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Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith (Web Novel) - Chapter 1106 - Real identity of the black robed man (2)

Chapter 1106: Real identity of the black robed man (2)

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Translator: Misty Cloud Translations  Editor: Misty Cloud Translations

The mysterious man continued, “Some years ago, I unintentionally discovered a piece of treasure map and the mark on top shows the position of this early historical remains, the timing it appears and the way to pass through the huge stone array. Only when I reached the high tower, I realised that I couldn’t open the bronze door with the phoenix carving, no matter what. In order to open this door, I’ve already thought about it for a very long time, all the way until…”

He paused, as though he was thinking of what to say.

“After that, you joined Celestial Light Academy and I realised that you have an exceptional talent in armament refining, and there is a possibility that you can help me open this door so I set my sights onto you… look, this to you is an enormous opportunity. If you coordinate with me to open this door, after I enter the high tower, whatever Profound Armaments or Spiritual Medicine or rare treasure, I’ll split half with you! What do you think?”

As he was saying, he threw out a bundle of tempting baits as he started to convince Huang Yueli into cooperating with him.

Huang Yueli pretended to be ignorant as she asked, “Really? Just helping you and I will be able to get so much benefits? In the early historical remains, just any kind of treasure are all top rated valuables!”

“Isn’t that so!” The mysterious man thought she had been convinced as he hurriedly continued persuading, “What I need you to do is especially simple. You just need to give a little and you will be able to get the treasures from the early historical remains! Such a good thing, once you’ve passed this village, there’d be no such shop anymore!”

Huang Yueli frowned as she asked, ” Your words have aroused my interest… But I still don’t understand. I’m merely an ordinary student in Celestial Light Academy and considered to have a little bit of armament refining skills. But I know nothing about this early historical mechanism so what can I help you with? Are you thinking too highly of me?”

“No matter no matter!” Mysterious man hurriedly replied, “This matter is especially simple and only a talented Armament Master like you can achieve!”

“Pa pa pa!”

Before the mysterious man had finished his words, Huang Yueli couldn’t help but started clapping.

Mysterious man was stunned.

Huang Yueli responded, “Your lie have been weaved until it’s so real but have you thought that I’m too silly? Your words are full of loopholes, did you think I will believe you? Unintentionally discovered a treasure map and it showed the position of an early historical remain? Where can you find this kind of treasure map, give me one hundred pieces of it! You’ve tried on several times to kidnap me to this place, just to let me use my armament refining skills to open this door for you? Are you trying to cheat a child?”

The mysterious man was exposed by her on the spot and his expression instantly sunk but he refused to admit it.

“Why? You feel that I’m lying to you? What I’m saying is all the truth! I wanted to cooperate with you sincerely so I told you everything I know. Don’t you refuse a toast only to be forced to drink a forfeit!”

Huang Yueli calmly replied, “What you’re saying is indeed the truth, but…… you’ve changed some crucial points slightly. The treasure map should be true but it’s not that you discovered it unintentionally. Earlier I open the secret compartment which my father left behind, I immediately was pursued by you. These two matters are definitely linked and your treasure map… should be retrieved after you tried ways and means to open the secret compartment which my father left behind!”


The mysterious man was tongue tied.

He had thought that the words he said earlier was obscured enough but he had not expected Huang Yueli to be able to find any flaws and just using a few words, she managed to deduce the truth.

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