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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is a Affectionate Spitfire (Web Novel)




Song Xixi


Comedy Romance

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After a series of life-changing events, Pei Ge decides to start anew and rediscover her place in this world. She gets a new job, new friends and… a new boss whom she mistakes as a male host!

He helps her to get revenge on a back-stabbing friend, supports her when it seems that the world has given up on her, encourages her to be more confident about herself and even… messes up her blind dates!

With her strong working abilities and fiery attitude, she manages to climb up the ranks in the company (under the devious scheme of a certain CEO) and even gains a fan girl who can’t wait to be her sister-in-law.

As Pei Ge navigates through the ups and downs of office politics, family drama, finding her right partner and societal expectations, she realizes that things are not as simple as it seemed and everything she had believed in is tested…

The Big Misunderstanding:

“You asshole! Why didn’t you use protection?! I’m pregnant!”
“…It’s not mine.”
“Asshole! You actually dare to not admit it?! I gave all my firsts to you! You jerk!”

At the gynecologist, she read her pregnancy lab report and was stunned: Irregular period.
The man raised an eyebrow and smirked, “Didn’t you make a ruckus about being pregnant with my child? Where is the child?!”
“…” Who is scared of who? Let’s make a bet!

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The chapter Addition Time
Chapter 731: Dating is all about flaunting one’s love!2019-12-09
Chapter 7302019-12-09
Chapter 729: CEO Ji personally cooks soup for her.2019-12-08
Chapter 728: Our House2019-12-08
Chapter 727: I want to be someone who is worthy of Ji Ziming.2019-12-07
Chapter 726: Darling CEO Ji, be obedient and do not think too much.2019-12-07
Chapter 725: Pei Ge, I will not let you have Ji Ziming.2019-12-06
Chapter 724: We will be in-laws with the Ji family in the future.2019-12-06
Chapter 723: Our Ge Ge is going to be engaged with Xiao Ji!2019-12-05
Chapter 722: Pei Ge, you vixen!2019-12-05
Chapter 721: How could Qiao Jingyun be this kind of person?2019-12-04
Chapter 720: My girlfriend is pretty, and she is better than you.2019-12-04
Chapter 719: This woman used to be a bright light in his life.2019-12-03
Chapter 718: Ji Ziming, do you like me?2019-12-03
Chapter 717: He did this with another woman in the past.2019-12-02
Chapter 716: Date Venue Reserved by Mr. Local Tyrant2019-12-02
Chapter 715: The Best Boyfriend in the World2019-12-01
Chapter 714: Have a child that looks like Ji Ziming.2019-12-01
Chapter 713: May I ask if benefactor is asking for marriage or career?2019-11-30
Chapter 712: This man has ulterior motives regarding my daughter.2019-11-30
Chapter 711: Xiao Ji and my daughter’s relationship is good.2019-11-29
Chapter 710: The great CEO Ji likes to watch corny, romantic dramas?2019-11-29
Chapter 709: Pei Ge, I want to kiss you.2019-11-28
Chapter 708: A Fairytale-like New Year’s Night2019-11-28
Chapter 707: The great CEO Ji is jealous!2019-11-27
Chapter 706: When are you giving me wedding treats?2019-11-27
Chapter 705: Pei Ge, I will never misunderstand you.2019-11-26
Chapter 704: Are all men this stupid?2019-11-26
Chapter 703: She is my girlfriend. I believe only her.2019-11-25
Chapter 702: Ziming, you are finally here to back me up!2019-11-25
Chapter 701: Pei Ge battles the old white lotus.2019-11-24
Chapter 700: When the stepmother is so strong, the birth father is now a stepfather.2019-11-24
Chapter 699: Thwarting that Evil Woman’s Scheme2019-11-23
Chapter 698: The child in that woman’s womb is not my dad’s?!2019-11-23
Chapter 697: Bi Zheng, I was wrong about you!2019-11-22
Chapter 696: I dare to swear on my life for her.2019-11-22
Chapter 695: Ziming, that woman might be coming back.2019-11-21
Chapter 694: Xiao Ji must call me mom in the future.2019-11-21
Chapter 693: He seems to have seen her before.2019-11-20
Chapter 692: Rather than a pig-like teammate, the enemy is just too god-like.2019-11-20
Chapter 691: The Qin Family’s Queer Situation2019-11-19
Chapter 690: Qin Qitong, Framed2019-11-19
Chapter 689: The murderer is Qitong?2019-11-18
Chapter 688: Something serious happened to Qin Qitong.2019-11-18
Chapter 687: Jealous and Possessive Boyfriend2019-11-17
Chapter 686: I will have second uncle kowtow and admit his wrongdoings in front of dad’s grave.2019-11-17
Chapter 685: Your second uncle scammed your father his company.2019-11-16
Chapter 684: I like you, and that is enough.2019-11-16
Chapter 683: Let us find a time to meet with our future in-laws.2019-11-16
Chapter 682: Pei Ge, it surely is true love for CEO Ji to you.2019-11-16
Chapter 681: Xiao Ji, I would like to meet your parents.2019-11-16
Chapter 680: I cannot live without her2019-11-15
Chapter 679: I confessed to Pei Ge first.2019-11-15
Chapter 678: Hello, auntie. I am your daughter’s boyfriend.2019-11-14
Chapter 677: Stupid woman, our contract has just started.2019-11-14
Chapter 676: CEO Ji’s Max-level Flirting Skill2019-11-13
Chapter 675: I don’t like you, but I love you.2019-11-13
Chapter 674: I want you to love only me with your all.2019-11-12
Chapter 673: I want to give you the most romantic confession.2019-11-12
Chapter 672: The man comes to marry her with iridescent clouds beneath his feet.2019-11-11
Chapter 671: The man who arrives walks on the ‘moonlight’.2019-11-11
Chapter 670: It will be an unforgettable night for her.2019-11-10
Chapter 669: The most romantic confession I like is…2019-11-10
Chapter 668: Two men prepared surprises for Pei Ge.2019-11-09
Chapter 667: Annoying fellow, I miss you!2019-11-09
Chapter 666: CEO Ji, give a romantic and heartfelt confession!2019-11-08
Chapter 665: His feelings for Pei Ge are clearly ‘love’.2019-11-08
Chapter 664: For CEO Ji, her potential exploded!2019-11-07
Chapter 663: As expected of the girl I took a fancy!2019-11-07
Chapter 662: First Appearance of Clues2019-11-06
Chapter 661: Tell me honestly; do you like Pei Ge?2019-11-06
Chapter 660: This is a treasure dad will leave for you.2019-11-05
Chapter 659: Mingxuan’s goddess might very well be Pei Ge.2019-11-05
Chapter 658: Does your goddess have anything to do with Pei Ge?2019-11-04
Chapter 657: If he is truly looking for me, he will come in person.2019-11-04
Chapter 656: I’m sorry; I still can’t get over her.2019-11-03
Chapter 655: Bumping into Fu Mingxuan on the Way Back to Beijing2019-11-03
Chapter 654: No matter when, do not underestimate yourself.2019-11-02
Chapter 653: CFO Pei’s Strong Support Team2019-11-02
Chapter 652: This woman is not to be trifled with at all!2019-11-01
Chapter 651: CFO Pei transforms from a little lamb to a fierce beast.2019-11-01
Chapter 650: The Cool and Imposing CFO Pei2019-10-31
Chapter 649: Ziming is not the type to two-time.2019-10-31
Chapter 648: Men in love cannot be reasoned with.2019-10-30
Chapter 647: Two people are missing each other.2019-10-30
Chapter 646: Manager Pei is raging!2019-10-29
Chapter 645: Dad, return Pei Ge to me.2019-10-29
Chapter 644: Dad, where did you send Pei Ge?2019-10-28
Chapter 643: Starting out as Manager Pei!2019-10-28
Chapter 642: From today onward, you are Manager Pei!2019-10-28
Chapter 641: A woman is harassing your Ji Ziming.2019-10-27
Chapter 640: She will never enter the Ji family.2019-10-26
Chapter 639: A Taste of Their Medicine2019-10-26
Chapter 638: Pei Ge, I’ll give you a chance with my son.2019-10-25
Chapter 637: Do you still want our son to get married or not?2019-10-25
Chapter 636: Ming Ming likes Ge Ge now.2019-10-24
Chapter 635: Ji Ziming is out of the country for a woman?2019-10-24
Chapter 634: Hello, father-in-law. Please take care of me.2019-10-23
Chapter 633: Miss Pei, your father-in-law asks me to bring you over.2019-10-23
Chapter 632: I saw your boyfriend in New York!2019-10-22