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Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith (Web Novel) - Chapter 1105 - Real identity of the black robed man (1)

Chapter 1105: Real identity of the black robed man (1)

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Translator: Misty Cloud Translations  Editor: Misty Cloud Translations

Even though they weren’t able to see anyone nearby, but it wasn’t as though they wanted to reach a certain position and they could reach that position. There was a ninety nine percent possibility that in the process of finding someone, they might lose their way in the array.

Because of this, although Huang Yueli knew that the mysterious man had also entered the huge stone array, but she wasn’t particularly worried.

The possibility of them meeting in the array was just too low!

Moreover, the mysterious man did not have her special bloodline so there was no way he could use her method to walk out from the array.

But even thought it was not possible theoretically, but in actual fact……

That mysterious man had indeed came out.

Huang Yueli quickly calmed down and faced the mysterious man but she was on high alert, ready to face his attack and meet it!

Mysterious man wasn’t in any urgency to attack her again but instead he began to laugh sinisterly.

“Bai Ruoli, we meet yet again! I’ve told you earlier that no matter how you run… You’d not be able to escape from me so why do you even bother to be so anxious and waste so much effort? Why not coordinate with me obediently and save yourself from being horrified!”

Huang Yueli sneered, “Do you think I’m a three year old kid? That I’d believe your nonsense?”

Mysterious man laughed, “What I’m saying is not fake, to tell you the truth, the reason why I’d be pursuing you non stop is so that I can bring you to this place. Now that you’ve come here yourself, it saved quite an amount of effort on my end. Now as long as you’re willing to help me with a favour, once the matter is done, I can let you off.”

Huang Yueli’s eyebrows rose, “You tried to capture me just to bring me here, why? This mysterious huge stone array and high tower are obviously an early historical remain but it’s never been spread around by anyone so how did you discover this place and what does it have to do with me?”

Mysterious man replied, “As a kid, why is your curiosity so strong? Anyway, now that you can’t escape, do you know what’s the difference? The difference now is whether you obediently help me, or… I will pressure you to help?”

His tone was starting to become impatient as he intentionally raised his voice, sounding extremely vicious.

Huang Yueli however remained unmoved, “You think I’m not clear minded? If you have one hundred percent certainty to force me to do as you wish, would you even waste so much time talking nonsense to me? Since you have no certainty and want me to help, then you have to tell me clearly. Otherwise I will immediately self-explode. Anyway it’s just death and since it can still spoil your plan, it’s worth it!”

She intentionally said this and as expected the mysterious man clenched his fists tightly, obviously slightly anxious.

Looks like she had stepped on the mysterious man’s vulnerable spot.

Huang Yueli was very sure that the mysterious wanted her alive so that she could help him with his matter otherwise the last time in Celestial Light Academy, he could have killed her.

Just that she didn’t know… what motive did this fellow had?

He considered for a moment before speaking out, “Alright, I’ll cut the story short. This huge stone array and high tower had already existed here for a long time and the reason why there were no related hearsay was because, firstly, this historical remains was only visible under a particular weather and usually it’s invisible. Secondly, most people who enters this huge stone array would be lost in it and eventually trapped and died inside.”

Huang Yueli nodded.

At least up to this point, mysterious man was not lying. She had indeed seen many skeletal remains while she was in the huge stone array and that should be those explorers who had starved to death after entering this place some time ago.

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