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President Daddy’s Infinite Pampering (Web Novel) - Chapter 292: Have You Seen Today’s Headlines?

Chapter 292: Have You Seen Today’s Headlines?

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Mu Sihan opened his deep black eyes slowly. His sexy lips moved slightly as he instructed the driver in front, “Start driving.”

The car drove into the main street and moved towards the direction of the manor.

Wei Lin, who was sitting in the front passenger seat, glanced at the secret bodyguard cum substitute seated at the back. “Ye Ying, does it feel good to have sex with a celebrity?”

Ye Ying laughed coldly. “Women are all the same.”

Wei Lin smacked his lips together, his expression clearly envious. “The benefits of being Young Master Mu’s substitute are so good. However,” Wei Lin glanced at cold-faced Mu Sihan, who did not speak much when he drank too much, “Young Master Mu, I’ve confirmed that Miss Nan is at home. How did Qin Yubing use her phone to send you the message? And how did you notice that it wasn’t sent by Miss Nan?”

Mu Sihan took out a cigar from a wooden box and placed it between his lips. Ye Ying leaned forward a little to help him light the cigar. Mu Sihan narrowed his deep black eyes as he took two puffs and slowly exhaled the smoke out. He opened his mouth and spoke, “Kitten has her own quirk when she sends messages. She doesn’t like to put full-stops but there was a full-stop at the end of the message I received on my phone.”

Mu Sihan adjusted his weight as he leaned against the chair. A half-smile appeared on his thin lips. “Let alone, Kitten would never take the initiative.” Besides, she was still traumatized from being forced on by him!

Was she not just sending herself to her doom by asking to meet him at the hotel?

He could only say that Qin Yubing was too superficial and did not know her best friend at all.

Wei Lin nodded in understanding. “Young Master Mu, I didn’t think that you were so attentive when it came to Miss Nan. But, will Qin Yubing go and complain to Miss Nan? Since you asked Ye Ying to act as you and have sex with her? After all, the two of them grew up together!”

Mu Sihan laughed lowly. “It would be Ye Ying and Qin Yubing’s photo on the news tomorrow. If Kitten knew me well enough, she would naturally know the difference. If she can’t…” He did not finish his words as a cold glare that no one could decipher flashed past his deep black eyes.

“Young Master Mu, I don’t understand why you didn’t just ban Qin Yubing straight away?”

Mu Sihan tapped the ash on the burning cigar into the ashtray. He half-squinted his eyes and his expression was calm, yet unreadable. “If I didn’t guess wrongly, Qin Yubing was probably the one behind the fans attacking Nan Zhi. Back then, she took Nan Zhi’s phone and inserted a virus. That virus is the newest one developed by the SSS group and is able to intercept calls, send messages and control the other party’s phone from afar.”

SSS was the world’s largest organized-crime group. They dealt with drugs, selling of military firearms, organized terrorist attacks, stole top-secret intelligence from nations all over the world, and all in all, destroyed the peace of the world and many others… The leader of the SSS group was a strong candidate for the party behind Mu Sihan’s twin older brother, Ye Qing’s, death from a plane accident.

However, this leader was very cunning and their base was very mysterious and extremely hard to find.

Mu Sihan’s facial features tensed as his tone turned colder. “How did Qin Yubing know where I was?”

Wei Lin was very surprised, “Could there be a spy?”

“The least we can confirm is that the SSS group has placed a spy next to me.”

The next day.

Nan Zhi went to work at the broadcasting company. However, she noticed that the atmosphere was a little strange once she entered the office.

Several of the female colleagues were discussing something noisily at first, though they all dispersed like birds when they saw her.

Nan Zhi sat on her office chair. She turned back to find those female colleagues looking at her with weird expressions. She furrowed her eyebrows as she asked in confusion, “What’s wrong with you all?”


Nan Zhi had the habit to bring her cup to the kitchen to prepare a drink before she started her work.

She noticed that several of the male colleagues were also huddled together when she walked to the kitchen. “Have you all seen the headlines today?”

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