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Priceless Baby: 101 Bedside Stories (Web Novel)



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Seven years ago, Shen Qianshu is impregnated with Ye Ling’s child in an accident.
Seven years later, the little boy becomes famous and is thought of as the nation’s son.

When he suddenly sees Ye Ling appear, he greets, “Hello, Daddy?”
Ye Ling watches as the little prince roars, “Where’s my princess?”
Just as Shen Qianshu is preparing to run with her son, she gets pushed down by Ye Ling.

“You can leave if you want, but leave me a princess first. Let’s have another baby!”

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The chapter Addition Time
Chapter 670: Sorry, I’ll Self-Incriminate2020-07-11
Chapter 669: The Smart Little Angel2020-07-11
Chapter 668: Remove Your Mask2020-07-10
Chapter 667: She Cheated2020-07-10
Chapter 666: Overwhelming2020-07-09
Chapter 665: Exploding Rich from One Cut2020-07-09
Chapter 664: Stand Firm, Mommy!2020-07-08
Chapter 663: This is It2020-07-08
Chapter 662: I Say She Will Win2020-07-07
Chapter 661: The Desired Jade is Taken Away2020-07-07
Chapter 660: The Last Position2020-07-06
Chapter 659: During the Gem Gambling Competition2020-07-06
Chapter 658: The Gem Competition has Begun2020-07-05
Chapter 657: I am a Green Tea B*tch [1. A green tea bitch is a deceptive combination of a person with an innocent good-girl appearance and a stone-cold b*tchy heart.] 2020-07-05
Chapter 656: PDA2020-07-04
Chapter 655: I Want To Flaunt My Wealth2020-07-04
Chapter 654: No.1 Beauty2020-07-03
Chapter 653: It Must Be Fake2020-07-03
Chapter 652: Dedicating the Song Liang Liang to You2020-07-03
Chapter 651: The Second Brother of the Ye Family2020-07-03
Chapter 650: I Only Draw For Qianshu2020-07-03
Chapter 649: Not My Problem2020-07-03
Chapter 648: The Poor Little White Flower2020-07-03
Chapter 647: The Little Angel2020-07-02
Chapter 646: The Guilty Party Complained First2020-07-02
Chapter 645: Tong Hua Told You What Was Called A Legal Fight 22020-07-01
Chapter 644: Tong Hua Told You What Was Called A Legal Fight2020-07-01
Chapter 643: Heard That There Was A Patch Of Grassland On Top Of Young Master’s Head2020-06-30
Chapter 642: My Mommy Is An Idol2020-06-30
Chapter 641: This Would Be Very Societal2020-06-29
Chapter 640: His Affection Which Was Hard To Understand2020-06-29
Chapter 639: You Are A Demon That Has All Of Me 22020-06-28
Chapter 638: You Are A Demon That Has All Of Me2020-06-28
Chapter 637: Do You Want To Touch 22020-06-27
Chapter 636: Do You Want To Touch2020-06-27
Chapter 635: Seven Years Ago I Have Teased You2020-06-26
Chapter 634: String of Fate Bracelet, Little Fat Heart2020-06-26
Chapter 633: Dreamed of You2020-06-25
Chapter 632: Second Master Will Tell You All What a Brother Control Freak Is2020-06-25
Chapter 631: You Guys’ Opinions Do Not Matter2020-06-24
Chapter 630: Shen CEO Is Here 22020-06-24
Chapter 629: Shen CEO Is Here2020-06-24
Chapter 628: Mommy, Protect Your Heart Well2020-06-24
Chapter 627: There’s Someone To Inherit Master’s Mantle2020-06-22
Chapter 626: Sly Second Master Ye2020-06-22
Chapter 625: Master’s Will Has No Legal Effect2020-06-21
Chapter 624: You Really Worried Too Much2020-06-21
Chapter 623: Baby Shushu, Long Time No See2020-06-20
Chapter 622: Are You Jealous? It Is Also Not Yours2020-06-20
Chapter 621: Hey Yo Master, Your Vest Is Dropping2020-06-19
Chapter 620: If You Move Your Corpse, I’ll Listen2020-06-19
Chapter 619: Eradication of The Whole Clan is No Longer a Trend[1. In feudal times, when a man committed a crime, the whole clan was implicated.]2020-06-18
Chapter 618: Gu Xie: The Six Brothers2020-06-18
Chapter 617: We Don’t Owe Each Other Anything 22020-06-17
Chapter 616: We Don’t Owe Each Other Anything2020-06-17
Chapter 615: I Did This For You2020-06-16
Chapter 614: Why Did You Have To Kill Ye Ling2020-06-16
Chapter 613: Master Qian is Awesome2020-06-15
Chapter 612: What Exactly Do You Want2020-06-15
Chapter 611: Old Qian Makes A Ruckus In The Underground Casino 22020-06-14
Chapter 610: Old Qian Makes A Ruckus In The Underground Casino.2020-06-14
Chapter 609: Someone Really Important To Me2020-06-13
Chapter 608: Domineering Tong Hua2020-06-13
Chapter 607: The Three Ye Masters2020-06-12
Chapter 606: I Acknowledge That. So Does The Law!2020-06-12
Chapter 605: He Has The Rights To The Inheritance2020-06-11
Chapter 604: Look Who’s Back!2020-06-11
Chapter 603: Master, Aren’t You Afraid That I’d Raise A Gigolo?2020-06-10
Chapter 602: Pretending To Be The Owner2020-06-10
Chapter 601: The Debt Collector Had Come2020-06-09
Chapter 600: She Wanted To Exchange A Life For A Life2020-06-09
Chapter 599: Second Old Master Gu Father And Son2020-06-08
Chapter 598: The Whole World Became A Grave 22020-06-08
Chapter 597: The Whole World Became A Grave2020-06-07
Chapter 596: It Is A Pity, His Fate Is Not Good2020-06-07
Chapter 595: Young Master Is Dead2020-06-06
Chapter 594: My Daddy? Oh, He’s Ye Ling.2020-06-06
Chapter 593: Second Old Master Gu and Tong Hua2020-06-05
Chapter 592: Cold Master2020-06-05
Chapter 591: Villains Collude Together2020-06-05
Chapter 590: Jealous Tong Hua2020-06-05
Chapter 589: Master’s Long Term Plans for Major Returns.2020-06-05
Chapter 588: Is It So Hard For Me To Want Someone?2020-06-05
Chapter 587: Remove Your Veil2020-06-05
Chapter 586: Fun For Two2020-06-05
Chapter 585: No Man Is Content2020-06-05
Chapter 584: Tolerance Level2020-06-05
Chapter 583: Source of Life2020-06-05
Chapter 582: Let’s Go Home!2020-06-05
Chapter 581: My Sha Ma Te Youth 22020-06-04
Chapter 580: My Sha Ma Te Youth2020-06-04
Chapter 579: Suffer From Your Own Scheme2020-06-03
Chapter 578: I Have Already Made A Lifetime’s Decision2020-06-03
Chapter 577: You’re The Jerk2020-06-02
Chapter 576: Big Princess’s Scheme2020-06-02
Chapter 575: Xiao Yuan, You Sure Are Passionate!2020-06-01
Chapter 574: I Am Here To Collect Interest2020-06-01
Chapter 573: Master, Just Obey!2020-05-31
Chapter 572: Great Devil and Little Princess2020-05-31
Chapter 571: Master, Why Are You Here?2020-05-30