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Prestigious Family Marriage: Uncle vs Young Wife (Web Novel)




Ai Yi Yao, 艾依瑶


Josei Romance

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People say that when a man becomes middle aged, their appearance and energy will become weak. Ye Qing Xin doesn’t feel that way. At least Jing Bo Yuan is not, his appearance and energy is still really great.

Jing Bo Yuan refuted: I am just thirty five years old, it’s still a long time untiI I reach middle age.

Jing Bo Yuan, born in a rich family, he establishes Bo Wei company, he is a great one in the business world.

Everyone thinks he is: mature, serious, strict, and fathomless.

That kind of strict, serious, and successful man, suddenly does romance with a younger woman. He marries a young wife, who is younger by fourteen years old compared to him.

Ye Qing Xin, is a little girl that leads a wandering life. She suddenly married to an old and well-known family and becomes the object of jealousy of everyone.

According to the gossip, Mrs Jing is a vixen that hooks with her pure of heart and few desires. She makes the strict Mr Jing falls in love with her.

Another gossip, Mr Jing spoils his young wife without any limit.

During an interview.

Interviewer: “It’s known that Mr Jing at first to marry Mrs Jing because of her young age and beautiful face, is that right? Except her beauty, is there any good point about her?”

Jing Bo Yuan: “I love her. I don’t care whether she is beautiful or not. I married her. She doesn’t need to have any good point. Falling in love with me is her greatest good point.”

The interviewer is surprised and asks: “Mr Jing and Mrs Jing, when was your first meeting? How did you get to know each other?”

Jing Bo Yuan: “Our first time meeting was fifteen years ago…”

Interviewer: “….”

Fifteen years ago, he saved her. Fifteen years after, he gives her a life.

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