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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is a Affectionate Spitfire (Web Novel) - Chapter 667: Annoying fellow, I miss you!

Chapter 667: Annoying fellow, I miss you!

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As the New Year was nearing, Jiaheng Real Estate’s employees were busier.

This was because, following that holiday, which would mark the end of this year, all their backlogs must be covered.

Even then, the employees were happily performing and completing their jobs.

The reason for this none other than their newly instated CFO; under her leadership, the company welcomed an optimistic future.

Of course, the most important reason being the year-end bonus this year was huge, and every employee was extremely satisfied with their share of the pot.

“Yes, mom, I understand. After the company’s year-end dinner banquet is over, I’ll go home. Yup, we will spend the New Year together even this time…”

Sitting in the CFO’s office, Pei Ge talked to her mother with gentleness in her eyes.

Knock, knock, knock!

At this series of knocking, her brows furrowed slightly.

“Mom, let’s stop here for now. I still have things to do. Okay, I know. You take care, too.”

After saying this, she hung up the call.

“Come in,” she calmly said, putting down the phone.

“Boss, please check this. It’s the program plan, as well as the prizes, for the year-end party.”

She received the document from her assistant and, after a rough scan, nodded in approval.

“This is fine.”

“Right. Ma’am, do we leave a seat beside yours tomorrow?”

The small assistant asked softly after receiving the document from her.

“Leave a seat?” For a moment there, she did not get what the assistant meant.

“Ah! I mean to leave a seat for Mr. Fu,” the assistant clarified, blinking at her.

“…” Leave a seat for senior? What for? It’s the year-end party, and every company should be busy with theirs; why would he be present in ours?

“That… We asked Mr. Fu a few days ago, and he said he’s free then, so…”

The small assistant gulped. Although their good boss had implemented many benefits for entry-level employees like them, they were still nervous when facing her!

After all, she had just assumed office recently, yet she had already beaten down the fierce and sly old foxes of this company into small docile lambs at one go!

One look, and they could tell that their boss was no average person!

Hence, although she was a newly instated CFO, she still received a high level of respect and admiration from the low-level employees

Does senior really want to come?

Pei Ge’s brows knitted a little, but she did not think much of it.

“Hmm… Since he wants to come, leave him a seat beside me,” she agreed with a smile.

“Okay! Then, ma’am, I’ll get out now!”

For some reason, she felt that her assistant was happy to receive her affirmative reply.

She did not put her assistant’s elated look to heart, though, and just picked up the journal on her desk for further perusal.

After reading her father’s work notes these past few days, she was eighty percent sure that her father’s company back then was in no danger of going bankrupt.

That was because the projects her father had recorded were all very lucrative.

Forget about going bankrupt, it did not even have signs of going under!

Nevertheless, these were still only his work notes, and she could not be certain that the management was good.

She merely found a few points of suspicion and still needed further investigation to confirm the truth.

As she thought of this, she put down the journal.

If she wanted to investigate this, she needed to go to… Chenguang Real Estate.

At this point, she was extremely grateful to that annoying fellow.

If not for him making things hard for her initially, she would not know that Chenguang had collected vast information on all the real estate projects in the capital.

If she remained unaware of that, she would not know where to start her investigation on her father’s company.

Luckily, Chenguang had its database…

A light smile appeared on her lips.

“Ji Ziming, are you doing well?”

I… am missing you a little…

A certain CEO’s office in the capital.

“CEO Ji, I’ve pushed back all your appointments for tomorrow. I’ve also prepared everything according to your orders.”

Du Wen addressed his superior, who was lounging in the swivel chair, respectfully.


Ji Ziming did not raise his head and merely hummed softly.

“Do you need me to send you there tomorrow, or do you want to drive there yourself?”

“I’ll drive there myself. You may leave.” He coldly dismissed his subordinate.

“Yes, sir.”

His secretary nodded and left the office with a smile.

Upon his departure, the apathetic-looking great CEO transformed into a lovesick fool.

He pushed the files in front of him to the side, pulled open the drawer on his right, and took out a bunch of photos from within.

These photos were not of the scenery or work but of a woman.

This woman was of course none other than Pei Ge.

Although these photos’ backgrounds were different, the center of them all was her.

Gazing at her experienced and domineering look, his eyes turned hazier with infatuation.

His fingers lightly caressed her image in the photograph, and his stern lips curved into a gentle smile.

However, this gentle curve quickly arched downward.

Hmph! That stupid woman is truly living such a carefree life without me! I’ll teach her a lesson tomorrow!

In Tianjin City’s Jiaheng Real Estate’s pantry.

“Ma’am agreed to leaving a seat empty! Mr. Fu’s plan can be perfectly executed tomorrow!”

The small assistant, who had gone to her office, updated the others on the plans for tomorrow.

“Really?! That’s so great! I’m truly excited to witness such a romantic proposal during the year-end party!”

“Ha ha! Actually, I really want to see our domineering boss’s expression when she receives such a confession!”

“She’ll likely be touched to the point of crying!”

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