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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is a Affectionate Spitfire (Web Novel) - Chapter 635: Ji Ziming is out of the country for a woman?

Chapter 635: Ji Ziming is out of the country for a woman?

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Sometimes, when one liked a person, they would like them more no matter what they did.

And when one was faced with someone whom they disliked from the start, then no matter what they did, regardless of right or wrong, they would not look pleasing to the eye.

This principle was reflected on Pei Ge’s current predicament.

Because of her nerves, she said the wrong thing. Such a small mistake, in the eyes of Mother Ji, was seen as her just acting rashly.

However, in the eyes of Father Ji, it became… pretentious, fake, and insincere!

“Hmph!” He scoffed at her and sat down with a somber face.

Looking at his cold face, which was identical to Ji Ziming’s, she instantly felt less nervous.

“Hubby, what’s up with your face? Keep it in check and don’t affect my mood to eat.” Mother Ji glared at her husband reproachfully.

His cold expression eased when he heard her words, saying placatingly, “Okay, okay, okay.”

Seeing the man’s father’s attitude toward his wife, Pei Ge’s nervousness diminished further. She smiled.

In fact, Ji Ziming’s dad doesn’t seem to be that scary… she thought to herself.

Shortly after he sat at the dining table, the servants began laying the dishes on the table.

“Ge Ge, eat more.”

“This tastes good!”

“Come; try this.”

Dinner went by quickly with the hospitality of the man’s mother. Although his father still had a grim face, dinner was quite pleasant for her.

After dinner, Mother Ji dragged them to the living room to drink tea and chat.

“Hubby, don’t get the wrong idea about Ge Ge. She’s actually a really nice girl. What you saw yesterday was a big misunderstanding.” She explained to him while she sipped the tea.

His brows knitted a little at her words, but he did not say anything.

“Also, you can’t look down on our son’s judgment!”

The corners of Pei Ge’s mouth twitched a little when she heard her words.

Auntie Ji, your son has such impeccable taste. How will he be interested in someone like me?

“Hmph! Trust his judgment?” Father Ji, who had been keeping his piece, scoffed when he heard this.

“Can his judgment be trusted? Don’t you remember that time—”

Before he could finish his statement, he was cut off by his wife.

“Ah! Where’s that boy? I called him when I heard that you were inviting Ge Ge to our place today, but I couldn’t get through to his phone!”

She blinked as she cut him off.

Pei Ge, meanwhile, thought that something was off with this exchange, but she paid not much attention to it.

“That boy dared not to pick up your call?”

“En! See, hubby; that boy doesn’t tell us when he’s doing anything, and now we don’t know where he is!” Mother Ji nodded, her voice a little gloomy.

“Maybe he has important things to deal with at the company.” Father Ji frowned and did his best to console his wife.

“Eh, Ge Ge, did Ming Ming tell you where he’s going?” She suddenly directed hopeful eyes on her.

This middle-aged man also directed expectant gaze on her at his wife’s question.

“Er!” Pei Ge paused when she felt the two’s gazes on her. Pursing her lips, she shook her head honestly.

“He didn’t tell me.”

“That boy! You’re his girlfriend, yet he doesn’t inform you! Seriously…” Mother Ji grumbled upon learning that she was clueless on Ji Ziming’s whereabouts.

A light flashed across Father Ji’s dark eyes as he listened.

“My friend said that she had seen him in New York, though, so I guess that he’s on a business trip.” Seeing the worry on the woman’s face, she relayed what she had learned previously.

Who knew that, not only would her words fail to make the couple feel better, the two would frown as well?

Looking at the two’s grim faces, the presently easygoing atmosphere turned tense at once. It was if… she had said something wrong.

She swallowed, unsure of what to do.

She did not know what was wrong with the two.

“Ge Ge, was your friend mistaken? Did she really see our son in New York?” The middle-aged woman now wore a serious look.

With her best friend’s eyesight, she was sure that Tang Xiaoyu would never mistake a person for another.

“Er. I don’t think that my friend got the wrong person; she really did see him…”

“What more do you need to ask? That stupid boy!” Father Ji’s brows tightly knitted. Rage became evident in his eyes.

They made it seem as if their son’s presence in New York could not be forgiven.

“Hubby, maybe it’s not what we are thinking; maybe he’s really there for business.” Seeing the rage in her husband’s eyes, she began to humor him.

“If he’s truly on a business trip, why isn’t he taking any phone calls? I think that he has a guilty conscience!” He scoffed angrily.

Looking at this couple’s abnormal behavior, she got very confused.

Is Ji Ziming forbidden from setting foot to New York? It can’t be, right? Given the size and reach of the Ji family’s business, how can he be forbidden from going to that country for business?

She was confused, unable to fathom what was wrong with these two people.

“Maybe, our son has just lost his phone?”

“If he lost his phone, couldn’t he use another’s to call us? I think he’s deliberately hiding from us!”


“Think of what month it is now! I don’t believe that this is a coincidence! That stupid boy must have gone there to celebrate that woman’s birthday!”

Pei Ge, who was still feeling baffled, froze when she heard his words.

Celebrate… a woman’s birthday?

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