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President Daddy’s Infinite Pampering (Web Novel) - Chapter 294: He Raped Me Last Night

Chapter 294: He Raped Me Last Night

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Nan Zhi did not reply to Xia Yanran, because Qin Yubing had just arrived with a pale and sullen face.

The moment she arrived, she hugged Nan Zhi with strength the moment she arrived and broke out into tears as she started to sob loudly. “Zhizhi, have Yanran and you seen the news? I didn’t think that Young Master Mu would be the type of person who forced himself on women! He drank too much last night and he… he raped me!”

Although Qin Yubing knew that Mu Sihan liked Nan Zhi, the two of them were not together and Nan Zhi was just one of his many mistresses. She did not feel the need to apologize to Nan Zhi.

She also did not think that she had snatched Nan Zhi’s man. After all, all is fair in love and war.

What she wanted was to get Nan Zhi’s sympathy and make her stay far away from Young Master Mu in the future.

Nan Zhi’s expression was a little dark as she stared at the tearstained face of Qin Yubing. It was no wonder that she could be so popular in recent years. Her acting skills were indeed good.

If she did not connect things together and analyze them carefully, she might have believed her because of their friendship from when they were young.

Redness appeared in Nan Zhi’s eyes as a strong anger rose within her chest.

She scoffed coldly as she pushed Qin Yubing away. She then lifted her hand and slapped her ruthlessly.


It was a sharp sound and made Qin Yubing’s tears stop immediately. The sharp pain on her face felt like someone had taken a searing iron and scalded her.

Xia Yanran stood behind Nan Zhi. She did not say anything, but used her actions to show that she was on Nan Zhi’s side.

Qin Yubing smiled in ridicule. They said that the three of them were best friends, regardless of who they were. But the ones with the strongest relationship were only the two of them when it came to the most critical time, and she was the one who was excluded.

So this was Nan Zhi, superficial and scheming. They were the ones who had grown up together and used to say that they were the bestest of friends. However, her heart leaned towards Xia Yanran after she appeared.

Qin Yubing caressed her red and swollen cheek. She stared at Nan Zhi through her blurred vision from the tears. “You hit me for a man? That man is a complete playboy and is just playing with our bodies and feelings!”

Nan Zhi’s gaze moved from Qin Yubing’s face to her neck. She was wearing a v-neck long dress today. There were alarmingly red marks left on her neck and collarbone.

Her lips tugged into a cold smile. “Yubing, do you really think I hit you for a man? Who am I to hit you when you don’t consider the two of us to be dating? Even I don’t consider us to be dating. However, I didn’t tell you that I had sex with him before. So why would you say something like that?”

Qin Yubing trembled slightly under Nan Zhi’s gaze that was slowly turning sharper. “I, I…”

When did Nan Zhi, who was usually easy-going and easy to lie to, become so sharp and cold? She felt a cold shiver running throughout her when Nan Zhi glared at her coldly.

Did she find out about anything?

No, that couldn’t happen.

“Zhizhi, are you breaking our friendship for a man? Besides, that man isn’t truthful to you. If he loves you wholeheartedly, why would he want me after he got drunk?”


Another strong slap came down on Qin Yubing’s other cheek the moment she finished her words.

Qin Yubing clenched her jaw tightly. She could taste the metallic taste of blood in her mouth. Her slender body shivered continuously. She had never felt so embarrassed before and a fiery pain burned every nerve within her.

“Nan Zhi, are you crazy? I came today to persuade you nicely to leave that man and see his true colors. Why the hell did you hit me?”

“Why?” Nan Zhi narrowed her almond-shaped eyes as her red lips curled up. The expression on her face looked cold and unyielding. “You think that I hit you for a man? Then you’ve really underestimated me. Am I the type of people who wouldn’t want her friends for a man? I hit you, because…”

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