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Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith (Web Novel) - Chapter 1273 - Their first cold war (1)

Chapter 1273: Their first cold war (1)

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Translator: Misty Cloud Translations  Editor: Misty Cloud Translations

She tried her best to hypnotise herself in an attempt to quieten down her heart to sleep faster but the more she thought, the more she couldn’t sleep.

After attempting various times and still unable to enter dreamland, she might as well give up and sit upwards as she prepared to meditate while cultivating in order to get past the night.

But even if it was cultivation, it was hard for her to quieten down her heart as she repeatedly was at a loss for quite some time before she could finally force herself to settle down.

It was around one o’clock in the morning when Huang Yueli who was in the middle of cultivation suddenly opened her eyes.

She had instinctively heard a slight noise from a place not too far away. Although it was very light, but her senses were extremely sharp so she still heard it.

Following that, her room door was pushed slightly by someone.

Naturally as she had locked it earlier, the room door did not open up.

“Damn it! This worrisome young lass actually locked me outside??” Li Moying’s discomfited voice was heard growling from the outside.

Huang Yueli blinked and pursed her lips but didn’t make a sound.

Li Moying who was standing outside was totally feeling stuffed!

Although he had just quarrelled with Huang Yueli earlier but after running over to the guestroom, he couldn’t sleep as he kept thinking about Huang Yueli who was in the next room.

It was now in the middle of autumn and the weather had turned chilly. The young lass had the habit of kicking her blanket away in the middle of the night and if he wasn’t beside her, who knows if her sleeping posture would be so bad that she would catch a chill?

Forget it, even if she caught a chill, she deserved it! What did it have to do with him?

Although he thought in that way but the more Li Moying thought, the more worried he got. He finally couldn’t take it any longer as he got up, thinking of sneaking into the room to take a look at Huang Yueli and leaving after that. Anyway he would definitely not let Huang Yueli discover that he had been over!

However, after running to the bedroom door, he discovered that he had been locked outside!

Li Moying simply had no way to describe his current feelings! He was so melancholic that he was going to go crazy!

He stood at the chilly corridor for quite a while before he finally left in a huff.

Huang Yueli actually hadn’t been sleeping as her eyes were tightly fixed on that door. For a moment she thought that Li Moying would break in but at last he finally chose to leave……

Huang Yueli bit her lips as her heart was stuffy and totally unable to quieten down her heart to cultivate so she could only stay up the entire night till dawn broke.


The next morning, Li Moying and Huang Yueli both had two dark eye rings as they met at the entrance of the room door.

Usually they would have breakfast together and talk about their plans for the day.

But today, they didn’t even look each other in the eye as they silently finished their breakfast and without even a goodbye, they went on their own ways.

This scene made Mo Yi and Mo Er totally astonished.

While this couple was having their meal, the two of them had stayed in the corner using their eyes to exchange thousands of messages…

This… What was the situation? It looked as though they had quarrelled?

But these two had been separating and reconciling and after such a long time, they had finally harmoniously got together officially. Just now long had it been only and now… they actually quarrelled?

Did they need to be so misleading?

Shadow Guards were all teary eyes as they almost knelt down to them!

What’s there to quarrel about over nothing? Couldn’t they just quietly show off their love and torture the dogs? Why must they quarrel!

Furthermore, every time they quarrelled, the ones who would run into bad luck would be those Shadow Guards who were by Li Moying’s side.

At this kind of time, it was absolutely apt to describe it as accompanying the sovereign was akin to accompanying a tiger.

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