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Physician’s Odyssey (Web Novel) - Chapter 251 - This feud is absolutely irreconcilable

Chapter 251 - This feud is absolutely irreconcilable

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Translator: Thyaeria

When Butler Bao came to look for Bei Xuqing, he saw the latter lying on the ground. He immediately ran over and placed his fingers before the latter’s nose while bearing the pain on his body. Then he called for an ambulance after seeing that his employer was still breathing.

Bei Xuqing was beaten into a terrible state. His entire mouth covered in blood, and even several of his golden teeth had been knocked out. He was lying in a puddle of blood with his face covered in bruises. His elbow had been snapped and he had several broken ribs. This scene had terrified Butler Bao. Bei Xuqing was already in his seventies. Despite doing well to maintain his health, the latter was still getting on his age. Even a young man would have to rest for a hundred days for a broken rib, so Bei Xuqing would require at least a few years to recover completely.

At this moment, Bei Xuqing finally regained his consciousness, but he couldn’t feel his body. His face was plastered with shame and anger. He had never experienced such humiliation in his life. With great difficulty, he muttered, “Get…Huan…yu!”

Butler Bao had tears covering his face while seeing his employer was in this terrible state. He nodded his head and immediately gave Bei Huanyu a call. “Young Master, something bad has happened to Master.”

Bei Huanyu was currently in Qiongjin City, which he intended to make a trip back to Baihe City to visit the old man. However, he never expected to receive a piece of grievous news. “What’s going on?!”

“Young Master, a group of thugs charged into the manor and beat Master up. Right now, Master only has one breath remaining, and I’m afraid that he won’t make it!” Butler Bao’s voice was coarse as he sobbed.

Hearing the news, Bei Huanyu’s face was instantly drained of all color and his entire body trembled while holding onto the phone. He was known as a filial son in the business world, and he would probably become a laughing stock if the news of his father being beaten up on the first day of Chinese New Year gets out.

“Young Master, when are you coming back?” Butler Bao asked with tears and mucus flowing down his face. With Bei Xuqing in this state, the next pillar of support in the house would fall onto Bei Huanyu.

“I will rush back as soon as possible.” Bei Huanyu replied after he recovered from the shocking news.

When his wife, Shao Jing, saw Bei Huanyu’s unsightly expression, she immediately rushed over and inquired with concern, “Hubby, what’s wrong?”

“Dad was beaten up.” Bei Huanyu gritted and practically forced the words through his teeth, “I better not find the person who did this, this feud is absolutely irreconcilable!”

Shao Jing was also shocked for a long time before she recovered. “I’ll give my dad a call now!”

Bei Huanyu nodded his head. Shao Jing’s father was also a renowned figure with students distributed all around Baihe City, involving various industries. If his father-in-law was willing to step forth, then those hoodlums wouldn’t be able to escape from the judgment of the law, regardless of their background.

Immediately, Bei Huanyu instructed his subordinate to prepare the car, and Shao Jing had also changed her clothes at this moment, before she called her father.

When Shao Wenfu heard Shao Jing's explanation, he immediately flew into a rage and slammed on the desk. “Ridiculous! Something like this took place in a lawful society? Don’t worry. I will make a call and have this matter investigated!”

With a sigh, Shao Jing continued, “Dad, we’re heading to Baihe City now, don’t be too anxious.”

“Hmph!” Shao Wenfu was in his sixties. Although he was a decade younger than Bei Xuqing, he had a good relationship with the latter. Otherwise, he also wouldn’t have married his only daughter to his son. Thus, he first concluded that it was a scheme targeted at him.

After hanging up the call with his daughter, Shao Wenfu immediately called a few friends of his and explained the matter that occurred at the home of his relative. He immediately issued an order for people to head down and investigate the matter.

Since Gu Yongfei once worked for Shao Wenfu for years, he immediately put down all the matters on hand and made calls to his subordinates after receiving the instructions from his old superior.

Although Bei Huanyu had asked his father-in-law for help, he did not idle about. He immediately gave a call to several underworld friends of his. After all, it was best for him to engage both worlds, since this matter involved the underworld.

In the police station, Su Tao had no idea that this matter had already blown up. When he saw Xie Chang, he instantly had a good impression of this graceful man.

Xie Chang immediately introduced himself, “I’m the one that Big Sister Jing called over to help you.” After that, he put Little Yuan down and Lu Shimiao ran over, hugging the little girl. It was a touching scene.

While Xie Chang pinched his nose, he whispered the entire situation to Su Tao.

Hearing his explanation, Su Tao’s face changed. He never expected that Bei Xuqing would be such a perverted old man, who was going to make a move on Little Yuan; he was simply worse than a beast!

“Don’t worry, I’ve already torn apart Bei Xuqing’s bones, so he won’t be able to commit any evil in the future.” Xie Chang casually smiled.

His words left Su Tao a little apologetic. “This favor is too huge, and I’ve no idea how to repay you.”

Waving his hand, Xie Chang casually replied, “Repay Yan Jing if you want. I owe her even more favors.”

From those words, Su Tao could infer a few things. Firstly, Xie Chang owed Yan Jing favors, and secondly, Xie Chang’s feelings for Yan Jing weren’t as simple as a subordinate.

At this moment, a man suddenly walked over from the rear and whispered in Xie Chang’s ears. Scrunching his brows, Xie Chang snickered, “I understand!”

Since Su Tao could read lips, he asked after a brief pondering, “Now that this matter has blown up, how are you going to deal with it?”

His words left Xie Chang surprised. The latter never expected that Su Tao could listen to the conversation between him and his brother. With a flicker of confidence through his brows, he patted Su Tao’s shoulder. “I, Snow Leopard, have never feared trouble. I will deal with this matter, but Baihe City isn’t the place for you to stay. I will arrange for a vehicle to send you back to Hanzhou City. It’s Big Sister Jing’s territory there, and it’s absolutely safe for you!”

When he finished his words, Xie Chang left the interview room with confidence.

It was rare for Su Tao to have admiration for someone, and Xie Chang has left a deep impression in him; this was a chivalrous man. Naturally, he was more curious about the story behind Yan Jing and Xie Chang, then felt sour in his heart.

Zhang Chen silently watched this whole scene from the side and felt that the matters today have taken many twists and turns. Firstly, it was Sun Guicai who personally came over to invite Su Tao out, and now, another group came to bring a little girl over. After a brief analysis, he could tell that this little girl was the cause of the entire incident.

When Su Tao saw Little Yuan, he knew that he couldn’t stay any longer, since Bei Xuqing has been injured.

At this moment, Sun Guicai returned to the station. After he separated from Sun Ziteng, he received a call from Gu Yongfei, which made him feel troubled.

“I’m sorry, but you guys can’t leave for the moment!” Sun Guicai said with a bitter smile.

“You’ve just said that we can leave, and now, you’re going against your words again. What are you trying here?!” Su Tao was unhappy with Sun Guicai’s contradiction.

“Just a moment ago, someone barged into the Bei Manor and injured Bei Xuqing. We’re finding the culprit at the moment, and we believe that it’s related to you.” Sun Guicai also felt a dilemma, since he couldn’t afford to offend either Chen Ziteng or Gu Yongfei, so he continued, “So I’ll need you to wait here for a while.”

With a sigh, Su Tao patted Sun Guicai’s shoulder. “Chief Sun, you must be a little more sly when it comes to things. Since you know that you can’t make any decision about this matter, why can’t you close an eye?”

Sun Guicai looked at Su Tao in astonishment, since he soon understood the latter’s meaning, then moved to the side.

Seeing that this fellow could still be saved, Su Tao left the station with Lu Shimiao and Little Yuan.

“Chief, are you really going to let him go?” Zhang Chen asked in puzzlement. In his view, Su Tao was the key to Bei Xuqing being beaten up. So even if he wasn’t the culprit, this matter was definitely linked to him.

“Am I letting him go? He’s the one who wants to leave, and we couldn’t stop him!” Sun Guicai glared at Zhang Chen. He had suffered quite a bit today, so he could only vent all his emotions on the latter.

Seeing Sun Guicai stomping back to his office, Zhang Chen scratched his head. He had no idea what the former was thinking.

Actually, Sun Guicai’s thinking was simple. If Su Tao remained in the station, the conflict would continue to escalate, and he might be implicated in this matter. Thus, his station was too small to keep this deity here, and it was best for Su Tao to leave.

Sitting in the backseat of the vehicle, the driver was a blondy who looked to be in his mid-twenties. He smiled at Su Tao, but Su Tao knew that this blond was only being polite to him because of Xie Chang.

“I’ve never been to Hanzhou before, so let me look at the navigation and study the route a while.” The blondy grinned.

“I’m not going back.” Su Tao smiled.

The blondy turned around in astonishment and replied, “Boss Snow Leopard just informed me to send you back to Hanzhou safely. Don’t worry. I have the best driving skills around, despite not being familiar with the road.”

Feeling that this blondy was pretty humorous, Su Tao smiled. “The matter is still not resolved, so I can’t just leave Baihe City.”

Knitting his brows, the blond said in puzzlement, “Boss Snow Leopard said that he would handle this matter, and you just have to return to Hanzhou.”

Shaking his head, Su Tao smiled. “I know that Brother Snow Leopard is loyal, but I can’t just dump the trouble onto him to deal with it. Send me to the Bei Manor. I have to resolve this matter first, before troubling you to send us back to Hanzhou City.”

Staring at Su Tao for a long while, the blond nodded his head and smiled. “I never expected that you’d be pretty loyal yourself, and I like your character. Fine, I’ll send you to the Bei Manor. At most, I’ll tell Boss Snow Leopard that I didn’t have a choice, since you were threatening me with a knife to my neck.”

The blondy’s driving skill was pretty good. He turned the car around and stepped on the gas. The entire vehicle rumbled and shot out like an arrow, arriving at the Bei Manor roughly ten-odd minutes later.

Xie Chang was smoking outside his car before he knitted his brows when he saw the blondy driving over. He flicked his cigarette and walked towards Su Tao, who was coming out of the car.

“Didn’t I tell you to return to Hanzhou?” Xie Chang unhappily asked.

“I don’t have a habit of leaving my troubles to someone to clean up.” Su Tao pridefully replied.

“Interesting!” Xie Chang laughed as he continued, “Fine. This is how the man that Yan Jing admires should be.”

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