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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is a Affectionate Spitfire (Web Novel)




Song Xixi


Comedy Romance

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After a series of life-changing events, Pei Ge decides to start anew and rediscover her place in this world. She gets a new job, new friends and… a new boss whom she mistakes as a male host!

He helps her to get revenge on a back-stabbing friend, supports her when it seems that the world has given up on her, encourages her to be more confident about herself and even… messes up her blind dates!

With her strong working abilities and fiery attitude, she manages to climb up the ranks in the company (under the devious scheme of a certain CEO) and even gains a fan girl who can’t wait to be her sister-in-law.

As Pei Ge navigates through the ups and downs of office politics, family drama, finding her right partner and societal expectations, she realizes that things are not as simple as it seemed and everything she had believed in is tested…

The Big Misunderstanding:

“You asshole! Why didn’t you use protection?! I’m pregnant!”
“…It’s not mine.”
“Asshole! You actually dare to not admit it?! I gave all my firsts to you! You jerk!”

At the gynecologist, she read her pregnancy lab report and was stunned: Irregular period.
The man raised an eyebrow and smirked, “Didn’t you make a ruckus about being pregnant with my child? Where is the child?!”
“…” Who is scared of who? Let’s make a bet!

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The chapter Addition Time
Chapter 1029: Does he still want her?2020-05-03
Chapter 1028: The lady’s child is…2020-05-03
Chapter 1027: He will make an exception for her sake.2020-05-02
Chapter 1026: He is flying home! His girl needs him!2020-05-02
Chapter 1025: Save my baby…2020-05-01
Chapter 1024: You lied again!2020-05-01
Chapter 1023: I know that all these are her doing.2020-05-01
Chapter 1022: Do you want to keep this child or abort it?2020-05-01
Chapter 1021: Is the child Ji Ziming’s?2020-05-01
Chapter 1020: Pei Ge is pregnant, too?!2020-04-30
Chapter 1019: Are all these people mad?2020-04-30
Chapter 1018: You dared to betray our God Ji!2020-04-29
Chapter 1017: The Beginning of the Storm2020-04-29
Chapter 1016: Everything is too much to be a coincidence.2020-04-28
Chapter 1015: What should I do…2020-04-28
Chapter 1014: Miss, your marriage certificate is fake.2020-04-28
Chapter 1013: Please, please don’t be fake.2020-04-27
Chapter 1012: Rest assured; I will definitely not break up with him.2020-04-27
Chapter 1011: Your marriage certificate is fake.2020-04-27
Chapter 1010: You two are lying to me.2020-04-27
Chapter 1009: She is sick?2020-04-27
Chapter 1008: As long as the child in her stomach disappears…2020-04-24
Chapter 1007: Her condition is dire.2020-04-24
Chapter 1006: Can… I trust you?2020-04-23
Chapter 1005: You jerk, you are always like this!2020-04-23
Chapter 1004: If you don’t like me, why did you marry me?2020-04-22
Chapter 1003: At the Same Place with Its Usual Appearance but with Changed People2020-04-22
Chapter 1002: I want to get to the bottom of this!2020-04-21
Chapter 1001: He has never loved you.2020-04-21
Chapter 1000: Pei Ge, Qiao Jingyun is pregnant.2020-04-20
Chapter 999: The person who got my mother out is him.2020-04-20
Chapter 998: You know yourself if you are the culprit.2020-04-19
Chapter 997: Are you concerned about me or her?2020-04-19
Chapter 996: I am going back to support her!2020-04-18
Chapter 995: My wedding has been postponed.2020-04-18
Chapter 994: You are part of the family so you do not have to tiptoe around people.2020-04-17
Chapter 993: He does not really love you!2020-04-17
Chapter 992: We are one family so do not worry.2020-04-17
Chapter 991: Do not be afraid; I am here.2020-04-17
Chapter 990: Dad, cousin already knows that you are her father’s killer.2020-04-17
Chapter 989: You are a person of interest in a murder case.2020-04-16
Chapter 988: Do not admit it to the police.2020-04-16
Chapter 987: I-I ran down your big auntie.2020-04-16
Chapter 986: I know who the culprit is! It is that person!2020-04-16
Chapter 985: Does he truly love you?2020-04-16
Chapter 984: Meeting a friend at the hospital while mother is in critical condition…2020-04-16
Chapter 983: Your mother is in critical condition.2020-04-16
Chapter 982: You mother got hit by a car!2020-04-16
Chapter 981: If you kill me, the secret will be exposed.2020-04-16
Chapter 980: Why did you not save my father?!2020-04-16
Chapter 979: I was not in the wrong! I did not kill him!2020-04-11
Chapter 978: I know all your secrets.2020-04-11
Chapter 977: Pei Shishi, you are unfit to receive my father’s blessings.2020-04-10
Chapter 976: A Showdown Right before the Storm2020-04-10
Chapter 975: The seed of doubt has been planted.2020-04-09
Chapter 974: I will never let go of your hand for life.2020-04-09
Chapter 973: I am sorry and I miss you, too.2020-04-08
Chapter 972: The person on the phone with her was him.2020-04-08
Chapter 971: Mu Heng caused a certain CEO fall into a pothole.2020-04-07
Chapter 970: The great CEO reappears!2020-04-07
Chapter 969: There is no eyewitness or evidence for your father’s case.2020-04-06
Chapter 968: Your father had one more killer!2020-04-06
Chapter 967: Did my body not satisfy him?2020-04-05
Chapter 966: Did the great CEO run away from the wedding?2020-04-05
Chapter 965: The Calm Before the Storm2020-04-04
Chapter 964: The great CEO has pre-marital gamophobia?!2020-04-04
Chapter 963: Properly take note of your image.2020-04-03
Chapter 962: Do not reject me, okay?2020-04-03
Chapter 961: I am only helping her because she is stupid!2020-04-02
Chapter 960: The first evidence appears!2020-04-02
Chapter 959: There is something fishy regarding my dad’s death.2020-04-01
Chapter 958: Re-investigate without Ringing Alarm Bells2020-04-01
Chapter 957: The great CEO ran away after he bedded her.2020-03-31
Chapter 956: Is my cousin really good in that department?2020-03-31
Chapter 955: Your neck was bitten by a bug?2020-03-30
Chapter 954: I wanted to sleep with him but was rejected.2020-03-30
Chapter 953: I will marry you as long as you do not harm her.2020-03-29
Chapter 952: Please do not tell her about this.2020-03-29
Chapter 951: Did you really go to the wrong bed?!2020-03-28
Chapter 950: Nothing happened between us last night.2020-03-28
Chapter 949: How could it be her? I feel indignant!2020-03-27
Chapter 948: She is the woman who slept with him!2020-03-27
Chapter 947: They finally did it.2020-03-26
Chapter 946: Ziming, I want to give myself to you!2020-03-26
Chapter 945: Ziming, where are you? I am here to look for you.2020-03-25
Chapter 944: A certain CEO protects his chastity dearly after falling into someone’s plot.2020-03-25
Chapter 943: I will treat her well without you saying it.2020-03-24
Chapter 942: You must treat her well.2020-03-24
Chapter 941: A friendly reminder: The murderer might be your second uncle.2020-03-23
Chapter 940: Your father’s death is a premeditated murder.2020-03-23
Chapter 939: Do you recall having amnesia?2020-03-22
Chapter 938: I will take good care of you on my hubby’s behalf.2020-03-22
Chapter 937: The beginning of the exciting bachelor party!2020-03-21
Chapter 936: This is our wedding; you can do whatever you want.2020-03-21
Chapter 935: Pei Ge, a very handsome man is looking for you.2020-03-20
Chapter 934: My ‘husband’ is so cute!2020-03-20
Chapter 933: I did not molest you when I was drunk, did I?2020-03-19
Chapter 932: Stay far away from my woman next time.2020-03-19
Chapter 931: What are you two doing behind my back?!2020-03-18
Chapter 930: Fu Mingxuan, is doing this… truly worth it?2020-03-18