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Priceless Baby: 101 Bedside Stories (Web Novel) - Chapter 93: Block You After Our Disagreement

Chapter 93: Block You After Our Disagreement

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Shen Qianshu: Protect your own head. We do not need people to protect us. Ten days leave including four days of the weekend, a total of fourteen days, and we will go back. Master, we are not escaping.

Ye Ling: Oh.

Shen Qianshu: ‘Oh’ your head. Even if I was escaping, I will not escape to Turkey!

Ye Ling: What if you escaped from Turkey?

Shen Qianshu: Then what about my visa?

Ye Ling: I know that your work visa has not expired yet. Is there no embassy in Turkey?

Shen Qianshu: You win.

Shen Qianshu took a deep breath and felt like scolding someone. She felt irritated just looking at his profile picture. Clicking around irritatedly, she accidentally blocked him.

The men in black were speechless.

All of them gasped in surprise.

Tong Hua gave her a big thumbs up and said, “Mommy, I salute you.”

Shen Qianshu said, “… He most likely will not text me anymore, right?”

If he did not text her, he would not realize that she blocked him.

Ye Ling sent a text to Shen Qianshu, and a reminder popped out: You are not the other party’s friend, you need to add her as a friend first.

Ye Ling exclaimed, “How dare she!”

Shen Qianshu threw her phone to the side, feeling lifeless and losing all interest in life.

Tong Hua said, “Cheap daddy is so ruthless. From what I see, he will call you to add him back soon or else he will sell me to work as a slave.”

Shen Qianshu replied, “Tong Hua, you have such a great imagination.”

Mommy, you are the naive one.

One of the men’s phone rang, and Shen Qianshu got a shock. She heard the man answer the call respectfully and walked towards her. “Miss Shen, Master said that if you do not add him back in three seconds, we will kill Little Master on the spot.”

Tong Hua said, “Even more ruthless than I imagined.”

Shen Qianshu was stunned.

Tong Hua said, “Mommy, you have two more seconds.”

Trembling, Shen Qianshu picked up her phone and swiftly added Ye Ling back.

Ye Ling: Shen Qianshu, you dare to block me? Do you believe that I will throw you two into the Mediterranean sea? Such excessive boldness you have there that you got the guts to block me. Let me tell you, these four men will stick to you two like glue now.

Shen Qianshu: Master, I was wrong.

Shen Qianshu quickly sent him three ‘bow with one’s face to the ground’ emoticon in defeat.

I am really begging you.

Please forgive me, I will not dare to block you ever again.

Ye Ling ignored her. Shen Qianshu could not take it anymore and was tempted to block him again.

“Mommy, stay calm.”

Knowing that the whole restaurant was looking at them, Shen Qianshu and Tong Hua ate their breakfast calmly. Shen Qianshu took a selfie stick and brought Tong Hua to shop around in Antalya. Although the four men were an eyesore, they were impossible to ditch too.

Antalya was a really beautiful city, situated beside the Mediterranean sea. It had the prettiest view along the Mediterranean sea. The mother and son strolled around the city in the morning and played at the beach in the afternoon. The seawater was clear, and overlooking from the cliff, the Mediterranean sea was even more breathtaking. They returned to the hotel in the evening, drank cocktails while sitting on the beach chairs in the hotel, and caught the sunset. They spent a really fruitful day, and other than the irritating group of four men, both mother and son had a very eventful day.

Since they were on holiday, they had to spend the day like a holiday.

They stayed in Antalya for an extra day. Initially, Shen Qianshu wanted to go to Izmir by train. However, with these four men, it became more convenient to go by car, and they could enjoy the scenery throughout the journey.

This was the only time Shen Qianshu and Tong Hua found the men useful.

Being avid photographers, Shen Qianshu and Tong Hua enjoyed themselves throughout the journey and took many photos of the scenery, the people, and their environment. They even dared to venture into less-known towns, and sometimes would bring only one man in black along so as to appear less conspicuous.

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