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Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith (Web Novel) - Chapter 1103 - Special Bloodline (3)

Chapter 1103: Special Bloodline (3)

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Translator: Misty Cloud Translations  Editor: Misty Cloud Translations

Just at a distance under three hundred meters away from Huang Yueli and Little Phoenix.

The mysterious man held on to the lambskin scroll and he looked all around searching for their whereabouts.

He had already searched for an entire night but was still unable to discover where Huang Yueli was hiding and as time went by, he started to become more and more impatient and increasingly frustrated.

Yesterday night, he had seen with his own eyes the glaring flame which arose in the array but by the time he managed to rushed over, the light had diminished and the array was once again restored to the serene and gloomy look, as the four surroundings were totally silent, not even a bird’s chirping could be heard.

“Bai Ruoli, wretched lass, where on earth are you?? I’m the one who has the array map whereas you’re just a headless fly which scatters everywhere, but why am I not able to find you? Where on earth have you hidden yourself to??”

He didn’t know that Huang Yueli was equipped with the skill of setting up an array and she easily set up an invisible array which successfully cheated him.

After an entire gainless night, the mysterious man started to doubt his life.

But just at this moment, the huge stone array started to vibrate.

Mysterious man had thought something went wrong with the array and was scared stiff.

But this vibration only lasted for ten over breathes before it gradually weakened.

Immediately following that, from not too far away, a red thread suddenly appeared on the ground and the direction which this thread was pointing to was exactly the same as the mark on the mysterious man’s map, as it abruptly pointed to the array’s exit - the middle of the tall tower!

After a moment, footsteps could be heard from a nearby distance and after the mysterious man hid himself behind a huge rock, he saw Huang Yueli’s fleeting figure running towards the exit.

He wasn’t anxious to chase after her, but let out a chilly smile.

“She’s really Bai Lui Feng’s daughter, even though she doesn’t have the map which Bai Liu Feng left behind, but she’s still able to find the way out! Looks like the inheritance which Bai Liu Feng left behind had indeed been tampered with and only his daughter has the way! But no matter, as long as his daughter is in my hands, that inheritance … will naturally become mine!”

“Hahaha, Bai Ruoli, never expected this eh? You thought you’d found the way out but actually… it’s only the shortcut to send you to your death!”

He saw Huang Yueli almost disappearing out of his line of sight and got up before following her carefully.


Huang Yueli was still dashing straight forward.

Little Phoenix flew till he was panting and felt that his wings didn’t seemed to belong to itself anymore.

“Chi chi chi? Chi chi chi!”

Female devil, just how big is still array? We’ve already ran for so long and still haven’t seen the exit!

“Stop complaining, we should be reaching soon! Just this bit of distance and you can’t fly anymore, you exercise too little!”

Huang Yueli’s expression remained the same and even her breathing wasn’t messy, so she could still afford to educate Little Phoenix.

They didn’t realised that something was amiss because the red coloured line revealed a segment, other than absorbing Huang Yueli’s blood, it would also cause the huge stone rock array to vibrate!

With so many huge rocks moving about continuously, with its astonishing battle array, it made it very difficult for them to notice any other sounds from the surroundings.

As they ran, after around one hour later, the path before them suddenly became brighter and brighter and although the intensity of the Profound Qi didn’t descend, but the mist inevitably became lighter and lighter.

Huang Yueli increased her speed and ran faster and finally dashed out of the huge rock array’s boundary.

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