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Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith (Web Novel) - Chapter 1101 - Special Bloodline (1)

Chapter 1101: Special Bloodline (1)

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Translator: Misty Cloud Translations  Editor: Misty Cloud Translations

Little Phoenix raised its head up right and gave a light cough, attempting to be arrogant.

Huang Yueli saw through his plan immediately and she evilly smiled, “I say… Wang Cai, you shouldn’t have forgotten that we’re still in the wilderness and your Sister here hasn’t taken any grease for the past few days…”

Little Phoenix shivered and was scared till it immediately stood upright.

“You… why are you scaring an adorable and innocent boy like me! Sp… Speak I’ll speak alright.”

Deep down his heart, he silently cursed this female demon for her ruthless ways but did not dare to voice out his thinking.

“Actually, when I came out of the Sky Phoenix Ring yesterday, I realised that something was wrong. Haven’t you noticed that the air around this array feels very familiar?”

Huang Yueli blinked, “Really? Do you need to make it so profound?”

Little Phoenix angrily retorted, “It’s true! Not that I’m deliberately mystifying anything! This array is apparently left behind from the ancient times and the person who set up this array is a peerless expert so he left behind his presence in this array, which is why even after tens of thousands of years, this array hasn’t completely dispersed yet!”

Huang Yueli said, “Really? Then why can’t I feel anything?”

“Because you’re a human and I’m a phoenix. We phoenixes’ senses are much more sensitive than humans!”

“Alright, this I’ve gotta admit,” Huang Yueli nodded and questioned again, “Then… this expert’s presence which was left behind, why did it made you feel familiar?”

Little Phoenix continued, “If your five senses are as sensitive as mine, then you’d definitely have the same feeling because this kind of presence, I have sensed it at two other places before!”

The more Huang Yueli heard, the more muddled she became, “Which two other places? Have I been there before too?”

Little Phoenix threw a “you’re an idiot” glance as it stared at her, “Of course! These two places, one is the Valiant Martial Manor in South Yue Kingdom and the other is in Celestial Light Academy’s Scripture Depository! When you first took out the Blood Feather Silk Cage which your father left behind and when you opened that secret compartment in the Scripture Depository, I sensed a similar presence. Only the other two place’s presence weren’t as strong as this place!”

A lightbulb lit up in Huang Yueli’s mind as though she suddenly understood something but wasn’t that clear.

“Then… this means……”

“This means, the peerless expert who set up this array should have a blood relation with you and moreover your father made you look for this, maybe… It is related to this array.” Little Phoenix explained.

Huang Yueli thought carefully about what Little Phoenix said.

If Wang Cai’s senses hadn’t gone wrong, that would be enough to conclude that this array was related to the item which Bai Liu Feng left for her…

But, wasn’t this just a little too coincidental?

Did she had such dog sh*t luck? At Celestial Light Academy, her clue was cut off and even the item in the secret compartment which Bai Liu Feng left behind was gone. So in the normal course of events, the possibility of her being able to continue investigating was very minute.

But now she was so lucky to reconnect with the broken clue while she was escaping for her life?

A bad feeling arose faintly in Huang Yueli’s heart but she wasn’t able to understand what was wrong.

Little Phoenix looked at her dazed look and couldn’t help but tugged at her dress hem.

“Hey, Female Devil, why are you in a daze? Do you or do you not believe in what I said?”

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