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Physician’s Odyssey (Web Novel) - Chapter 250 - The Old Demon’s End

Chapter 250 - The Old Demon’s End

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Translator: Thyaeria

There was a phase, it was easy to invite the god, but it wasn’t easy to send them off. If Zhang Chen did not place Su Tao into custody, then Sun Guicai would be able to stay out of this matter and allow Su Tao and Bei Xuqing to fight amongst themselves.

Naturally, Su Tao was smart with his plans. Although he wanted to crush the other party at the beginning, he could only call the police, since he wasn’t powerful enough, and dragged the police station into this matter. As for how to use this force, Su Tao ingeniously made use of his friends.

At this moment, Sun Guicai was inwardly complaining incessantly, since there were orders to send Su Tao away.

However, Su Tao wasn’t willing to leave right now, which forced him to come out and mediate this matter.

Getting Bei Xuqing over to the station to mediate things? Sun Guicai did not have that confidence. Not only was Bei Xuqing the biggest boss behind administration, he was also an existence that could shake the entire Baihe City with a stomp. Sun Guicai knew where he stood, so how was he qualified to get Bei Xuqing over here?

Thus, he could only leave the interview room and make a call to his superior for further instructions.

“Su Tao isn’t willing to leave the station, what should I do?” Sun Guicai helplessly asked.

“What’s going on? Did you guys resort to brutality and make him unhappy?” Chen Ziteng questioned.

“We didn’t, but he’s requesting Bei Xuqing to come to the station to mediate things.” Sun Guicai felt that Chen Ziteng would know the difficult spot he’s currently in with his explanation.

After a brief pause, Chen Ziteng sighed, “Old Bei is a renowned entrepreneur in Baihe City, and we have to come out to mediate things since there’s a dispute. How about this, you head to the Bei Manor first, and I will be there shortly!”

When Sun Guicai heard Chen Ziteng’s words, he was dumbfounded, before he finally had a rough concept of Su Tao’s backing. It was more terrifying than he had imagined!

It was simple for him to figure it out. Chen Ziteng’s tone was clearly standing on Su Tao’s side, and he wanted Bei Xuqing to come out and apologise to put this matter to rest.

As a veteran with experience, Sun Guicai knew how to determine the wind’s direction. Thus, he instructed to Zhang Chen, “Take care of those two in the interview room. It’s time for meals now, ask if they want anything and order for them. Don’t leave them hungry!”

Zhang Chen widened his mouth, before he could only shake his head with a bitter smile. Following the orders of his chief, he came to the interview room and asked if the two of them needed anything.

He had been in the force for years, but this was the first time he had seen such a scenario. Thinking of how Sun Guicai hurriedly ran out, he knew that he had to be cautious.

When Sun Guicai came to the Bei Manor, two black vehicles stopped before his police vehicle. Just when the driver was about to curse, Sun Guicai sighed upon seeing the license plate, “Another person that we can’t afford to offend.”

There was a man in a western suit who came out from the front passenger seat outside the gate. Although it was winter, he wasn’t dressed thickly. He only had a white shirt inside, and a blazer draped outside. Looking from his back, anyone could see the corner of a leopard’s head.

Thus, Sun Guicai curiously asked, “Snow Leopard? Why is he here?”

Snow Leopard’s name was Xie Chang. He was someone from Baihe City’s underworld. His status was akin to Bei Xuqing’s status in the business world. Although it was the natural order of things for a cat to chase after mice, even a cat would be fearful if they encountered a giant mouse, and Xie Chang was the biggest mouse in Baihe City.

“Let’s wait, for now. We’ll see how things progress!” Sun Guicai did not go up. He instructed the driver to park the vehicle in a discreet corner.

When Xie Chang pressed on the doorbell, Butler Bao immediately rushed over. After all, they’re not from the same world, so Butler Bao had no idea about Xie Chang’s identity. When he saw the other party ferociously rushing over, he cautiously asked, “Who are you people, and why have you come?”

Flicking the cigarette in his hand, Xie Chang said, “Cut the nonsense and hand her over!”

With his brows knitted, Butler Bao unhappily responded, “Who? I’ve no idea what you’re talking about!”

Spitting a mouthful of phlegm, Xie Chang hated people like Butler Bao the most. He intimidated, “That little girl called Little Yuan. Hand her over now, or we will make a move!”

“You guys are too arrogant!” A vein twitched on Butler Bao’s forehead as he continued, “This is the Bei Manor, and the owner is a congressman of the province’s CPPCC council!”

“Fuck, you don’t understand human language?” Xie Chang took two steps back and waved his hand towards his subordinates.

A vehicle flew and shot out like an arrow as it crashed against the gate. Due to the fact that the car was altered, Xue Chang was confident in the bumper. Although the vehicle had successfully made an enormous hole in the gate, there was a dent at the corner of the vehicle. However, Xue Chang didn’t have a heartache about it. He strolled into the Bei Manor.

Although there were seven to eight security guards behind Butler Bao, the latter did not have the slightest confidence.

“Brothers beat them up!” Xie Chang issued an order and a few people charged up with polyester fiber rods.

When the security guards saw that the other party was using a professional rod, they instantly felt their hearts chilled, since those people must have undergone professional training. Although they knew how to fight, they’re not on the same level as professionals.

After the rods were used to beat the security guards up, Butler Bao became a leader without any subordinates in just four to five seconds. Pointing the rod against Butler Bao’s throat, Xie Chang solemnly said, “Your eyesight is pretty good, you managed to see through this daddy’s arrogance with a single glance.”

However, Butler Bao did not dare to utter a word, since he knew that he had encountered a ferocious person. He subconsciously gulped down a mouthful of saliva and mutter in a hoarse voice, “We can talk things nicely.”

Another man came to Xie Chang and lashed out a kick against Butler Bao’s butt and laughed, “Didn’t Boss Snow Leopard talk nicely to you at the beginning?”

Butler Bao could feel a chill down his spine, so he kneeled on the ground. He immediately gave eye signals to the security guards to get them to call the police or inform friends of the underworld.

“Boss Snow Leopard, this old fart isn’t behaving.” That man knitted his brows and commented.

With a cold sneer, Xie Chang swept a glance at Butler Bao with disdain and ordered, “Find that little girl as soon as possible to complete our task. As for these fools, I don’t have the time to waste with them.”

Bei Xuqing was chasing after Little Yuan in the bathroom, but the latter was agile. There were several times that Bei Xuqing nearly caught up to her, but she managed to escape from him. However, he was enjoying this feeling of chasing after Little Yuan, since it made him feel young and lively again.

Little Yuan was, after all, a little girl. Thus, her stamina soon ran out and she sat on the ground, rubbing her legs, and cried.

Bei Xuqing was also catching his breath before he walked over. “Little Yuan, grandpa just wants to shower with you. Why are you not willing? You made me so tired that I don’t even have the energy to shower you.”

At this moment, Little Yuan could only cower as Bei Xuqing chuckled. He pounced forth and grabbed Little Yuan’s leg before dragging her over.

Despite getting on his age, this old man was strong and was pulling her over so easily.

Exerting enough strength, Bei Xuqing carried Little Yuan up, and his gaze fell on Little Yuan’s legs. Her legs were round and moist, she looked like a doll. Excitement flickered in his eyes.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

At this crucial moment, the door was knocked. Thinking that it was a servant in the house, Bei Xuqing unhappily cast a glance over before he snorted and ignored it.

Shortly after, the door was kicked open by a man.

Xie Chang entered while pointing a rod at Butler Bao and looked around, then he instantly felt disgusted. He cussed, “Fuck, an old pervert!”

That man walked over and gave a slap that made Bei Xuqing lie on the ground.

When Xie Chang walked over, he carried Little Yuan, who was shivering in his embrace. He covered her eyes and ordered, “Beat him up as much as possible as long as he’s not dead!”

That man acknowledged and did not hold back in beating Bei Xuqing. After all, no one could tolerate the disgusting taste of this old pervert.

If you have urges, you can find a prostitute or get a mistress since you have money. But why would you lay a hand on an 8-year-old child?

While carrying Little Yuan, Snow Leopard took out his phone and smiled. “Big Sister Jing, we’ve found Little Yuan. Bei Xuqing was as rumored, an old pervert.”

Hearing his words, Yan Jing acknowledged and her gaze fell onto Hua Yan before she said, “Investigate the entire Bei Manor and hand the evidence over to the authorities.”

“Don’t worry. I will handle it well.” Xie Chang chuckled and pinched his nose.

He was one of Yan Jing’s capable generals, and Baihe City was his territory. This was also the reason why Yan Jing could sweep up the entire Bei Manor after making a call to Xie Chang.

“You’re Little Yuan, right? Don’t worry. I’m here to save you.” Carrying Little Yuan, Xie Chang left the room. This little girl was genuinely terrified.

When Chen Ziteng came, his car was stopped by Sun Guicai. Before Sun Guicai could finish explaining the entire situation, Xie Chang came out with Little Yuan in his embrace before putting her in a car and sending her off.

“It looks like I’m not needed to deal with this matter.” Chen Ziteng bitterly smiled.

His words had also caused Sun Guicai to awkwardly smile before he continued, “Who did Bei Xuqing offend?” He was trying to probe information from Chen Ziteng’s mouth.

Sweeping a glance at Sun Guicai, Chen Ziteng replied, “It’s best for you not know about it.”

After Chen Ziteng returned to his car, Sun Guicai nodded his head towards the former as a gesture of farewell. However, he realised that the former was currently making a call and wasn’t paying attention to his bootlicking.

“Old Zhong, the matter was resolved by someone else.” Chen Ziteng bitterly smiled. After such a big fuss on the first day of Chinese New Year, someone was ahead of them and resolved the issue.

Old Zhong acknowledged as he responded, “That’s good then, it has been tough on you! That young physician helped the boss once, and this can be considered as a repayment.”

With a sigh, Chen Ziteng solemnly replied, “I’m not worthy!”

After hanging the call, Chen Ziteng sighed with a complicated expression. Bei Xuqing was doomed now.

However, he was happy in his heart. After all, Bei Xuqing was famed for his arrogance and abusing his seniority, which was the reason why he had so many enemies.

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