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Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith (Web Novel) - Chapter 1100 - Little Phoenix’s counterattack (6)

Chapter 1100: Little Phoenix’s counterattack (6)

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Translator: Misty Cloud Translations  Editor: Misty Cloud Translations

Huang Yueli’s brows rose as she apparently had not cared about the phoenix’s bird rights.

“So what if I despise you! After eating so many chicken drumsticks from your sister here, you just grew that little bit! Sigh, could it be that you have a congenital deficiency? Otherwise…… are you dysphasic?”

“I do not have a congenital deficiency!! And you’re the one who’s dysphasic!! Little Master I am very powerful, look carefully if you don’t believe me!”

Little Phoenix stomped its feet as it swirled out an orange coloured flame and set it towards a piece of huge rock.

The flame in its hands was exactly the number one deviant flame, True Phoenix Fire, in Soaring Heavens Continent. Huang Yueli herself had refined one of it so apparent she was not surprised but just stood beaming in one corner.

But very soon, her eyes widened with shock.

The place which the True Phoenix Fire had scorched had instantly turned to ashes and the black grey coloured dregs continued to fall off.

This piece of rock bore the mark which she burnt yesterday was inerasable. Just leaving a

mark on it spent quite an amount of Profound Energy of hers…

Little Wang Cai’s fire… This was the upgraded version?

Little Phoenix saw her stupefied expression and its chubby little face was filled with complacency, “Saw it? Initially my flame was crimson red and that’s the most basic level! Now it’s changed into orange which represents that I’ve already entered the second stage. From now on after experiencing nine more changed, when my flame becomes black, I will be able to experience rebirth in Nirvana! Isn’t that powerful or what?”

Huang Yueli secretly rolled her eyes, this arrogant zeal, was it something that was exclusive to this little fellow or something which he inherited from the family? Were Phoenixes all so narcissi?

She didn’t want to aid this unhealthy ethos in growing so she changed the topic.

“Right, in the past I’d thought of so many ways and wasn’t able to help you advance. Last night, how did you suddenly…”

Little Phoenix said, “Ah, about this… maybe it’s due to the concentrated Heaven and Earth Profound Qi here! When I was released out here yesterday, I felt my entire body becoming very hot and the hotter it got, the more I wanted to find a cool and spacious space to see if I can make myself cool down. In the end, not only did I not managed to cool down, I caught fire instead! I was burnt until I was in so much pain and later on, I fainted. When I came to, I discovered that I’d advanced! So this is the feeling of advancement!”

Huang Yueli replied in enlightenment, “I see! No wonder in the past I’d prescribed medicinal herbs to you according to the Sky Phoenix Ring’s ancient manual but it was all useless. So it’s because the Profound Qi wasn’t concentrated enough!”

Little Phoenix nodded its head, “Right, we phoenix clan had lived in the God Realm and the concentration of the God Realm’s Profound Qi is much more concentrated that in this array. As compared to it, the usual Soaring Heavens Continent’s Profound Qi’s intensity is simply too weak and very difficult to advance…”

Huang Yueli nodded as she started considering that the next time Little Phoenix advances, she would need to set up a powerful Spirit Gathering array which gathered all the surrounding Profound Qi.

But to raise the Profound Qi’s concentration to the usual of ten times and above, it was no laughing matter. The best Spirit Gathering array in Soaring Heavens Continent now could only increase the Profound Qi’s concentration by five times!

Unless…… she was able to understand this ancient huge stone array’s operational or to obtain the array map…

“Right! I’ve thought of something!”

Just as she was in a daze, Little Phoenix suddenly cried out, “I have a thinking and perhaps it might be able to break this array!”

When Huagn Yueli heard what it said, her eyes shone brightly, “What idea? Quickly tell me!”

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