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President Daddy’s Infinite Pampering (Web Novel) - Chapter 293: Bitter Heart

Chapter 293: Bitter Heart

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“The big celebrity, Qin Yubing, actually did it with… My god, even though it’s a collage, check out Qin Yubing’s figure! It’s smoking hot!”

“Doesn’t Qin Yubing have the image of being innocent and pure? She’s definitely not innocent and pure at all! Look at all those positions and look at her face! She’s clearly showing her strong sexual desire!”

“F*ck! How many rounds did he do with her? Is she satisfied with her expression like that? I can’t tell if she wants to cry or if she’s overwhelmed by intense satisfaction.”

“Oi, don’t you all find this man a little familiar?”

“Holy crap, it’s Young Master Mu, our show’s exclusive sponsor.”

Nan Zhi had already stiffened when she heard Qin Yubing’s name.

A frozen spell seemed to have been cast on her body almost immediately after she heard the words ‘Young Master Mu’.

She couldn’t move at all.

Qin Yubing and Young Master Mu…

The words that Qin Yubing told her before kept repeating in her head…

“… I fell in love with him at first sight. Zhizhi, there hasn’t been a man who has given me such a strong feeling before.”

“… He saved me from a director the night I sent the message. The way he looked at me was so gentle. I could tell that he had feelings for me.”

One of the male colleagues noticed the figure standing by the entrance from the corner of his eye and jumped in surprise. “Nan Zhi?”

The kitchen immediately fell silent.

One of the colleagues quickly eyed another one to hide the newspaper.

Nan Zhi tightened her fingers around the cup. She walked into the kitchen with not much of a change to her expression. “What were you all looking at earlier? Can you show me?”

The colleagues that was holding the newspaper shook his head with guilt. “It’s nothing…”

Nan Zhi took a step forward and snatched the newspaper from behind him before he could finish his words.

Her expression changed with a single glance. Her fingers that were holding onto the newspaper tightened and her knuckles paled.

A man had a woman pinned under him on the giant photo on the front page of the newspaper. The woman was looking up slightly while the man had his face buried in the woman’s neck. A clear side profile of the man was revealed.

There were two more photos. One was of the woman with her arms wrapped around the man’s neck as the two kissed ferociously.

Although only the man’s side profile could be seen, however the cold and stiff expression and tall nose-bridge was the same as Mu Sihan’s.

Qin Yubing was completely naked and half-kneeling in front of the man in the last photo.

They were both a grown man and woman. Everyone knew what they were doing without the need for any words.

Nan Zhi’s heart tightened. She opened her mouth, but her throat was dry and mute and she found she could not say a single thing.

Qin Yubing and Mu Sihan…

“Nan Zhi, are you alright? A lot of wealthy men are like that actually. You don’t have to care too much.” Noticing her silence, one of the male colleagues comforted her.

Nan Zhi pursed her lips tightly together. She did not say anything and returned the newspaper to the male colleague before she walked out of the kitchen.

Nan Zhi returned to the office and started working, as though nothing had happened.

Nan Zhi received two calls from Xia Yanran and Qin Yubing at noon.

Nan Zhi did not answer the calls. She only sent a message in their group chat saying to meet at their regular place.

The place where the three of them used to meet at was at a small pavilion at Fengshu Garden.

The three of them used to drink and sing here. They played around and had heart-to-heart talks here. It was somewhere that was theirs.

Xia Yanran had already arrived by the time Nan Zhi reached the small pavilion. She grabbed Nan Zhi’s slightly cold hand immediately. “Did Yubing really do it with Young Master Mu?”

After returning from Flower Island, Xia Yanran had been pushed very tightly by Xiao Yi and had ended up resigning from her job as a reporter. She accompanied Xiaojie to the hospital everyday recently and only left with Junyuan at night.

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