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Physician’s Odyssey (Web Novel) - Chapter 252 - The World Collapsing

Chapter 252 - The World Collapsing

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Translator: Thyaeria

Roughly half an hour later, Bei Huanyu’s vehicle left the highway. However, he was surprised, since the journey after the highway wasn’t smooth. There were cars all around, with most of them being cabs and vans. Looking at the drivers, they were all young men in their twenties with their hair dyed green and looking fearless.

When Bei Huanyu’s vehicle was a kilometer away from Bei Manor, the car couldn’t go any further. The driver spammed the horn at a few green-haired young men who were walking over. They flipped the bird towards the window, and seeing such a response, the driver no longer dared to press on the horn and helplessly looked at Bei Huanyu.

Bei Huanyu was also helpless, since he knew that these uncultured hoodlums couldn’t be reasoned with. Thus, he turned to Shao Jing. “You stay in the car, don’t go anywhere. This place is not far from home, so we’ll walk over.”

Nodding her head, Shao Jing had a complicated gaze before she sighed. She knew that this matter had blown up. She had just called her father, but it wasn’t the police that received them, but a bunch of hoodlums.

Under the escort of Huanyu Corporation’s professional bodyguards, Bei Huanyu walked over.

Those young men instantly looked over with disdain, which caused Bei Huanyu to feel uneasy. Don’t underestimate those young men, they’re all fearless, especially those that weren’t even sixteen. Even if they commit a murder, they would only be punished as a juvenile under the law.

Under the escort of seven bodyguards, Bei Huanyu finally made it to the Bei Manor’s gates. When Xie Chang looked at the branded clothes on Bei Huanyu, he smirked. “Finally, the prince is here!”

Seeing Bei Huanyu’s arrival, Su Tao walked over and felt that he should talk with Bei Huanyu about this matter. After all, he was the cause of this matter. When Xie Chang saw this scene, he had splendor flickering through his eyes. He felt that Su Tao was pretty good. The latter had backbone and wasn’t a coward!

With a cold voice, Bei Huanyu said, “You guys are too rampant! You dare to injure my father and block the gate of my house?”

Shaking his head, Su Tao replied with a smile, “We’re not the ones rampant, but your Bei Family.”

One of the security guards beside Bei Huanyu immediately stepped forth and pointed at Su Tao’s nose. “Watch your tone!”

Shrugging his shoulders, Su Tao sighed, “I can’t watch my tone since there’s a fire in my heart.”

Su Tao’s arrogance teased Bei Huanyu, so he laughed. What an arrogant person, you’re angry when you’re the one beating people up? Taking a step back, Bei Huanyu snickered, “Beat him up. I’ll bear all the responsibility”

The bodyguards were all retired elite soldiers and graduates of Donglu Province’s martial academy. Every single one of them was robust. They pounced towards Su Tao.

Just when Xie Chang knitted his brows and was about to interfere, he was briefly stunned before laughing.

Su Tao was the first to make a move and his movements were experienced. He unleashed a few jabs against those bodyguards and all of them were paralysed on the ground.

Watching this scene, Xie Chang knew that Su Tao was skilled, and he wasn’t confident against this person.

This was also why Su Tao wanted to deal with this matter. Since he was the cause, he was confident in his own abilities!

This scene made Bei Huanyu keep his silence as he viciously glared at Su Tao. He knew that there was nothing he could do to these people, and those hoodlums outside were clearly here to support him. Even if he succeeded in taking the two of them down, it’s impractical for him to escape the encirclement.

As someone with status, Bei Huanyu had never felt so humiliated.

Wolves were standing before him, while reinforcements were behind them.

The secretary beside him took out a phone, which Bei Huanyu answered the call and asked, “Tiger, where are you now? A bunch of hoodlums is currently surrounding me!”

The person on the other side of the call wore a bitter smile as he explained, “Mr. Bei, I’m calling to tell you that I can’t interfere in this matter today! You’ve offended Boss Snow Leopard, and he’s the big boss of Baihe City’s underworld. I still want to stay in Baihe City!”

His words left Bei Huanyu startled, before he looked at Su Tao and that man behind him. He had met with Snow Leopard, Xie Chang, in the past, and had some impression of the latter.

After he hung the call, Bei Huanyu gritted his teeth. He could only call his father-in-law, Shao Wenfu.

When Shao Wenfu heard that a bunch of ruffians blocked his son-in-law and that the police still haven’t arrived, he furiously barked, “This is simply lawless! Is this still a lawful society?! I’m going to send feedback to the higher management, and if they can’t deal with it, I’ll call through the levels one by one to deal with this matter!”

After hanging the call, Shao Wenfu felt that this matter was a little fishy, so he did not call his superiors but Gu Yongfei, instead.

The latter was also in an awkward situation, since he had just learned from Sun Guicai that this matter wasn’t simple. His superior, Chen Ziteng had just made an appearance to stand on Su Tao’s side.

It was his teacher on one side, while his superior was on the other. In the end, Gu Yongfei decided to stand on the reality side. After all, Shao Wenfu was getting on his age, and Baihe City would slowly start to forget this figure in a few more years. Compared to him, Chen Ziteng was still in his prime with unlimited prospects. One had to take the side with the biggest fist, and Shao Wenfu’s fist wasn’t as tough as it was in the past.

“The matter I came to know was a little different compared to what you’re saying.” Gu Yongfei continued with a solemn voice, “There’s actually a reason why the Bei Manor was crashed. Bei Xuqing has imprisoned a little girl and was about to engage in illegal activities.”

“What?! That’s impossible!” Shao Wenfu jumped when he heard about this matter. “That must be a conspiracy. I have known Bei Xuqing for years, and he’s a gentleman! He has greatly contributed to Baihe City, so how can he do something like that?!”

After a brief consideration, Shao Yongfei tactfully warned, “I know that you have relationships with Bei Xuqing, but it was an order from the province that all departments are to take this seriously.”

Shao Wenfu was dumbfounded before he took in a cold breath and bitterly smiled. “It has already been blown up to that level?”

Gu Yongfei helplessly replied, “You’ve always been saying that you want to retire smoothly at this age, so I suggest that you give up on this matter. Otherwise, you will get burnt instead!”

He had already done his best to warn Shao Wenfu about this matter.

After hanging up the phone, Gu Yongfei sighed in the car and asked his secretary, “Why haven’t we arrived yet?”

“The roads are blocked!” His secretary bitterly smiled and continued, “The hoodlums in Baihe City have all been activated.”

Knitting his brows, Gu Yongfei cussed that Snow Leopard, Xie Chang, was too arrogant. It was practically an act that disregarded his existence!

Thus, he made a call and questioned, “What are you doing? Are you trying to rebel?!”

Xie Chang smiled. “Why would I dare? The commoners are just gathered on the street, discussing things after hearing something unjust.”

“Fuck, don’t glib tongue with me. I will be arriving shortly, so get everyone to leave.” Gu Yongfei has known Xie Chang for a long time. After all, they’re standing at the top of their world. Although their relationship cannot be considered as good, it wasn’t bad either. Both of them had preserved faces for each other out of survival.

“How can I not listen to you? I guarantee that they will all return to where they came from in ten minutes. However, you have to give an explanation regarding the Bei Manor.” Xie Chang chuckled as he made a request.

“Don’t worry. I have already received an order to investigate Bei Xuqing to the end.” Gu Yongfei sighed as he continued, “Don’t cause any trouble before I arrive, in case there are any injuries!”

Hearing Gu Yongfei’s words, Xie Chang smiled, “Rest assured. I will protect the crime scene before your arrival, and no one will be allowed entry.”

Gu Yongfei bitterly smiled. Xie Chang seemed to have treated himself as the owner of Bei Manor.

Standing before him, Bei Huanyu’s face was dark as he waited for his father-in-law’s call. But it was a pity that he didn’t receive any news, even after ten minutes.

When the hoodlums received the order, they started to disperse and the road started to clear up. When Gu Yongfei looked out of the window, he felt pressured, since he never expected that Xie Chang would be so powerful that he could call so many people over.

Although they’re not the army, the matter would become complicated if there’s a confrontation. The clash of thousands wasn’t a responsibility that he could bear. Furthermore, it was clear that Bei Xuqing was a little too much! Although he appeared impartial on the surface, he detested someone like Bei Xuqing.

A few police vehicles had also arrived on the crime scene and Sun Guicai showed up with his team at the right time.

Walking towards Xie Chang, Gu Feiyong said, “My men are all here now, so can you leave now?”

Xie Chang immediately gave an eye signal to a few people and smiled. “The police are handling a case, get anyone uninvolved to leave!” Someone immediately made a call to pass his words.

What’s going on? Why does the police seem to be standing on the same side as those hoodlums?

Bei Huanyu felt his world collapsing at this scene. Is this still the Baihe City where the Bei Family holds great authority?

One must know that in the past, the Bei Family was fearless in Baihe City. Anyone that offended the Bei Family would be expelled from Baihe City, and for those unfortunate ones, their homes would be destroyed!

Thus, he immediately blocked Gu Yongfei’s path and questioned, “What’s going on? My father is clearly the one injured here, so why are you investigating the Bei Manor?”

Indifferently glancing at Bei Huanyi, Gu Yongfei replied, “Mr. Bei, the more you speak, the more mistakes you make.”

When he finished, Gu Yongfei waved his hand and his subordinates stomped into the Bei Manor.

He was disregarded! Bei Huanyu felt his throat going dry at this scene. The Bei Family was the most prominent family in Baihe City, so why did it get targeted by both the underworld and authorities?

The more he thought about it, the more uneasy he felt, and his father-in-law still hadn’t called him back! Bei Huanyu looked at Su Tao once again, the foreigner who looked indifferent, as if he wasn’t involved. He had imprinted the looks of this person in his heart, since he knew that this person was the cause.

Even Su Tao hadn’t expected that a post on his social media account would shake the entire Baihe City.

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