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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is a Affectionate Spitfire (Web Novel) - Chapter 656: I’m sorry; I still can’t get over her.

Chapter 656: I’m sorry; I still can’t get over her.

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“It’s fine. I want to complete the mission that uncle Ji assigned by my merit,” she said seriously, her gaze certain.

She wanted to make Jiaheng Real Estate work by her merit. If she relied on men, even she would look down on herself, not to mention Ji Ziming’s father!

Professor William once told her that lessons could not compare to practical application, so if she could salvage the company this time, that showed that she was a capable, independent CFO.

Of course, that did not refer to the large-scale companies; after all, she was still inexperienced and needed more hands-on training.

Fu Mingxuan was surprised by her attitude. He first looked at her in a daze and then began to laugh aloud.

“Ha ha ha!”

Pei Ge was confused by him suddenly laughing.

“Senior, what are you laughing about?” Did she say something funny?

“Ha ha! It’s nothing. I just think that you’re just as adorable as before.” He chuckled.

“Huh?” She was even more confused after she heard his reply.

“I thought you’re different now that you’re older, but I didn’t expect you to still be eye-catching.”

He looked at her with a gentle smile, his eyes full of light, as if he were looking at treasure.

He did not expect that, after running into her a decade later, even though this girl that he liked no longer had an eye-catching appearance, she was still the same on the inside; in fact, with the passage of time, she had become even more eye-catching than she was before.

He had a few relationships, looking for hints of her in others.

Who knew that those resembling the old Pei Ge, even more than the current her, only had their feelings for him tied toward the material world?

Only Pei Ge…

He looked at her fair, round face and, with tender and envious heart, reinforced a thought.

“Senior, what’s wrong? Why are you looking at me like that?”

Feeling uncomfortable from his stare, she frowned and instinctively inched to the other side of her seat.

“It’s nothing. I just recalled something from the past.” He promptly hid his feelings and smiled at her.

“Something from the past?” Not suspecting anything from that, she blinked in interest.

Honestly speaking, having left so quickly with her mother, she had lots of regrets when it came to the past.

Thus, when she heard him say that he was reminded of something from the past, she began reminiscing about the past herself.

“Time really flies… In the blink of an eye, so many years have passed. I often think…”

He looked at her and smiled.

He often thought that, if those things did not happen to her family, or if he did not miss his chance to help her, would he be the man next to her now?

There would be no Ji Ziming or any other man taking her away from him. She would belong only to him…

“En? What do you often think of?” she asked curiously, looking at him.

“I often think about the woman I like – if she has ever thought of me in all those years we’ve been apart.”

He smiled at her calmly.

She shook her head wordlessly when he shifted the topic to that girl he liked.

“Senior, could it be that you still haven’t confessed to the woman you like?”

“En. I’m scared that she’ll disappear from my world again if I confess,” he admitted, pursing his lips thereafter. A sense of hopelessness could be heard in his voice.

“Gosh! Senior, a man like you worries about this? Haven’t I already told you what to do? Why aren’t you using it? I think, if you heed my advice, she’ll definitely be yours!”

She eagerly cheered him on.

Looking at this energetic woman, he felt amused and saddened.

It was amusing how she was giving him advice on how to woo herself. It was sad because he knew that she was wrong.

Because her heart was all on his close friend, Ji Ziming, even if he confessed now, it would not end well…

As the two chatted on and off, they quickly arrived at the capital from Tianjin.

When the car stopped at the gate to her family’s apartment complex, she thanked him before excitedly heading inside.

“Bye, senior!”

He pursed his lips bitterly and watched her leave without looking backward.

The woman he liked seemed not… to have him in her heart. Was what he was doing even worth it?

Treating his closest friend, his brother, like this, was it worth it?

He leaned back in his seat and covered his face with his palms, hiding the exhaustion on his face.

Alas, before he could sort through his confusing thoughts, his phone rang and cut off his reverie.

“Hello…” He picked up the phone without looking at the caller ID.

“Hello, Mingxuan! Didn’t you go to Tianjin on a business trip? Why are you back when you’ve just left this noon? Xiaobin told me that he had seen your car returning to Beijing. Did something happen?”

He returned to himself when he heard Liao Gaofei’s inquiry over the phone.

He was just feeling conflicted moments ago, but at this moment, his resolved to prioritize feelings over reason.

“It’s nothing. I just got a sudden phone, so I’m back.”

He chose to hide the fact that he had already found her and that she was back in the capital.

Sorry, Ziming, even though we grew up together, but… I still can’t get over Ge Ge; I can’t get over the girl that’s been on my mind for the last decade or so.

Just this once… Just this once will do.

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