded, but Su Tao could hear the concern behind her tone.

“What can I do? I’ve been unlucky ever since I encountered Nie Weiting.” That was the conclusion that Su Tao came up with after a brief consideration. Strictly speaking, Nie Weiting was Yan Jing’s subordinate, which meant that Yan Jing was the one that brought him bad luck.

Yan Jing sighed upon hearing his words. “Don’t worry, I’ll get someone from Baihe City to handle it for you as soon as possible.”

“Wait!” Su Tao added, “I still need your help. I want to see a little girl, and she’s currently in Bei Xuqing’s home.”

Hearing his words, Yan Jing was briefly stunned when she heard of Bei Xuqing and exclaimed, “You actually provoked him? This is troublesome now…”

Su Tao casually asked, “Even you can’t afford to offend Bei Xuqing?”

Shaking her head, Yan Jing explained, “Bei Xuqing has a son, who is a famous real estate developer in Huainan Province. The properties under his operation are practically throughout the country. You should’ve heard of his company before, the Huaiyu Corporation. However, don’t worry. I will deal with this matter for you.”

When Yan Jing hung the call, Cai Yan’s call followed after. This time, Su Tao’s tone changed again as he appeased. Otherwise, this girl might rush over to Baihe City out of worry.

Very soon, Su Tao no longer had the self-satisfaction as before; he had underestimated the power of his friends. Sending a post to appeal for help while acting cute had alarmed everyone around him. Even Du Ping had called over and asked if he needed help.

Liu Jianwei and Xia Yu called as well intending to rush over to Baihe City.

When you treat your friends sincerely, your friends will treat you sincerely as well. Friendships were built after going through numerous vicissitudes.

The officer that took Su Tao into custody initially wanted to let the two of them leave after some brief words. However, he never expected that Su Tao would be busy making calls and treat the entire interview room as his own territory. Since you like to make calls so much, then you can have fun to continue doing it, then.

That skinny officer’s name was Zhang Chen, who had relied on his own capability after graduating from the Police Academy. He initially thought that he would be able to put his talent into good use. However, he soon realised that he was dispatched to a local police station. Although he was still energetic in the first few years, he soon lost the motivation after staying in this environment for too long. He slowly came to accept the fact that there’s no hope for him to handle big cases in his lifetime and busting those gambling and prostitution dens were the limit.

In his view, there wasn’t any worth and meaning behind his dispatch this time.

Someone not from here wanted to challenge the wealthiest tycoon in this city? It’s fortunate they weren’t beaten up by the other party.

Looking at it from another view, their safety would be guaranteed to be in the station. Thinking about it in this manner, Zhang Chen suddenly felt that Su Tao was smart. He knew how to call the police to provide him with an umbrella. Unknowingly, even he had become Su Tao’s bodyguard.

When he returned to his desk to read the news on his phone, his desk line suddenly rang out with the voice of his chief from coming from the other side, “Little Zhang, did you bring someone called Su Tao into custody today?”

“Yeah, that brat is somewhat interesting. He went to Bei Xuqing’s home to cause trouble.” Zhang Chen swiftly answered.

“*Sigh* So there’s really such an incident. I will be coming over shortly. Take good care of him, and don’t be sloppy!” The chief instructed with a grave tone.

Roughly ten-odd minutes later, it was already noon when the chief, Sun Guicai, rushed over to the station. Just when he was bumping wine glasses earlier, he suddenly received an instruction from his superior to handle this matter as soon as possible. It was an order that came from the superior of his superior.

When he understood the entire situation, Sun Guicai bitterly smiled. He never expected that there would be such a troublesome matter on the first day of the Chinese New Year.

His station brought someone important into custody, and there was a noble figure who came out to vouch for him. Although he wasn’t qualified to know the identity of that person, he knew that it was a powerhouse.

Since their station interacted with various people, he knew that he couldn’t judge a person by the cover of the book.

He didn’t even cast a glance at Zhang Chen as he ran into the interview room. When he saw Su Tao playing a mobile game on his phone, he was relieved.

After all, the issue wouldn’t blow up as long as there weren’t any injuries.

When Su Tao ended the call with his master, Jiang Qinghan, he was feeling pretty happy, inwardly. Although his master wasn’t someone who would pay attention to the social network, she learned from his Junior Sister and personally made a call over to comfort him, which made him feel gratified.

Sun Guicai did not sit down. He asked with a smile. “May I ask if you’re Su Tao?”

The face of Zhang Chen, who was standing beside Sun Guicai, instantly collapsed. Did he hear it correctly? The vulgar Chief Sun was so respectful to this young man?

“That’s right. I’m Su Tao!” Su Tao nodded with a smile.

“Aiya, I’m really sorry about that. I’ve just received a call that we mishandled the matter, so I would like to apologise to you. You may leave now.” Sun Guicai immediately apologised.

Zhang Chen’s face instantly turned ashen. What’s going on? What’s the background of that fellow?

“I’m not leaving. I’ve already told Officer Zhang the reason why.” Su Tao replied with a smile.

“What’s the reason?” Sun Guicai asked.

“Erm…” After a while later, Zhang Chen finally recovered from the shock and replied, “He wants to mediate things out with Bei Xuqing!”

Hearing his words, Sun Guicai instantly felt his heart throbbing and screamed out in his heart. How am I going to deal with this matter now?!

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