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Priceless Baby: 101 Bedside Stories (Web Novel) - Chapter 90: The Power of a Little Princess

Chapter 90: The Power of a Little Princess

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“Such a troublemaker!” Ye Old Lady’s gaze was really scary.

Lu Xiao nodded. “Madam, should we send someone to…”

“Do not act rashly!” The old lady said. “You go find Meng Xi and ask her to look for Ye Ling. She is one of our country’s top appraisers. If she can help us to issue a certificate, we should be able to get through the crisis.”

“I understand.” Lu Xiao thought for a moment and said, “Madam, there’s another matter. Dream Star’s jewelry designer Shen Lin came to AG today, and Ye Ling went to meet her alone.”

The old lady looked at Lu Xiao in surprise and recalled Ye Yifan’s past words.

Could it be that Ye Ling likes Shen Lin?

A rival company’s designer?

“Let’s not jump to conclusions, let’s wait and see.”


Ye Ling took out his earpiece, and Zhong Ran took out his too. Ye Ling snorted and slightly closed his eyes. Zhong Ran said, “Master, we acted this scene so convincingly and finally managed to fool the cunning and evil old lady.”

Ye Ling mimicked. “Such a troublemaker!”

Zhong Ran sniggered.

“Master, proving from another angle, Miss Shen is really a sharp-sighted appraiser.” This was, of course, something to be proud of. However, this batch of jewels was personally handled by Ye Ling, and he spent three months and tested various figures until it was finally perfect.

Originally, it was not supposed to be discovered as counterfeits.

But they did not expect that Shen Qianshu would give them each a slap to their faces.

If it were someone else, Master would perhaps have taught him or her a lesson.

Now that there was a certificate, their plans would have to change.

Zhong Ran was curious about something. “Master, you finally met Miss Shen Lin, the person you have been longing to meet. How did you feel? She is really a beauty and is a great match with you, Master. It’s a pity she is not as pretty as Miss Qianshu, I…”

Ye Ling turned around and stared at Zhong Ran coldly, causing Zhong Ran to break out in cold sweats.

I’m done for.

I crossed Master’s forbidden zone.

Which part of my sentence was wrong?

Damn, stop looking at me and give some hints! Master, I beg you to not to be angry. Keep cool, I don’t want to die.

Could it be that I said Miss Shen Lin was not as pretty as Miss Qianshu, and Master got angry?

After all, Miss Shen Lin is Master’s goddess.

I should not say that his goddess was not as pretty as Qianshu.

Why did I speak the truth so bluntly, and I have now provoked the beast.

“Shen Qianshu is pretty, and what has that got to do with you?” Ye Ling swiftly stood up and kicked him. “Are you harboring dirty thoughts of her?”

Zhong Ran intelligently dodged to one side and felt really puzzled.

I said your goddess was not as pretty as Miss Qianshu, and you actually did not get angry. Then what are you angry at?


“Have you taken a fancy to her?” Ye Ling coldly looked at him. “Ah Da, come in and drag Zhong Ran out. Cut his dick off!”

Ah Da replied, “Yes!”

Zhong Ran knelt down.

Master, are you serious?

Zhong Ran said, “Master, I would never dare to harbor dirty thoughts of Miss Qianshu. She is very ugly, so ugly that I can’t bear to look at her, really!”

Ye Ling raged and gave him a kick. “Who are you saying is ugly?”

Zhong Ran did not dare to dodge this time and harshly suffered the kick. He got scared, and he covered his fly.

He was puzzled again.

Pretty is not okay, ugly is also not either.

Master, what do I need to say to be able to protect my little brother?

Was this the consequence of serving a tyrant?

It was so difficult to survive.

Zhong Ran had a sudden inspiration and said, “Master, you and Miss Qianshu are a match made in heaven. Who is Li Zhiyuan and Lin Xuan, all these random men? They are not even worthy of being your slave. Miss Qianshu will surely give you a little princess.”

“Really?” Ye Ling’s anger was gone.

“Really, she will give birth to two little princesses in a year,” Zhong Ran firmly said.

Ye Ling was finally satisfied, and Ah Da could not bear to look on.

Zhong Ran was as happy as a lark.

The unbelievable power of a little princess.

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