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President Daddy’s Infinite Pampering (Web Novel)


On the night of her coming-of-age ceremony, Nan Zhi is lured into a trap by the people closest to her and falls pregnant.

Four years later, she returns with her son.

A respected and domineering man suddenly barges into her world.

"Speak! Who is the child's father?"

An adorable child holding a water gun appears out of nowhere, shouting, "Who is this wild man? How dare he snatch Brother Jie's goddess?!"

From then on, two small domineering brats and a manchild are added to her world.

In the middle of the night, he sneaks into her room, pressing a heated kiss onto her lips.

"Woman, do you know what's the result of stealing my seed?"


"From now on, you have to let me kiss and pamper you everyday."

Erm… How was her inability to walk the next day, the result of his pampering?

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The chapterAddition Time
Chapter 1245: He Can Torture Her, But Others Can’t2021-01-19
Chapter 1244: Taking Care of Her Personally2021-01-18
Chapter 1243: Feeding Her Medicine2021-01-18
Chapter 1242: He is a Devil2021-01-17
Chapter 1241: D-Don’t Touch Me…2021-01-17
Chapter 1240: He Will Come and Look for Her2021-01-16
Chapter 1239: Kowtowing Three Times2021-01-16
Chapter 1238: So Shameless…2021-01-16
Chapter 1237: She Went into His Room2021-01-15
Chapter 1236: He Looked at Her Like She Was a Stranger2021-01-14
Chapter 1235: Mr Qiao is Here2021-01-14
Chapter 1234: He’s Dead2021-01-13
Chapter 1233: Wishful Thinking2021-01-13
Chapter 1232: Crazy2021-01-12
Chapter 1231: No Need to Worry2021-01-12
Chapter 1230: Where Was He Going In the Middle of the Night?2021-01-11
Chapter 1229: She Almost Fell2021-01-11
Chapter 1228: Not Enough to be Scared2021-01-10
Chapter 1227: She Leaned Towards Him2021-01-10
Chapter 1226: Perfect2021-01-09
Chapter 1225: She Said Yes2021-01-09
Chapter 1224: Pampering Her2021-01-08
Chapter 1223: Scram, Stay Far Away From Me If You See Me Again2021-01-08
Chapter 1222: Devilish and Cold2021-01-07
Chapter 1221: A Sharp Gaze Landed on Her2021-01-07
Chapter 1220: She Stared at Him During the Wedding2021-01-06
Chapter 1219: Never Meeting Again2021-01-06
Chapter 1218: The One Called Qiao Sen2021-01-05
Chapter 1217: He’s A Devil!2021-01-05
Chapter 1216: Do You Have Any Shame?2021-01-04
Chapter 1215: Not Going Head-On Against People2021-01-04
Chapter 1214: Saving The Beauty2021-01-03
Chapter 1213: Regaining His Memories2021-01-03
Chapter 1212: Forgetting Her2021-01-02
Chapter 1211: The Truth Is Closing in2021-01-02
Chapter 1210: It’s Really Good to Have You by My Side2021-01-02
Chapter 1209: He Had Underestimated This Woman2021-01-01
Chapter 1208: Powerful Aura2021-01-01
Chapter 1207: Aggressive2020-12-31
Chapter 1206: Something Bad2020-12-30
Chapter 1205: Something Serious Had Happened2020-12-30
Chapter 1204: I Love You…2020-12-29
Chapter 1203: Xiao Yi and Yanran’s Ending (3)2020-12-29
Chapter 1202: Xiao Yi and Yanran’s Ending (2)2020-12-29
Chapter 1201: Xiao Yi and Yanran’s Ending (1)2020-12-28
Chapter 1200: He Wanted to Strangle Her2020-12-28
Chapter 1199: So Close2020-12-27
Chapter 1198: Definitely Wouldn’t Suffer2020-12-26
Chapter 1197: He Walked Over2020-12-26
Chapter 1196: She Had Changed2020-12-25
Chapter 1195: Pregnant2020-12-25
Chapter 1194: Fostering Feelings2020-12-24
Chapter 1193: His Sudden Appearance Gave Her A Surprise2020-12-24
Chapter 1192: Some Sacrifices and Compromises2020-12-23
Chapter 1191: So Sour2020-12-23
Chapter 1190: Treasure the Person In Front of You2020-12-22
Chapter 1189: Xiao Yi Said Nothing2020-12-22
Chapter 1188: That Scene Hurt Her Eyes2020-12-22
Chapter 1187: He Had Always Loved Her2020-12-22
Chapter 1186: Sad2020-12-22
Chapter 1185: He Asked Her to Scram2020-12-20
Chapter 1184: Seductive2020-12-20
Chapter 1183: I Still Love You After All These Years2020-12-19
Chapter 1182: It Seemed Like He Want to Freeze Her2020-12-18
Chapter 1181: Her Tears Fell Because of the Pain2020-12-18
Chapter 1180: It’s Enough to Have Just One Child in This Life2020-12-17
Chapter 1179: Bumping into Him2020-12-17
Chapter 1178: Called Him After Getting Drunk2020-12-16
Chapter 1177: He Looked at Her Deeply2020-12-16
Chapter 1176: Unable to Read His Heart2020-12-15
Chapter 1175: Ruthless Slap2020-12-15
Chapter 1174: Don’t Know What to Say2020-12-14
Chapter 1173: In Her Heart2020-12-14
Chapter 1172: Their Hearts Were Aligned2020-12-13
Chapter 1171: Wanting To Ruin Her White Moon2020-12-13
Chapter 1170: His Gentleness2020-12-12
Chapter 1169: Xiao Yi’s Promise2020-12-12
Chapter 1168: Going To Find Xiao Yi2020-12-11
Chapter 1167: A Jealous Her Was So Cute2020-12-11
Chapter 1166: A Way to Make Xia Yanran Pregnant2020-12-10
Chapter 1165: Begging You To Not Leave2020-12-10
Chapter 1164: This Wasn’t A Dream2020-12-09
Chapter 1163: Reaping What One Sowed2020-12-09
Chapter 1162: She Got into His Car2020-12-08
Chapter 1161: There Are Many Women Who Want to Marry Him2020-12-08
Chapter 1160: Banquet2020-12-07
Chapter 1159: Looking at Her From a Distance2020-12-07
Chapter 1158: She Came Up to Her And Slapped Her Twice2020-12-06
Chapter 1157: Deep in Thought2020-12-06
Chapter 1156: He Wanted to Spend All His Life with Her2020-12-05
Chapter 1155: The Punishment She Deserved2020-12-05
Chapter 1154: Explosion2020-12-04
Chapter 1153: Unmasking Him2020-12-04
Chapter 1152: Like Strangers2020-12-03
Chapter 1151: Treated Gently by Him2020-12-03
Chapter 1150: Inheritance2020-12-02
Chapter 1149: Jumping Down from the Yacht2020-12-02
Chapter 1148: Perfect Blend2020-12-01
Chapter 1147: Xiao Yi was Here2020-12-01
Chapter 1146: She’s Pregnant2020-11-30
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