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President Daddy’s Infinite Pampering (Web Novel) - Chapter 300: Amazed

Chapter 300: Amazed

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Nan Zhi went to the changing room.

Amazement flashed past Nan Zhi’s eyes when she took out the dress from the bag and saw the style clearly.

The dress was a pastel pink, half-shoulder chiffon dress. After wearing it, it showed off her delicate skin and the tight waistline design accentuated her slender waist, without exposing any additional flesh. It was a dress that seemed to have been made for her, perfectly complementing her features and if anything, making her otherworldly beauty stand out even more. Her buttocks were perky and her two long and shapely legs could be vaguely seen.

Nan Zhi touched up on her makeup, her long eyelashes blooming as she arranged her hair over her shoulders, making her have both the innocence of a girl and the charm of a woman, both beautiful and charming.

Xia Xi was delighted to learn that Nan Zhi had received the invitation to attend the anniversary celebration. “Sister Zhi, you’re so beautiful! You must keep your position as the empress. I’m so looking forward to you shining at the banquet tonight. Gyaa!! I can’t wait!”

Nan Zhi looked at Xia Xi helplessly. Was this little girl thinking that she was running for the imperial concubine? If at the banquet, she found that Mu Sihan and Qin Yubing were like what the media had reported, she would never have anything to do with him anymore!

The anniversary celebration was held in a five-star hotel.

A long red carpet was laid at the entrance of the hotel. Nan Zhi heard that S.G had booked the whole hotel tonight, only VIPs with an invitation could enter.

In the big banquet hall, the lights were bright and grand.

Before entering the banquet hall, every female guest would get a number plate. It was said that there would be a lottery in the evening and the person selected would get the privilege of having the first dance with S.G’s CEO.

When Nan Zhi and Zhang Yijun entered the banquet hall, many guests had already arrived.

Nan Zhi saw many familiar faces. There were famous directors, actors, CEOs of entertainment companies and many business and political leaders, whom one can usually only see in financial magazines or news.

Nan Zhi’s appearance was one of the best in the entertainment industry. With her tall stature, she attracted a lot of attention when she came in holding onto Zhang Yijun’s arm.

However, as Nan Yao’s miscarriage incident had only just subsided, many women looked at Nan Zhi with open hostility.

After letting Zhang Yijun know where she would be, Nan Zhi stood calmly in the corner with a glass of red wine in her hand.

The main character had yet to arrive and Nan Zhi had not seen Qin Yubing in the banquet hall.

At that moment, she overheard the conversation between two female stars.

“Actually this number plate doesn’t mean anything to us. I heard that the person dancing with President Mu has already been decided.”

“Could it really be Qin Yubing? Oh my God, she was originally just a C-lister, but only gained popularity recently because of her explicit photos. She’s really shameless.”

“In the industry, mustn’t one be shameless in order to be popular? She’s just lucky to be able to hook up with S.G’s CEO. The old CEO of our management company was so proud when he received the invitation to S.G’s anniversary celebration tonight. If Qin Yubing is really going to have the first dance with Young Master Mu, her status is going to soar again!”

“I recently had a major advertisement but the CEO gave it to Qin Yubing.”

“Hey, stop talking, she’s here.”

There was a commotion at the entrance of the banquet hall.

A woman in an off-shoulder fishtail dress floated in. It was Qin Yubing who was all dressed up, the golden fishtail dress set off her sexy charm and perfectly displayed her perfect figure.

The moment she came in, Nan Zhi saw that many people looked at her in amazement.

Qin Yubing’s makeup was exquisite and noble, her long hair twisted in an elegant bun. Her red lips were lifted in a smile and her chin was held up high. Many guests gave way to her after seeing her.

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