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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is a Affectionate Spitfire (Web Novel)




Song Xixi


Comedy Romance

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After a series of life-changing events, Pei Ge decides to start anew and rediscover her place in this world. She gets a new job, new friends and… a new boss whom she mistakes as a male host!

He helps her to get revenge on a back-stabbing friend, supports her when it seems that the world has given up on her, encourages her to be more confident about herself and even… messes up her blind dates!

With her strong working abilities and fiery attitude, she manages to climb up the ranks in the company (under the devious scheme of a certain CEO) and even gains a fan girl who can’t wait to be her sister-in-law.

As Pei Ge navigates through the ups and downs of office politics, family drama, finding her right partner and societal expectations, she realizes that things are not as simple as it seemed and everything she had believed in is tested…

The Big Misunderstanding:

“You asshole! Why didn’t you use protection?! I’m pregnant!”
“…It’s not mine.”
“Asshole! You actually dare to not admit it?! I gave all my firsts to you! You jerk!”

At the gynecologist, she read her pregnancy lab report and was stunned: Irregular period.
The man raised an eyebrow and smirked, “Didn’t you make a ruckus about being pregnant with my child? Where is the child?!”
“…” Who is scared of who? Let’s make a bet!

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The chapter Addition Time
Chapter 829: There is this thing called ‘taking advantage of the crack to enter’.2020-01-27
Chapter 828: He seems to be especially mindful of my girlfriend.2020-01-27
Chapter 827: I am his girlfriend. He is willing to change for me.2020-01-26
Chapter 826: Why do you not know what he likes?2020-01-26
Chapter 825: Why make things hard for a fellow woman?2020-01-26
Chapter 824: Relying on a man is not a capability; relying on yourself is.2020-01-25
Chapter 823: Our new manager is the CEO’s girlfriend.2020-01-24
Chapter 822: You are my woman; I will protect you well.2020-01-24
Chapter 821: He knows that she is his angel.2020-01-23
Chapter 820: My man only likes me.2020-01-23
Chapter 819: Your relationship with him is on TV.2020-01-22
Chapter 818: They will think that I got the position because of you.2020-01-22
Chapter 817: You are an internet sensation now!2020-01-21
Chapter 816: You are famous now! You are on the news!2020-01-21
Chapter 815: Mom, is your daughter that kind of person?2020-01-20
Chapter 814: You are behind Pei Shishi’s engagement being annulled.2020-01-20
Chapter 813: Pei Ge, move back. Let us continue cohabiting.2020-01-19
Chapter 812: He has a girl he truly likes now.2020-01-19
Chapter 811: The man who protected her as she grew up had abandoned her.2020-01-18
Chapter 810: An extremely jealous CEO Ji is very scary.2020-01-18
Chapter 809: This CEO cannot resist the charm of a beautiful woman.2020-01-17
Chapter 808: This is My Girlfriend, Please Look After Her2020-01-17
Chapter 807: I am his girlfriend.2020-01-16
Chapter 806: The Star of the Show2020-01-16
Chapter 805: Pei Ge, You Look Really Gorgeous Today2020-01-15
Chapter 804: Pei Ge’s entire ensemble is worth millions2020-01-15
Chapter 803: Lily’s Makeup Skills, Akin to Plastic Surgery2020-01-14
Chapter 802: You will definitely be the center of attention tonight.2020-01-14
Chapter 801: Let us directly change our engagement to marriage!2020-01-13
Chapter 800: We need to quickly pick the marriage date.2020-01-13
Chapter 799: He wants everyone to know that this woman is his.2020-01-12
Chapter 798: In my eyes, no one can compare to you.2020-01-12
Chapter 797: I like this surprise a lot.2020-01-11
Chapter 796: Stupid woman, I said that I only like you alone.2020-01-11
Chapter 795: My woman is not someone you guys can touch!2020-01-10
Chapter 794: Give him a surprise or a scare?2020-01-10
Chapter 793: Shhh! I want to give him a surprise!2020-01-09
Chapter 792: Kick others out and usurp the position!2020-01-09
Chapter 791: You must be regal to be my Ji family’s daughter-in-law.2020-01-08
Chapter 790: Miss Pei, I am here to fetch you under master’s orders.2020-01-08
Chapter 789: Pei Ge did not jump into our trap.2020-01-07
Chapter 788: I will get what I want with my hands!2020-01-07
Chapter 787: Do you not know that LDR is very risky?2020-01-06
Chapter 786: Thanks to your betrayal, I met Ji Ziming.2020-01-06
Chapter 785: Please stay away from me in the future.2020-01-05
Chapter 784: I am willing to call off the wedding for you.2020-01-05
Chapter 783: Who is more important between the two?2020-01-04
Chapter 782: Well done, son!2020-01-04
Chapter 781: Some relationships cannot be forgotten even if he wishes.2020-01-03
Chapter 780: Zhou Zhuoyang, a person cannot stay the same forever.2020-01-03
Chapter 779: Ziming, you are now a crazy wife protector.2020-01-02
Chapter 778: Pei Ge is really nice; it is me who prefers it like this.2020-01-02
Chapter 777: Ziming, we must head home and have dinner with your parents.2020-01-01
Chapter 776: She lost to a woman inferior to her in every way.2020-01-01
Chapter 775: Ji Ziming changed for that woman.2019-12-31
Chapter 774: I am willing to spend no matter how much on you.2019-12-31
Chapter 773: The lady boss who is successful in love and career.2019-12-30
Chapter 772: She has an ill-fate with Ji Ziming.2019-12-30
Chapter 771: Compared to my benefactor, Pei Ge is of course more important.2019-12-29
Chapter 770: This Qiao Jingyun is after her boyfriend.2019-12-29
Chapter 769: Speak! Who is this Yunyun? Hmph!2019-12-28
Chapter 768: A Third Wheel to Lady Boss and the CEO Again2019-12-28
Chapter 767: Let us join forces to break up those two.2019-12-27
Chapter 766: Who do you think you are, Qiao Jingyun?2019-12-27
Chapter 765: Flaunting Their Sweet Life!2019-12-26
Chapter 764: The Official Cohabitation of a Wedded Couple!2019-12-26
Chapter 763: Should I sleep him or sleep with him?2019-12-25
Chapter 762: Beauty Ji, this liege shall let you warm her bed.2019-12-25
Chapter 761: CEO Ji, get in my bed only after you wash up!2019-12-24
Chapter 760: Pei Ge, I want you.2019-12-24
Chapter 759: Mr. Ji, are you intending to sleep with me?2019-12-23
Chapter 758: The All-round, Perfect Boyfriend2019-12-23
Chapter 757: The great CEO Ji is not only vain but also a joker.2019-12-22
Chapter 756: One can get freebies with a handsome face!2019-12-22
Chapter 755: A boyfriend like yours is rare these days.2019-12-21
Chapter 754: I prefer eating the food you cook.2019-12-21
Chapter 753: My boyfriend cannot be this cute!2019-12-20
Chapter 752: How is my girlfriend this cool?2019-12-20
Chapter 751: You will not only lose Pei Ge but also your buddy.2019-12-19
Chapter 750: Ji Ziming, you are being unfair to Pei Ge!2019-12-19
Chapter 749: You are the only one I need.2019-12-18
Chapter 748: I used to like her.2019-12-18
Chapter 747: Be it now or in the past, I only love Pei Ge.2019-12-17
Chapter 746: Let us choose an auspicious date for their engagement!2019-12-17
Chapter 745: I treat Ge Ge as my daughter-in-law.2019-12-16
Chapter 744: Ming Ming and Ge Ge are fated to be husband and wife.2019-12-16
Chapter 743: Mr. Ji’s suitors can fill up the Great Wall.2019-12-15
Chapter 742: Miss Qiao, Ge Ge is CEO Ji’s fiancée.2019-12-15
Chapter 741: Pei Ge’s good news with Mr. Ji is coming.2019-12-14
Chapter 740: Pei Ge, you’re going to meet your future in-laws?!2019-12-14
Chapter 739: Love-attracting Peach Makeup2019-12-13
Chapter 738: Dress Well for the Special Occasion Today2019-12-13
Chapter 737: That woman will never be able to beat me.2019-12-13
Chapter 736: You can punish me by letting my son take your name and have him call you mom.2019-12-13
Chapter 735: You are a better match for me than anyone else.2019-12-11
Chapter 734: The Only Relationship in This Life2020-01-25
Chapter 733: You are my girlfriend; I give you this right.2019-12-10
Chapter 732: The great CEO Ji’s cooking tastes familiar.2019-12-10
Chapter 731: Dating is all about flaunting one’s love!2019-12-09
Chapter 730: Arrogance nurtured from being pampered too much by a man!2019-12-09