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Priceless Baby’s Super Daddy (Web Novel) - Chapter 365: Her Eyes Were On Only Him

Chapter 365: Her Eyes Were On Only Him

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As the time approached 9, the music turned passionate. Onstage, the host announced that up next was a freestyle dance-off. The winner would receive a prize reward of 10,000 USD.

It would be killing two birds with one stone if she could win the prize money of 10,000 USD while confessing, Xu Xiyan considered in her mind.

All right! It’s a great opportunity, not to be missed!

The dance-off began. Xu Xiyan accompanied Huo Yunshen in a corner of the bar, watching others dancing onstage first.

It seemed like there were no professional dancers among the customers tonight, and that those who volunteered to dance onstage were just usual customers.

Their dance moves were not too bad but none were good enough to amaze the crowd.

Xu Xiyan’s active genes got fidgety after drinking half a mug of beer. It was especially so for people who could dance. The right music and the right atmosphere would trigger their knob.

“Mr. Huo, let’s go dance!”

Xu Xiyan’s face was a little flushed from the alcohol. Her eyes were gleaming from behind the mask, like shining stars in the sky.

“Me?” Huo Yunshen truly felt that Xu Xiyan was drunk. If not, why would she invite him to dance?

He could not dance in a wheelchair.

“Yes! Let’s dance together!”

Xu Xiyan did not look like she was joking, she stood up and walked over to push the wheelchair.

“Jing Xi…”

Huo Yunshen looked around in astonishment. He felt a little awkward and wanted to stop her.

He really did not want to be so high profile in his current condition.

It would be hard to avoid being criticized, ridiculed, and gossiped about. These would all be a thorn in his heart.

“Believe me! We will be able to win the 10,000 dollars!”

Xu Xiyan whispered into his ears as she pushed him to the registration.

She’s dancing for the prize money?

If it’s for the prize money, I can give it to you! As much as you want!

Huo Yunshen felt anxious, but it was all too late.

The wheelchair stopped in the middle of the stage and the spotlight shined onto Xu Xiyan and him.

They instantly became the center of attention. Just as Huo Yunshen had anticipated, many stopped dancing and gave a look of surprise.

Their last-minute appearance quickly gained the attention of many people.

As the passionate music played, Xu Xiyan smilingly gazed at him, lifted her skirt and started dancing.

Straightaway, she began dancing the passionate and wild Spanish rumba.

The bohemian dress was especially fitting for this dance, and she waved the skirt like a butterfly.

She surrounded Huo Yunshen, twisting her flexible waist. She gazed at Huo Yunshen. Her eyes were only on him.

As Xu Xiyan’s dance came to a climax, she did not need Huo Yunshen to carry out any difficult moves, she just needed him by her side. Being her support and her focus, she could simply just dance around him.

Huo Yunshen understood, Xu Xiyan’s dance just needed him as a center. Therefore, he tried to relax and spun his wheelchair around following the rhythm.

Due to Huo Yunshen being in a wheelchair, their dance seemed even more unique than others. Everyone in the bar was watching them.

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