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Chapter 314

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That man notices that Ye Qing Guo is chasing after him, he directly walks out.

Ye Qing Guo follows him too.

Someone notices this, but no one really cares about it.

There’s lot of people inside the elevator.

Ye Qing Guo chases after that man. “Shu Shu, you really know where is Ultraman’s house?” Before that man said to Ye Qing Guo: “I know where is Ultraman’s house.”

That man stands in the CCTV blindspot, he smiles. “Now I want to go there. Will you come with me?”

“I want to!” Ye Qing Guo nods.

“Then can you take the elevator?”

“I can.”

“Okay take the elevator down and wait for me outside near the flower garden.”

“Okay okay!”

He watches how obedient Ye Qing Guo is. After Ye Qing Guo takes the elevator down, he calls someone. “Jiu Lao Ban (Boss Jiu), he will be there soon.”

Ye Qing Guo is so happy that he runs outside and waits patiently in the garden for that Shu Shu.

In the past Mama said to him that his Papa is a superhero, he is away because he needs to save the world. Ultraman is a superhero too. He should know about Papa’s whereabout.

He is happy to get on a black van with that man. After two three seconds, there is a thunder roll. Ye Qing Guo is shocked and starts to tremble.

In this time.

Nan Shan mansion, the living room.


A glass is fell down and scattered everywhere.

Ye Qing Xin is reading her book and is about to take a glass from the coffee table.

The sound of the thunder is too sudden and it surprises her that her glass falls down.

She somehow feels worried.

The wind and rain perfectly covers the sound of the falling glass, Ye Qing Xin is startled and at a complete loss.

Jing Bo Yuan is in the study room, he is having a meeting. Three elders have gone to sleep because of Ye Qing Xin’s persuasion.

After a while, she regains herself and dials Ye Qing Guo.

It rings for two times and ends.

Ye Qing Guo never hangs up on her.

She keeps on calling but it is not connected.

Ye Qing Xin is so worried. She bites her lips and tries to calm down. Her eyes look worried.

She calls Xu Jin Huan.

The first call, no one answers.

The second call, it is answered.

“Is Xiao Guo okay?” She opens the door to see the mountain.

It’s so noisy.

Ye Qing Xin doesn’t oppose the time Ye Qing Guo is asked to come with Xu Jin Huan.

“He is very good, he keeps on…” Xu Jin Huan is startled.

“What is it?” Ye Qing Xin notices something is wrong.

“It’s okay, the ballroom is big, there’re lots of people. He should be hiding and play. I’ll look for her. I will find him soon. I’ll call you after I find him.”

Xu Jin Huan hangs up.

Ye Qing Xin starts to be be even more worried.

She sits down on the sofa calmly and massages her head. Around twenty minutes later, she takes initiative to call Xu Jin Huan back as it should be enough time to find him.

“Where is Xiao Guo? Can you find him?”

“Ye Xiao Jie, don’t be worry. We will find him soon. Don’t worry.” Xu Jin Huan is trembling.

“What is really happening?” Ye Qing Xin already understands that there should be a problem. She feels so worried.

Xu Jin Huan doesn’t answer her and just promises: “I’ll find him, don’t worry. I will find him.”

Ye Qing Xin’s heart breaks.

The call is hanged up once again. She stands up and walks faster upstair.

The time she reaches the door of the study room, she knocks on the door. She doesn’t wait till Jing Bo Yuan responds, she just directly opens the door.

The meeting hasn’t done yet. Jing Bo Yuan raises up his head and notices Ye Qing Xin’s pale and panic face. He says to the other. “Wait.” Then he walks toward her.

“What is it?”

“Tonight Xiao Guo and Xu Jin Huan attend a party but now he is missing.” Ye Qing Xin tries hard to control herself to make him understand the whole story. “I am worried that something happens to him. Today for the whole day I am not calm. I feel that something will happen. I should stop him to join it. But I don’t, it’s my fault…”

She holds his arm. “Bo Yuan, you should have a way to find him, right? You can find him right……..”

Jing Bo Yuan hugs her tremble body. Ye Qing Guo is also an important part of her. He understands this well.

After Zhou Qiao Qiao passed away, for a long time, Ye Qing Xin thought that Ye Qing Guo is her only relatives. Even though they are not related, but her feeling and care toward him never change.

“Don’t worry. Xiao Guo will be okay.”

Jing Bo Yuan takes her to sit down. He takes his phone and calls Yu Geng Xin’s phone.

Sheng company invests in <<Sheng Sheng>> movie, it’s because Yu Geng Xin. This is also part of Bo Wei group as for now Bo Wei has the greatest share of Sheng group. Every Sheng group’s action should go through Bo Wei’s examination.

Jing Bo Yuan is the chief director of Bo Wei, of course he knows about this movie. He also knows that Yu Geng Xin will attend the night feast too.

Yu Geng Xin doesn’t know what really happens. But he has ordered everyone to look for her.

The feast is held in Jing Du hotel, which is He family’s business.

He hangs up the call and calls He Ji Fan.

After half an hour, there’s a news that Ye Qing Guo is missing. He left with someone but no one knows where he is.

They take a look at CCTV. It only shows the time he went out from the hall, he stood in front of the elevator, he talked with someone, then he took the elevator down to go out the lobby. Then he disappeared.

There’s a man with suit that also entered the elevator. It’s just that man seems to be an expert. All along he just gave his rear view. He Ji Fan asks to find him, but no one can give him the real face of the man.

There’s no other clue.

Ye Qing Xin hears this and her legs goes weak. She almost falls down, luckily Jing Bo Yuan is quick to hold her.

Three elders both are alarmed, three of them help to take Ye Qing Xin to the bed.

Ye Qing Xin’s face is pale.

Why someone wants to take Xiao Guo away? Though she is not sure, but she knows that it shouldn’t be good intetion.

Jing Bo Yuan calls Jing Yan and asks for his help for police forces to help find Ye Qing Guo.

It’s just it’s raining heavily, the CCTV for each road is blurred. There’s no use. They can only fish the needle from the sea.

Ye Qing Xin is heartbroken and blaming herself.

She doesn’t take a good care of him.

That night she doesn’t even sleep. Jing Bo Yuan keeps on calling but it seems no good news for them.

The sky starts to brighten up again. Ye Qing Xin just falls asleep.

After a while, she wakes up again. Jing Bo Yuan is not on bed. She wants to climb up but she feels pain on her belly.

It’s light and faint.

It’s difficult for her to wake up and get off the bed. Ye Qing Xin takes her phone and dials Ye Qing Guo’s phone again. She hopes that it’ll be answered and she can hear his happy voice.

But in reality, it’s not even connected.

Ye Qing Xin’s tears start to fall again from her swollen eyes.

Xiao Guo, where are you?

Before Zhou Qiao Qiao’s death, she kept on reminding her to take a good care of Ye Qing Guo, she has let Zhou Qiao Qiao down. She loses Ye Qing Guo….

Ye Qing Xin cries.

Ye Qing Guo is a kid. Encountering a dangerous situation, it’ll be hard for him to protect himself. How can he run away from a bad man?

What is the motivation? Is it because of money? Or…….. because someone wants his life….

Will he…..

Ye Qing Xin covers her painful chest and cannot imagine any further.

“Xin Xin.”

The master bedroom door is opened. Jing Bo Yuan notices her sad expression. His heart also in pain. He comes closer to her and hugs her.

“Don’t cry. Xiao Guo will be okay”

“Will he be okay?” Ye Qing Xin clutches his clothes. Her tears cannot be controlled.

“If something bad happens to him, Bo Yuan, this lifetime I cannot forgive myself. I let him go to the dangerous world, I want to let him to grow but if the cost of growing up is his life. I rather this life time he be a kid, just let him live in a small room…….”

“He will be fine, don’t worry.”

Jing Bo Yuan hugs her tightly and pats her back. This is the only way he can comfort her.

Then suddenly Jing Bo Yuan’s phone rings.

Ye Qing Xin retreats from his embrace quickly and urges him to answer it. “Quick, quick answer it. Is there any news about Ye Qing Guo?”

Jing Bo Yuan glances at her, he goes to the side but Ye Qing Xin follows him.

He doesn’t avoid her. He just lowers the volume a bit. He is afraid that if there’s no or bad news, it’ll affect Ye Qing Xin’s mood. Now she is depressed, no news or bad news will attack her. It’s his way to protect her too.

Ye Qing Xin tries hard to hear what the caller says but she cannot.

After Jing Bo Yuan hangs up, she asks impatiently. “What did hem say?”

“A police officer found Xiao Guo’s watch on the Yi He river road…”

Ye Qing Xin asks again: “What about Xiao Guo? Do they find Xiao Guo?”

“Don’t worry, they just found the watch. It shows that Xiao Guo is taken to the west area of the city. They will look around.” Jing Bo Yuan says: “They will concentrate in find Ye Qing Guo in the west area. They will find them soon.”

Ye Qing Xin hugs her own head. “But what is the motivation of that person? We have no main thread. What if he does something bad to Ye Qing Guo? It’s already several hours, will it be too late? Bo Yuan, I, I am afraid….”

This is the first time for her to say that she is afraid to Jing Bo Yuan.

She really feels terrified.

“It’ll be fine, let’s freshen up and eat.” Jing Bo Yuan strokes her head. “Bao Bao men should be hungry, Xin Xin.”

Mentioning about ‘Bao Bao’ indeed works for her, she immediately goes to the bathroom to freshen up.

Jing Bo Yuan’s phone vibrates once again.

He takes a look at the bathroom and takes his phone out. He answers it and goes out of the bedroom.

“Jing Xian Sheng, based on your order, I have investigated Gu Qiao and Sheng Wen Qiong. I don’t notice any thing.”

“Okay.” Jing Bo Yuan says calmly and hangs up.

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