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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is a Affectionate Spitfire (Web Novel) - Chapter 419: The arrogant CEO Ji can be really cute!

Chapter 419: The arrogant CEO Ji can be really cute!

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Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

She frowned slightly as she looked at the man’s handsome profile.

She only signed the contract because her mother needed surgery fast, but now…

Her mother, who apparently did not have cancer, no longer needed to be operated. Could their contract be voided, then?

At this thought, she did not know what to feel inside.

“Ge Ge, what are you thinking about?”

She was staring at the man contemplatively when her mother asked that.

She gathered her thoughts and shook her head. “It’s nothing important. I was just thinking if we should celebrate this good news tonight.”

“Mhm, definitely!” her mother concurred enthusiastically.

“Let’s invite Xiao Wen along, and you can return what you borrowed from him.”

The moment those words left her mother’s mouth, she flinched as she screamed inside, D*mn! I’m dead; I’m dead!

Without needing to look at the man beside her, she could already feel him glaring at her.

This d*mn woman actually dared to say such things!

He shot her a look filled with fury.

What’s with inviting Xiao Wen for dinner, and what’s this about returning money to that twerp?!

“He he! Xiao Ji, come and join us for dinner tonight, too.” Her mother issued the man an invitation, not sensing the man’s undercurrent of anger.

She felt depressed when her mother invited the man.

She could invite anyone except for this man, alright?

Mhm! This man probably won’t agree…

This thought had just crossed her mind when a clear and crisp voice said.


She froze at that.


I’ll be damned! Why did this annoying fellow agree?!

She quickly lifted her head and shot the man an indignant look.

Seeing her black eyes glaring at him, he arched a brow and snorted.

For some reason, his current look made her think of the word ‘arrogant’.

“Pffft!” She burst into laughter at this thought, and all the unhappiness she felt about him faded in an instant.

He frowned at the woman laughing beside him.

What is this d*mn, foolish woman laughing about?

Soon, this question of his was asked not by him but by her very mother.

“Ge Ge, what are you laughing about?” she asked curiously.

She laughed as she replied mirthfully.

“Ah, I just thought of something funny.”

“Mhm? What’s so funny that you are laughing so much?” Feeling relaxed at having learned that she was not sick at all, Zhang Manhua was now in the mood to chat.

Her mother’s question caused her eyes to involuntarily shift on to him.

“Something related to Xiao Ji?” Her mother asked this when she saw her look at the man.

The happiness of knowing that her mother was alright made her a little carefree, and she even had the wondrous urge to tease the man.

“Of course…” She started to tease the man but trailed off when she saw him look at her with fierce eyes, which seemed to say, ‘You’ll get what you’re asking for if you speak too loosely.’

Feeling his intense gaze on her person, she blinked and replied firmly, “Of course, it’s not!”

Strangely, her reply made him feel a twinge of disappointment.

“Alright, Mom; let’s just finish here quickly.” She then resumed packing their toiletries.

Zhang Manhua curiously eyed the man standing beside her and her daughter busily packing their belongings, and a strange feeling rose from her heart.

Aiya, why do I feel that something is up between my precious daughter and Xiao Ji?

Why does the way my daughter look at this young man strangely resembles a young girl in love?

Mhm… It’s probably just my imagination. After all, my daughter is dating Xiao Wen…

When she thought up to this, she became more certain that she was imagining things.

“Xiao Ji, you can go home first. We’ll leave once we finish packing; you don’t have to wait for us.” Zhang Manhua smilingly suggested this to the man when she saw him just stand there.

He rejected her suggestion politely, however. “It’s alright; I’ll send you two home first.”

She felt embarrassed at this and tried to decline. “Xiao Ji, don’t trouble yourself with this. Ge Ge and I can take the bus home together.”

“It’s no trouble at all,” he firmly stated.

She did not insist further at his firm reply and just merely thought to herself in amusement, I totally didn’t expect Xiao Ji to be someone who looks cold on the outside but warm on the inside.

As such, once the mother-daughter pair packed all their possessions inside the ward, they got into the particularly warm-hearted CEO’s car to travel home.

Due to their positive experience earlier, the mother and daughter gamely chatted in the car.

Amid their chatter, they arrived shortly at their block.

“Xiao Ji, thank you for sending us home,” Zhang Manhua said as she got off the car.

“No worries,” he replied.

“CEO Ji, no matter what, thank you very much.” Pei Ge smiled slightly at the man.

At her words, however, he frowned and revealed a look on his face.

“What were you laughing about in the hospital ward earlier?”

Her mouth twitched wordlessly at his question as she exclaimed inwardly,D*mn! This annoying fellow sure knows how to hold a grudge!

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