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President Daddy’s Infinite Pampering (Web Novel) - Chapter 295: Breaking Off (1)

Chapter 295: Breaking Off (1)

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Nan Zhi looked at Qin Yubing’s eyes with indifference and coldness, with a lingering disappointment and sorrow underneath.

Qin Yubing had never seen Nan Zhi like this. Her heart tightened and she moved backwards, feeling inexplicably terrified and guilty.

A cold voice, articulating each word clearly, sounded by her ear. “The person who put the mifepristone tablets in Nan Yao’s juice and caused her miscarriage was your doing right?”

When Xia Yanran heard this, her eyes widened in disbelief.

If this was done by Qin Yubing, then she was really cruel to harm somebody through the hands of another!

Nan Zhi was attacked by the whole Internet, hated on and her reputation was almost destroyed.

If she had not calmly handled it herself and if Mu Sihan had not appeared in time, her whole life would have been destroyed.

Xia Yanran looked at Qin Yubing and could not imagine that under her delicate appearance, she could be so vicious and cruel.

She and Nan Zhi were friends who had grown up together since they were young!

Faced with Nan Zhi’s question, Qin Yubing’s face shook and she laughed coldly, like she was indifferent after her true nature had been exposed. “Where’s the evidence if you’re accusing me of being the one who drugged it?”

There was no evidence, but Nan Zhi had already confirmed that this matter was related to Qin Yubing from her attitude.

A bitter pain in her heart throbbed, like it was being pulled hard by someone.

Nan Zhi closed her red eyes. “That day I was attacked by a group of fans outside the hospital, it was also arranged by you right? They attacked me not for Nan Yao, but for you!”

The hands hanging by Nan Zhi’s sides clenched into fists. “What is your purpose in doing that? Did you want me to be disfigured by those stupid fans?”

Qin Yubing bit her lip and remained silent.

Xia Yanran could not stand it anymore. She walked forward and gave Qin Yubing a hard slap.

Like that, Qin Yubing was slapped a third time. She was feeling ashamed towards Nan Zhi but now, she had paid it off. A self-righteous rage burned inside her heart and her lips curled into a contemptuous sneer.

She was a star and earned a living with her face.

They beat her like that without considering her feelings, so she did not need to give consideration to their sisterhood anymore.

A smirk on her face, Qin Yubing straightened up and looked at Nan Zhi coldly. “Why would I lay my hands on you if you hadn’t shamelessly attracted the attention of Young Master Mu? Although I couldn’t stand you a long time, I still beared with you.”

Seeing no reason to hide her thoughts anymore, Qin Yubing couldn’t stop the scathing words coming out of her mouth.

“Nan Zhi, you are a single mother with an illegitimate child, can’t you be a little more self-aware? When we were growing up, whenever I had a boy I liked, you were always ahead of me and attracting their attention. Do you know how much I hated you? Actually, I never wanted to be your best friend, I just want to be far away from you!

“You were doing well abroad. Why did you even come back? Why did you want to a host after coming back? Are you trying to show how attractive you are in front of the camera? Those netizens online were always comparing me with you. Even if you are an easy target for criticism, those people still think you’re a phoenix and I’m a pheasant. Ha, do you know how bad I felt when reading those comments? It’s all because you came back! I wish you never returned!”

Xia Yanran could not listen to it anymore. She raised her leg and kicked Qin Yubing’s calf.”You’re really selfish and dark, projecting your own shortcomings on someone else. When your mom was sick, who paid for her expenses? When you debuted and almost got bullied, who called and looked for connections to help you settle everything?

“Zhizhi did her best for you all these years, but all you’ve thought about is how she was too dazzling and stole your limelight. Is it her fault that you feel interior? You have a twisted mind, and can’t tell the difference between right and wrong. How selfish and dark is your mind? But it’s good that Zhizhi and I can finally see your true colors. A person like you, I will hit everytime I see in the future! Don’t forget that I was a well-known ‘Little Chili Pepper’ in high school!”

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