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Priceless Baby: 101 Bedside Stories (Web Novel) - Chapter 91: Drag It down Even If It’s in Mid-Air

Chapter 91: Drag It down Even If It’s in Mid-Air

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Oh yay!

“Get lost!”

Zhong Ran and Ah Da swiftly exited the president’s office.

Zhong Ran felt his pain. “Ah Da, did you actually think of cutting off my little brother just now?”

Ah Da was expressionless. “You guess!”

“I will just not guess. What did my little brother even do wrong? He almost died… Those who survived a catastrophe are bound to have a good fortune! I will have many lovers!” Zhong Ran thought, It must be like this.

Ah Da retorted. “Who asked you to spout nonsense?”

“What did I say wrong? Master admired Miss Shen Lin’s talent and loves her designs a lot. After seeing the pair of cuffs she designed last year, Master custom-made six pairs of it in different colors. In a normal person’s perspective, he would also think that Miss Shen Lin is Master’s woman. He also could not wait to see her, how would I know that he would suddenly go crazy?”

“Our Master… is a normal person?”

Zhong Ran was speechless.

You are actually right, I am unable to refute!

Shen Qianshu took a ten-day leave.

She did not use this year’s annual leave or sick leaves at all. She actually wanted to wait until Tong Hua was not busy and bring him overseas for a holiday. After meeting Shen Lin, on a sudden impulse, she took her annual leave. When Lin Xiaojuan heard that she wanted to bring Tong Hua on a holiday, she checked Tong Hua’s schedule.

Lin Xiaojuan said, “Ok, no problem. You bring him on a holiday, and I will adjust his filming schedules and shows. Where are you bringing him to play?”

“To Turkey.”

When Tong Hua heard that he was going on a holiday with Mommy, he was exceptionally delighted and clapped happily. The thing he looked forward to every year was going on a holiday with Mommy.

Tong Hua’s travel visa had not expired yet, and Shen Qianshu had a work visa. They did not need to worry about visa issues, and she proceeded to buy that day’s plane tickets. She brought Tong Hua to the airport and went off on an impromptu holiday. Just as the mother and son went to the airport, Ye Ling immediately received the news.

Ye Ling said, “Going to Turkey?”

“Yes, Miss Qianshu and Little Master are going to Turkey for ten days.” Ah Da responded. “Master, do you want me to stop them?”

Ye Ling took the glass cup on his table and smashed it. “This god damn woman, she took my words like a passing wind. She really dared to escape. She must have wanted to try another way to escape and chose to escape from Turkey. Dream on!”

Zhong Ran thought, Master, perhaps Miss Qianshu and Little Master simply wanted to go on an impromptu holiday?

After just saving his little brother from death, Zhong Ran did not dare to be nosy.

“Go and stop the plane!” Ye Ling fumed in anger.

Zhong Ran thought for a moment and said, “Master, this is a commercial plane, it will cause a huge commotion, why not…”

“What commotion? My little princess already escaped, even if the plane has taken off, you still need to throw an anchor and drag it down!” Ye Ling’s face was livid and full of impatience. He had a murderous look on his face.

Ah Da and Zhong Ran stood rooted to the ground.

This would really easily lead to a global commotion.

A plane flying mid-air, if intercepted and dragged down, would really make international headlines.

Master, please stay calm!

“Master…” Zhong Ran appeared to be unscrupulous, and Ah Da, risking admonition, said, “We have people in Turkey, and they can look after Miss Shen and Little Master. You should give Miss Shen a surprise, and it can let her know clearly that no matter where she goes, you will always be able to catch her.”

“Inform the people in Turkey, and let them TAKE GOOD CARE of them!” Ye Ling heavily emphasized the words ‘take good care.’

Ah Da replied, “Yes!”

Zhong Ran thought to himself, Ah Da, you are so clever.

The tyrant was actually willing to listen to advice. It was miraculous.

Shen Qianshu and Tong Hua successfully boarded the plane and flew straight to Antalya. The mother and son’s itinerary was very simple: fly straight to Antalya and stay for two days; stay for another two days in Izmir and then one day in Pamukkale. The rest of their time would be spent in Istanbul.

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