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Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith (Web Novel) - Chapter 1102 - Special Bloodline (2)

Chapter 1102: Special Bloodline (2)

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Translator: Misty Cloud Translations  Editor: Misty Cloud Translations

Its sparkly eyes were affixed on her when Huang Yueli suddenly stretched out her claw and both her hands pinched Wang Cai’s chubby face, as she kept rubbing and stretching it.

“Female Devil-! You… what are you planning to do! Let this Little Master go!”

Little Phoenix suffered a ravage and it couldn’t help but started screeching loudly.

Huang Yueli smiled, “I suddenly realised that a brat like you is quite smart and adorable! I’d not expected you to think of such things and actually did me a big favour!”

Little Phoenix kneaded his face which had turned red from the pinching and its ears secretly flushed a pink shade.

“That… that is definite, I… I am originally smart and adorable…”

Huang Yueli beamed and continued, “Now all’s good, looks like we will be able to leave!”

Little Phoenix was stunned, “Huh? It wouldn’t be that fast? Although we’ve finally found some clues, but to leave would probably be difficult and the complexity of this array had gone beyond my imagination. From the recollection in my memories, even if it was in the God Realm, this kind of array is very high levelled!”

Huang Yueli, however, seemed to have a plan up her sleeve as she smiled, “Things aren’t as complicated as you think. In actual fact, haven’t you told me earlier the way to break the array?”

“Did I?” Little Phoenix was at a loss.

Huang Yueli nodded, “You did! Twice previously, when I opened the Blood Feather Silk Cage and the secret compartment, I used my blood so it showed that the clues which my father left for me, under normal circumstances, needed to use close relative’s blood before it can be activated… Since this array is part of the clue which my father left for me, then naturally it would also need……”


As Huang Yueli spat out the last word, simultaneously she flipped her right hand and retrieved a dagger from her realm ring, as she cut her left index finger without the least hesitation.

Fresh blood immediately poured out.

She shook her finger and let the blood drip onto the ground.

Huang Yueli and Little Phoenix held their breaths as she stared at the ground without blinking.

The moment her blood touched the ground, the entire huge stone array vibrated and the surrounding huge stones started to shake, as though it would collapse at any moment.

Little Phoenix shrieked and moved sideways to hide.

However, the rocks didn’t drop down but suddenly flashed brightly at its original position on the greyed floor tiles. A palm sized stream red thread seemed to be leading the direction forward.

“Wa… It’s true! This also can!” Little Phoenix cried out in alarm.

However, before one woman and one bird could get excited, the red thread extended to around one meter and suddenly stopped extending.

“This… what’s going on?” Little Phoenix asked curiously.

Huang Yueli muttered to herself irresolutely, “Should be… because there’s not enough blood?”


Under Little Phoenix’s confused expression, Huang Yueli picked up the dagger once again and this time round, she slit a cut on her wrist, a rather large one, around half an inch long.

This time, blood continued to gush out from the wound on her wrist and flowed onto the ground.

The red threat extended forward with lightning fast speed as it led out a clear path.

“That’s great, we finally found the way out, Wang Cai quickly catch up!”

Huang Yueli run forward along but its short legs weren’t able to catch up at all as it procrastinated and ran a little. On discovering that he had been shook off a rather huge distance, it cursed lowly and turned back into a Little Phoenix as it spread its wings and tried its best to follow up.

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