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Priceless Baby’s Super Daddy (Web Novel) - Chapter 612: The Only Person He Loves

Chapter 612: The Only Person He Loves

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Translator: Larbre Studio Editor: Larbre Studio

Tang Shixue looked at him affectionately and said, “What I said was true. I waited long enough and came back for you. I know you still love me. Jing Xi is just my substitute, am I right?”

“She’s not a substitute,” Huo Yunshen scolded, as he’d had no idea that she could be so stubborn and self-righteous. “Jing Xi is Jing Xi! She’s the only person I love. As for you, Shixue, I will let you off this time because of our past, but do not try and challenge me.”

Tang Shixue could feel the coldness in his words and asked wryly, “Why? Why couldn’t you even look at me once after all I’ve done for you? What has she done to make you fall so deeply for her?”

“It’s not something that could be done! I don’t love you, and that’s the reality!” Huo Yunshen sighed. “You better go and clear the misunderstanding, and I might forgive you.”

“But we’re meant to be together!”

Tang Shixue was in pain.

She knew him well and understood his background.

She might be one of the few who really knew him, but she could not understand why he would not fall for her.

“I know, but she is the one I love.”

Huo Yunshen hoped that Tang Shixue could understand that love was not something that should be forced. Love has nothing to do with whether people are meant to be together or not.

Tang Shixue couldn’t control her tears anymore, and she cried, “Are you still the Yunshen I knew? If you don’t love me, then why did you do that to me five years ago? Why didn’t you admit it? Are you going to leave our child alone?”

That was what Huo Yunshen was trying to understand.

“What really happened five years ago?”

“Five years ago, we were at Kai Yue’r Hotel, Room 1119…”

Tang Shixue recalled what had happened five years ago. She had learned that Huo Yunshen had booked Room 1119 so she bribed the staff to let her in before Huo Yunshen got there.

She waited in the dark until he came in, drunk, and made out with her. She left before the sun even rose and, out of her expectation, she had her son, Mike.

To persuade Huo Yunshen, she even showed him Mike’s picture.

Huo Yunshens stared at the picture and realized the boy named Mike did look a little like him, but the more he stared, the differences started to pop out.

“Even though he does look like me, he’s not my son,” Huo Yunshen said with certainty. “I never touched you five years ago.”

The only person he’d touched that night was Xu Xiyan, and that was the utter truth.

“If it wasn’t you, then who?”

“I have no idea.”

Five years had passed, and it would be hard to investigate who it was.

Tang Shixue remembered that the man that night reeked of alcohol. The room was dark, and she could not see him clearly.

She thought it was Huo Yunshen, but in reality, it wasn’t him.

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