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Priceless Baby: 101 Bedside Stories (Web Novel) - Chapter 89: A Causing Trouble Young Woman

Chapter 89: A Causing Trouble Young Woman

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“Just putting up a pretense, trying to be strong,” Shen Lin said. “Shen Qianshu, you have nothing at all. A jewelry appraiser bringing up a child alone, your whole life will just be like that. This is the price you have to pay after snatching away someone’s life. You still love Brother Xuan right? However, you should also know that it’s impossible for both of you to be together in this life. So, you can only pretend to be strong. This morning, rumors about you and CEO Li were spreading like wildfire. Ah, you should cling onto CEO Li. You spent a few nights with him, and he gets happy. Then, he will give your son some good opportunities, but that’s it. You wish to marry him? I persuade you to wake up from your dream. Shen family and Li family, you will never be worthy of stepping into either.”

Shen Qianshu experienced the evilest insults before and had long become strong and unbothered. Suffering many hardships together with her son these few years, she heard all kinds of insults. However, she would always feel pained every time Shen Lin accused her of snatching away her life.

In fact, she did not do anything wrong at all.

By a strange mix of events, she went to the Shen Family.

Causing the Shen Family’s biological daughter to live outside, she was blamed by everyone.

Fifteen years of living comfortably and a life where she was loved by everyone was really snatched away from Shen Lin.

She was an intruder.

There was nothing wrong with Shen Lin hating her.

And just because this was an undeniable fact, she would always fall into Shen Lin’s trap every time.

Shen Qianshu said, “Miss Shen, you repeatedly bring up what happened ten years ago. You don’t feel tired repeating, but even I feel tired listening. What I owe you, I have already paid you back mostly. Yes or no, only you know yourself.”

Just because she snatched away fifteen years of Shen Lin’s life.

She was not willing to let Shen Lin and her parents insult her forever.

She gave up her dream.

“I heard that Lin Xuan admires your talent a lot. One year later, I really hope that you will still be the talented jewelry designer you are.” Shen Qianshu turned and left. Shen Lin behind her was blinded with hatred.

Shen Qianshu stopped again and turned to look at her. “Lin Xuan is someone that I dumped. Shen Lin, you can’t even win the heart of a person I dumped. You sure are a failure!”

Damn you, Shen Qianshu!

It was not clear from when, but the Shen Qianshu she had always played around with and dominated had become uncontrollable.

Fifteen years of life were not even enough to agitate her.

However, Shen Lin knew that in Shen Qianshu’s heart, she always longed for her parents’ acceptance and love.

This was Shen Qianshu’s weakness.

Ye Family mansion.

Lu Xiao was reporting to the old lady about the company’s situation.

Lu Xiao said, “Gubelin’s appraiser sent back the jewelry today. This batch of jewelry, worth twenty million, was all fake. There were mixed jewels and natural jewels, but their value was not as high. From this batch of goods, we made a huge loss. Zhong Ran tried to persuade Gubelin’s appraiser to issue a certificate they wanted, but the appraiser rejected him.”

The old lady was playing with prayer beads in her hand.

Lu Xiao said, “Losing twenty million is nothing serious, but the transaction date between AG and Imperial Jewelry is nearing soon. There is something wrong with this batch of jewelry. Ye Ling will find it difficult to answer, but the director board will surely demand for explanations. At that time…”

Old lady raised her hand and said, “It’s not so easy to deal with Ye Ling. One’s successes and failures are both due to the same person. If the appraiser finds out that this batch of jewelry is fake after our transaction, it would be more beneficial to our plan.”

Lu Xiao replied, “Yes, I also never expected them to send the jewels to Gubelin for appraisal. I found two appraisal companies, and neither of them found out that they were fake. At the start, Gubelin also issued a certificate, but after that, a female appraiser found something wrong and inspected it again. It was then that the problems arose.”

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